Youth Education

Youth Education

The Milwaukee Bucks are dedicated to helping students prepare for success from cradle to career. We avidly promote education and college readiness through targeted academic enrichment initiatives not only through our players but with our staff and corporate partners.

The wonderful partnership between Siefert Elementary and the Milwaukee Bucks has been a match made in heaven. The Bucks have encouraged the students at Siefert in many ways this school year. Through their participation in three different read-a-thons, our students have been delighted by Bango, inspired by the wonderful insights from Bucks legends Sidney Moncrief and Bob Dandridge, and thrilled to receive a Bucks paraphernalia and ticket incentives for regular attendance, good grades, and positive behavior. I look forward to our continued partnership.

Dannette Justus, School support teacher for Siefert Elementary

Featured Programs

Milwaukee Books

The Milwaukee Bucks are strong supporters of Milwaukee non-profit, Our Next Generation (ONG). With a focus on youth literacy, the Bucks created the Milwaukee Books Reading Program which works to improve the reading abilities of approximately 100 ONG middle school and elementary school youth. As part of the reading program, the Bucks offered four reading periods throughout the 2018-2019 season encouraging students to read and recognize those students who go above and beyond.

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Bucks Tutor

Since 1992, Our Next Generation (ONG) has provided academic tutoring, enrichment programming, and social support to thousands of students in the heart of one of Milwaukee’s most challenged communities, with tangible results: better grades, higher high-school graduation rates, improved self-esteem, and positive attitudes toward the future. The Milwaukee Bucks support ONG’s Outbound Learning program. The program seeks to expand students’ horizons beyond their own neighborhood. Students are bused to participating corporate and community partner sites, where they are mentored by employee volunteers. Students from ONG’s Outbound Mentoring Program came to the Bucks office every Tuesday to be mentored by employee volunteers. This opportunity allowed employees who are not from the local area to learn about ONG, offer students insight on potential career paths, and provide one-on-one tutoring.

NBA Math Hoops

Bucks Math Hoops is a fast-paced board game and mobile app that teaches students fundamental math skills through the basketball statistics of their favorite NBA and WNBA players. The Math Hoops curriculum is tied to Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Skills. It has been shown to improve students' grasp of statistics and interpersonal skills, helping them to collaborate more effectively with their peers.

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