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Quite simply, Gilbert Arenas is the first "blog superstar." Beginning in October 2006, Gilbert started to entertain fans with more than his scoring and jersey tossing on the court, but with an inside look into his whirlwind life with witty insights in his weekly posts on NBA.com. His Agent Zero Blog File was there for his scoring predictions, his 25th birthday bash and his All-Star experience in Vegas and continues to be considered the top blog of any pro athlete today.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on Oct. 30 2007, 4:30 p.m. ET PERMALINK

Helping out kids is worth every penny.
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Scores for Schools
I just had my Scores for Schools event. I usually have a raffle for schools that are participating in it. Last year it was 183 total schools, this year it was actually 248 schools. I have 41 home games and Abe Pollin took over 41 games, the other half, for the road games. So what happens is for every point I make, I donate $100 dollars to the school that Iím shooting for that night. We had a good turn out and the crowd was hyped, everyone was going crazy and the kids was loving it and I didnít want any of the kids going home sad because their school didnít get picked so I decided for the remainder of the schools that didnít get picked I was going to donate $1000 each to their schools.

It was just great that they took the time to draw up signs for me. Thatís what itís about; the kids that are in school. You try to better their chances of making it in life. Itís a community thing. I think every athlete should give back to schools. I know athletes donate and have things that they give charity to, but, at the end of the day, itís the younger generation that we need to be helping.

Take My Name Out of the Rumors
For the last couple weeks people have been calling me saying, ďAre you coming back to L.A.?Ē

Iím like, ďYeah, I am Ö NOT.Ē

ďWhy would I be coming back to L.A.? Donít you know the season is getting ready to start?Ē

And theyíre like, ďNo, theyíre talking about you and Kobe getting traded for each other

And Iím like, ďOh, thatís whatís up. Sounds nice Ö NOT.Ē

Nothing against getting traded, but that would be a dumb thing on the part of the team who is accepting me because, donít they know Iím a free agent? What that means is, if you lose somebody who you really want and you come get me back and I leave too Ö TA-DAH! That means you have nothing.

So take my name out of it because whoever gets me, there ainít a guarantee that Iím staying.

Yíall go ahead and take my name out. To all of my friends back home who want me to become a Laker: If you have NBA LIVE 08 you can fantasy draft me, because otherwise I donít think thatís happening any time soon.

Just Stay in the West, Kobe
I try not to look at the Western Conference teams. I do want to see how Kobe responds to all these trade rumors. I want to see if heíll go out there and play his game or if heís going to go out there and play the ďIím getting tradedĒ game. I wonít really be able to tell based on tonightís game though. Itís still the opener. A guy like him, heís going to play team ball at the beginning, but when the season gets going on though and they need some wins, thatís when what I call ďexcellenceĒ kicks in.

Personally, I really donít mean to be selfish about the whole trade thing, but personally I hope Kobe stays on the West because if he comes here, that takes away from me and All-Star appearances.

That really does.

We already got rid of A.I. from the Eastern Conference and sent him to the West, so now itís me and Dwyane Wade at the starting guards. If Kobe comes, who does that hurt? Come on Commissioner Stern, please? Whatever deal has Kobe coming East, just say, ďNo thank you.Ē Keep him on the West for me. I mean Iím an All-Star starter now, getting voted in by the fans. If you look at Kobeís votes, he is leading the league in votes. That only hurts me if he comes here. Come on Kobe, I understand you want to come East but go ahead and stay on the West. Look out for your No. 1 fan.

Big Three vs. Big Three
When I said we were going to beat the Celtics on November 2, was that really a prediction? I donít think I wanted to say, ďHey, weíre going to play Boston and weíre going to lose!Ē Agent Zero is coming in the building. Iím back. I know all you Boston fans are going to want to go to see Kevin Garnett, but yíall are going to see him 41 games. Youíre only going to see me twice! Me and my handsome self. I got a fresh cut for the Boston and Indiana fans. Break out the Arenas jerseys. Iím coming to town.

I mean, when you look at that Celtics team, thatís a powerful team Ö on paper. Once those guys get going, youíre in trouble. You canít guard that team Ö on paper. You still have to play the games. But with Kevin Garnett, the way heís playing, youíve seen some of the stats. He hit a triple-double once and he was one rebound and one assist away from a triple-double the game before that. So once them guys get their niche, theyíre going to be a good team. But November 2 for them, thatís going to be truh-bull. Trouble.

