Age: 23
Number of Years with the Dance Team: 4
Hometown: Green Bay
Occupation: Student at UW-Milwaukee & dance instructor
Nickname: Lindsey Mae
My most prized possession is: My photos/camera/my memories
My favorite TV show is: Grey's Anatomy, Nip Tuck & Late Night w/ Conan
My favorite movie is: Pirates of the Caribbean
My favorite ice cream is: Vanilla ice cream cone from McDonald's
My favorite color is: Shades of light blue & green, like the ocean
My dream vacation would be: A trip around the world, stopping at Hawaii to see the whales
My proudest accomplishment is: Following my heart, pursuing my dreams & staying true to myself
My first concert I attended was: Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope Tour
My friends would characterize me as: Fun-loving, strong-willed & spontaneous


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