My Health
Iím at about 92 percent. Maybe 90 percent. Thatís good enough for me right now. Once you get your knee drained it takes a while for it to effectively heal. Iím ready to go. Iíve been icing it. Iíve been working out every day and going 100 percent every day.

State of the Wizards Address
Weíre off to a good start. You never want to start off slow and for the last couple years weíve been starting off our season slow and having to play catch-up. Which weíre comfortable doing, but now itís like you donít have a weaker Boston team or a weaker Orlando team or stuff like that. You have powerhouses now who are pretty darn good like your Torontos. Those are games where you used to say, ďOK, we can make up ground on these games,Ē and those games just arenít out there anymore.

Just Like the First Day of School
Right now Iím just going to be getting ready for Game 1. Itís going to be exciting. Most likely Iím going to be staying up all night. I donít know why I do it. You sit there going through moves in your head of what youíre going to do in the game and they never actually work out that way. But you do it anyway. Last year I was 2-for-11 on Opening Night and I was up till four in the morning the night before working on my ball handling. I donít know why.

I just got to go out there and just play. Thatís all it is. Itís just like going back to school, thatís how I look at it. A lot of people compare it to Christmas morning Ö No, itís like going back to school. Youíre so excited to see new faces and I look at the first day of the basketball season like everyone feels like this is going to be a new year for them. All the players that fans give up on and say that they donít love the game anymore, they still love it on Opening Night. They get a fresh start to life again.

Read This
Mike Wise did another great job capturing the basketball side of my life coming into this league. I know what he does gets personal, but if itís a good read, itís a good read. Iím loving what heís doing because itís the truth. Thatís what writing stories is about, no matter how deep you get. You donít want to sugarcoat somebodyís life. You want to say, ďThis is what his life was and this is where he is now.Ē So anybody who wants to read it, you can find it here.

Gazo the Pranksta Update
For the cartoon that everyoneís been in tune with and everyoneís been patiently waiting for information about, Iím telling you that on Saturday, November 10 (because you know, I have to give everybody a fair opportunity) at 9 a.m. Western and 12 oíclock Eastern, go to http://www.gazothepranksta.com and youíll be able to submit your video just like youíre trying out for American Idol or any other one of them silly shows. Itís the same thing. Theyíre going to give you lines to read and you should give it all you have because you never know what you have in you. No matter what kind of voice you have, if you think itís unique, you know Iím a funny guy so you might think your voice is whatever but to me, I might catch something I like from it. Theyíre going to have lines and theyíre going to have catch phrases in there just to give me a variety of things that I can work with.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on Oct. 20 2007, 1:00 p.m. ET PERMALINK

We're back.
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Man, I'm Shooting 4-for-24
In six months the hibachi grill hasn't been heated up. It takes a while for the grill to get back cooking again. It's like riding a bike. Once you start riding again, it's all good, but right now I'm rusty. I'm trying to get the rust off my bike chain.

Truthfully, I'm playing like terrible trash right now. I don't want to make an excuse, but the rims are broken in every arena I'm playing in.

That's why you call it preseason.

I'm Wearing a Leg Sock
I'm wearing it on my leg for compression. It's not like the one A.I. has on his arm because A.I. wears that for fashion. I'm just trying to keep the blood circulating when I come off the court to the sideline. I just want to keep the blood flowing throughout my knee. I might wear it all year, it depends. Some of these arenas are cold. Can you please take the hockey teams out of basketball arenas? Basketball is not supposed to be played on ice. I'm sorry. I don't know if it's just me, but I hate going to arenas where it's 60 degrees outside and it's 50 degrees inside. That is not a sport. "Ice Basketball" is not a sport. The coldest arena is Phoenix, you'd be surprised. The city is hot so they keep the gym cold. Why have hockey inside a basketball arena?

The Real Big Three
Our Big Three is just trying to get back in sync with each other because we haven't played together since April 2. We're just trying to get our mojo back and get our confidence back so when we start off this season we can compete with that other Big Three that's out there trying to take our crown away from us. Caron is healthy. He just had a hand injury, that's easy to come back from.

Racking Up the DNPs
I sat out last night because I drained my knee on Wednesday to get the fluid out. It hurt a little bit. They shot the needle in me to put the numbing medicine in and then they went and drained it and then they put some cortisone in to break up whatever is in there so I can get ready for the season. Then I missed the game in Philly because of my toe. It's a phobia I have. It's one of the phobias that gives me the Gilbertology or whatever you want to call it. When I was little, whenever I got out of the shower I never wanted to touch the floor because once you touch the floor your feet are dirty again. So in the shower I used to put my socks on already without drying them off. And I had to have a new pair of socks every day. Every time I take a pair of socks off, I have to put a new pair on. A brand new pair. Since I was little I always needed a brand new pair of socks. So I had no clothes, but I had a million pairs of socks. So anyway, what happened in Philly was I was starting to get athlete's foot from all the moisture that collected from putting my slippers on around the house as soon as I got out of the shower. It started aching me so I had to sit out and let them dry for two days. It's one of those weird, kind of nasty stories like, "Ugh, nobody cares about your toes," but it sat me out a game.

Funny Story
A fan sent a pair of his grandmother's underwear over to me when I was on the bench during a game the other day. He wanted me to sign them. It was a little awkward, but it was funny and cute -- kind of. In a weird way. That's something you're not expecting. You're expecting to sign a video game and you have a pair of panties on your lap. It was funny.

Clearing Something Up
When I told Complex.com that the L.A., San Antonio, Dallas and Houston would be cities that I would like to play in if I opt out, they all come after D.C. If something did happen weird where Antawn left and we lost our team and it wasn't a good situation for me to come back, those are the four cities that I would want to play in.

I would want to go back home and play in L.A. I would want to go to San Antonio because they're a championship-caliber team -- same thing with Dallas. Houston is on the come-up with Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady. Three out of the four are contenders right now. That was my reasoning. It wasn't like I said I want to play for the Hawks. You know, nothing against the Hawks but I'm talking about going to a championship team. I would have thrown Miami in there, but at the end of the day, if Shaq leaves that team breaks up.

You never know, but the four teams I mentioned have a solid base. If anything happens with the Wizards, that's my Plan B.

DeShawn's Tattoo
He has that big "STEVENSON" on his back. I've seen a lot of players that are getting their names on their backs. I guess it's a way of them letting people know what their names are when they're on the beach -- I don't know. DeShawn is adding the No. 2 on his back so it looks like a jersey. I guess when he's swimming or something, having fun in the pool, everybody will know who that is. It's not for me though, I'll stick with the tiger.

A Couple Announcements
With the Gazo the Pranksta, the cartoon, for everybody who wants to try out to have their voice on the show my next blog post will have more details on it. I'm going to set that up for next week to have it up and running.

Right now, since Marc Ecko hasn't replied about the Barry Bonds ball to me I'm going to do something different about it. It looks like Coca-Cola has dropped out as one of the color ways for the GilIIZeros, so I'm going to do a 756 shoe, the Barry Bonds shoe. It's going to be the San Francisco colors and it's only coming out in the San Francisco Bay area. It's going to be a giveaway, it's not going to be sold. I'm going to buy probably like 8,000 pairs of shoes and when I come to town, I'm giving them away for free. This is still in the making. Please, for all the San Francisco people that want the 756 shoe to happen, write to adidas and let them know how excited you are for it so they can start making it. Free giveaway, baby. Free giveaway. Since Marc Ecko doesn't want to give the ball back to San Francisco, I'll give you 756 in a shoe.

Adventures of Chuck and Larry
I have a little problem. His name is Nick Young and he has a sidekick named Dominic McGuire. Our two little rookies. There's always a rookie who comes in and challenges for the goofball of the year. Well Nick's already won that. By far. This is one of the funniest kids I've ever met. The problem isn't that he's funny, but that he challenges me in pranks.

For the past week, he's been getting a taste of what I'm about. I made him bring me some McDonald's, I wanted a chicken sandwich at like 12 o'clock at night when we were in Philly. I actually didn't want the sandwich, I just wanted him out of his room. I went into his hotel room and messed with all his stuff.

Then before that during the Philadelphia game I took the keys from his car and shipped them back to Washington D.C. so my friend could take his car. We're going to paint it pink and it's going to say "I Love Dominic" on it. You know, his little sidekick.

We've been going back and forth, but for some reason he doesn't get it. He likes to play. On Thursday we had an off day and he went in my locker and took my iPod and a pair of my shoes. So I went over his place and I gave him one chance and one chance only to give me back my iPod and shoes and he didn't act fast enough so I got him good. Him and Dominic. Both. So they start threatening me like, "You'll see what happens, you'll see what happens. We're going to the store right now."

They went to the store and got paint ball guns. They got the paint ball guns, the masks, the gear, everything.

So I was sitting in my house playing Halo and I'm looking at my surveillance camera and I see Dominic and Nick creep up to my property all decked out. They parked across the street and they're running towards my house wearing masks and helmets. They came around the side of the house, jumped the wall, and came in through the garage. But by the time they did all that, I already was out of the house and jumped the other wall. They were in the house looking for me and I was across the street flattening their tires so when they decided to leave they'd be on flats. They looked around the house and couldn't find me so they came outside and saw me across the street flattening their tires. I called my friend and had him come pick me up and take me back to the house.

When they left the house, they stole my daddy's toaster! I like making toast! So I told them, Since you don't want to give my toaster back, it's war. He wanted his stuff back, I wanted my stuff back so I told them that we were going to have a paintball shootout.

We all went to the store like Sports Authority and bought all these paintball guns, like eight or nine new ones (because I already had three), then we bought the CO2 cartridges and like 12,000 paintballs and I even bought a couple paintball grenades.

We tried to make the teams fair.

It was Nick and Dominic and then Nick recruited last year's rookie, Andray Blatche. I thought Andray had enough of the pranks, but I guess he didn't. Andray brought his two friends, to make it five on their team.

My team was me, my friend John and three guys who were at my house hooking up stereo equipment.

So we finished buying everything and were in the store parking lot and Nick was mad that I had all the CO2 so he started to take some of mine. I was like, "Put the CO2 down or I'm going to shoot you with the paintball gun." But then he realizes I'm really going to shoot him with the paintball gun, and he puts it back. "You see what happens when you follow directions" But as I'm closing the trunk with the CO2 in it, he takes some and tries to jump in Dominic's car. I said, "Dominic, do not close that door." Nick is screaming, "Close the door Dominic! Close the door!" So Dominic left the door open. I go to Nick, "You have three seconds to put the CO2 back. One! Two!" He started to scramble to put it back and I got him anyway. I got him like six times. So he's laying in the car all mad saying, "I don't want to play no more."

So the war is still on.

I tell them that the shootout is planned for 12 o'clock midnight in my backyard because it's pure black back there. You can't see nothing. So I tell them, "12 o'clock, be in my backyard and we're going at it five on five."

We're putting all our stuff together at my place and they're putting their stuff together at their place but they are having trouble with it so I have my boy John and my other teammate Adam to go over to their place and have them help them fix their guns. And when John and Adam showed up at their place they tried to ambush them, thinking that I was going to come too. But I wasn't. So John and Adam had to run out of there.

So it's like 11:10 at night and all you here are paintball hitting the windows. POOM. POOM. POOM. POOM. POOM. They were already in the backyard. They showed up an hour early.

So we hurried up and put on all of our gear and snuck outside through some of the vents in the house.

And then we had a nice, good old paintball shootout in the dark.

They ran out of CO2 pretty quick because my team had most of it so one of Andray's friends yells, "Aww, it's not fair!" and they started to bail and jumped back over the wall. But one the kids was a little too heavy. His name is Jamar. That's 'Dray's cousin. Jamar couldn't get over the wall because Jamar has been eating one too many Twinkies.

So Jamar got stuck in my yard with the five of us. We gave him the chance to walk out like a man, or cry like a girl. He did both. He cried like a little girl while he was walking and running while we were shooting paintballs at him. I told him, "Hey, come in the lion's den, you're bound to get hit."

They said that he got hit so many times that he had trouble putting his clothes on the next day.

We played for about an hour and a half. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. What people don't realize is that when you're in the NBA, you lose stuff like that. You're not in there with kids, you're in there with grown men that have families. By having these young kids on the team, it's fun for me because I get to have that childhood that I lost. I lost it when I came into the NBA when I got picked No. 31 because I was so determined to be the best that I didn't get to actually have fun having fun, if that makes sense.

That's the moral of the story: I had fun.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on Oct. 12 2007, 5:30 p.m. ET PERMALINK

He's just like me, only a cartoon.
Illustration courtesy of mbox communications

Animated Arenas
This blog here is targeting my comedic and cartoon lovers.

I know how everybody heard I was creating a cartoon, well this is me officially saying that I'm creating a cartoon called Gazo the Pranksta.

Gazo stands for Gilbert Arenas (G-A) and Zero (Z-O).

It's about a group of kids who are the out crowd in high school. You know, there's more 'outs' then there are 'ins.' When you deal with high school, there is only 10 percent of the school that's popular. We're talking about the other 90 that nobody pays any attention to. That's who really runs the school.

The premise is five kids ' all different nationalities ' that come together and basically save the school. For the older people who are out of school, everything that went on in high school that you can remember and for all the kids who are in high school living it now, those are the topics that are going to be in the cartoon.

So if you've seen Superbad, yeah ' it's sort of like that. It's an adult cartoon that's in the same range as Family Guy and South Park. It's with those guys.

Anywhere from 6-14 years old, I don't think you want to watch. A station hasn't picked it up because I have to finish developing everything and start writing. I'm trying to get young writers from UCLA and USC that are ambitious, funny, clever and edgy.

The voiceovers are why I'm blogging.

I'm going to do a casting call for the voices of the five main characters. Five people around wherever you're coming from, wherever you live, I have a chance for you to be part of something that I think will be part of the future. And I call the future, 'Generation Zero.'

I don't really want to put an age limit on the voices, because you never know, you could have a 12-year old that has a deep voice or a squeaky, funny voice that you're looking for. So I don't want to put an age limit on the voice, but I want parents to know that it's an adult cartoon so they might be saying words that you do not accept as a parent or don't want your kids saying. I wanted to get that out there. So when I say I'm looking for voices and you think your son has a funny voice and you think I might choose him for one of the voices, I want you to know that there might be language you don't want your kid saying. I just don't want to cast somebody and get all the recording done and have parents freak out if there is a curse word in the script.

We were going to launch this earlier, but I've been watching a lot of cartoons lately and Gazo wasn't where I wanted it to be. I don't want to just put any product out there.

Check out my website, www.gazothepranksta.com, to see what the characters look like. For all the people who are trying to buy website URLs with similar names, don't bother. I already got them all locked down.

This is going to be the first interactive cartoon. If people out there don't know what interactive means, it means when you watch this cartoon you better pay attention because something that's in the cartoon might be a part of real life too. OK, they told me not to say this, but I got to. You know how like when you watch a cartoon and they give out a phone number and it's like, '555-5555?' In this cartoon there might be a real phone number that works. And somebody might pick up. So, if you see a website on there, that website will be created.

I had an animated introduction featuring the mother of one of the characters that I was going to put up on the site, but I still want to fine tune it. But I don't want people to see that part of the cartoon and think, 'That's it?' because sometimes peoples' first impression about something is their last. I don't want people to look at that snippet and be like, 'Well, this isn't funny,' before we get our new writers on board.

A group called mbox communications, we did some promotions together before and they actually run my website, Gilsarena, they just thought that with the creativity that I come with and the way I love watching cartoons that we should get together and try to launch a cartoon of our own. We worked on it the whole summer and worked with characters and stuff and I just thought it was a great opportunity, so that's where this concept came in at.

The way we're going to hopefully do it is launch each episode on the website every week like it is a regular TV show anyway, and we might buy a cable channel and put it on TV too, just so everybody starts to know what time it comes on every week until an actual station picks it up ' a station like Comedy Central, because it will fit their programming.

So each week, I'll either blog about it or you'll just start to know that on a certain day at a certain time there will be a new Gazo the Pranksta episode coming on.

I can tell you the first storyline, it's about a girl's 'Sweet 16.' A snobby little brat is having her little party and getting everything she wants and Gazo and his friends come and mess it up. I can't tell you anything else, that's why you got to watch.

It's been a hectic summer and I want to get this out before the season starts because once the season starts, that's when the writers will take the cartoon over and I focus on basketball while they focus on writing.

I know this concept can work. I play Halo all day and those kids, those video gamers, are the 'out crowd.' Any video gamer that thinks they're an 'in crowd,' no, you're an 'out crowd.' So I had the gamers send me everything they think about in high school and everything that happened to them in high school, just everything. I had about seven or eight kids from high schools all over and I got back some funny stuff.

Like I said, this is 'Generation Zero.' I don't want the popular, cocky kids. I don't want them on my cartoon, we're going to make fun of them on my cartoon. Down the line I want to have a part on the website where you can throw your ideas about high school out to me and if they're good enough, they'll be picked up and become a part of an episode.

Check out NBA LIVE 08
NBA LIVE 08 is out. Go cop that. Me and Chris Paul have an unspoken rivalry right now because my man who I work out with in the summer and I are fighting for sales.

I don't want to tell you what game he's on so I don't want to give him free promotion.

I know I'm on NBA LIVE and I had commercials and he didn't have commercials. You need to go out and buy the game that has commercials with it, because those commercials are cool.

They ranked me a 91 in the game, but I didn't want to go into some board room and demand that they make me a 95 because I'm on the cover ' fine, I'm not going to lie, I did do that. But they told me it was too late. It's OK though. If you're playing as me and hit the Hot Spots button, the whole floor turns red. That means wherever you see red, that's where I can shoot. My range is the whole court.

About the Bonds Ball
I have a real big fan in Oakland who caught the 715 ball to beat Ruth. His name is Tom. Whenever we go West, he goes from city to city and travels to watch me play. He's been doing this since I came in the league. He goes to Portland, he goes to Seattle, Golden State, Lakers, Clippers ' he just drives and goes to all of them. Well Tom's brother caught the 715 ball. He said he would give me that ball for free so I could tell Marc Ecko that he can switch out No. 715 for No. 756 and he can mark up No. 715 or whatever he wants to do with that ball, as long as he gives me the 756 ball.

Tom just wants all 20 pairs of the GilIIZero's actually. So I have some fans out there joining the cause.

I apologize to Marc Ecko for making the offer the way I did, but that's the only way to get stuff across to people is if you just burst out sometimes. Marc Ecko, I would really love the opportunity to sit down and negotiate with you about this ball and see if I can convince you to give it to me without taking it to the Hall of Fame marked.

Don't Call me a "Cheater"
Something like 500 websites are calling me a cheater, and they don't know what cheating is.

Let's break down the word 'cheating' in video games. Then I'm going to break down glitches and then just great fans.


In Halo 2 what cheating was, it was called 'modding.' That means you do a modification to your XBox, you create your own Halo 2, you get online and then you just destroy everybody so you can get your rank up. But you didn't really get your rank up because Bungie kicks you off, so you got your friends' ranks up. Anybody who got in a party with the 'modder' had their ranks up because the 'modder' is going to win every game.

Or, you can do what everybody else has been doing to cheat: 'stand-bying.' What 'stand-bying' is involves one of these little computer guys is sitting there slowing down everybody else's modems and putting you to blue screen or black screen (when you go to blue screen or black screen you can't see anything that's happening in the game and you think there's a delay in the game) and in the mean time they're going around killing you.

Or, they'll just 'lag' you out of a game. Somehow they just intercept your connection and 'lag' you out. That's cheating.

For basketball video games, cheating is when somebody goes to a bookstore and buys a book on cheat codes and they put the little cheat codes in and all of the sudden they can steal every pass and make every shot and do all that stuff.

For football video games, I don't know what cheating is because I don't play them.


There are glitches in Halo. You can super bounce and you can double shot.

In basketball video games, back in 2005 there was some glitch where you could put a full-court press on and you set right in front of the guy who was taking the ball out of bounds and every time he tried to make the pass, it got stolen. The team inbounding the ball couldn't even get past half court. It's called a glitch.

As for a glitch in football video games, I don't know because I don't play.

The glitch in Halo 3 isn't a real glitch like in the basketball game, it's a glitch in the system.

Good fans:

There's this thing called experience points. You get experience points for winning games. Before anybody knew about winning social games, they played ranked games. You play ranked games to get your medals up. Then one day I came across a guy who had an eagle by his Halo profile and he only had 50 ranked games. I was like, 'Wait I minute, I have 178 ranked games, I don't have an eagle!'

But this guy had 550 social games won, so I'm like, 'What the hell is a social game?'

So I go to him, 'I'll give you a jersey if you tell me what you're doing.'

He said 'OK' and he explained it to me. He said, 'You play social games and you get the points too.'

So I said, 'Social games are matched?'

And he said, 'No, social games are not matched.'

'So you can win a social game, which is not ranked, and get the points still?'

'Yeah. What I do is just play two-on-two with my friends and they just lose to me and it gets my experience points up.'

'That's it?'


'Allllllllllllll right!'

So I play Halo with a whole bunch of kids online and my one friend said that if I really wanted the eagle that he would lose all the games to me, because he didn't really care.

He said, 'I don't care about experience points because at the end of the day, I'm still good.'

So how is that cheating? I still don't understand it.

So for all the Halo people who don't understand what I'm talking about, this is just like if you were playing Madden online and you find a kid you can beat down on and you keep sending him challenges so you can get wins. It's the same thing. Or in basketball games, if you're playing somebody online and beat him by 30 points and he says, 'Rematch?' and you say, 'OK!' you already know you can beat him, so you play him again just so you can get your points up and your rank up. That's all that is.

So let me explain this eagle thing I wanted. It's an honor. It's a little patch that goes onto a shirt. It has nothing to do with your skill level. Whatever your skill level is ' 32 or 50 or five ' that's what you are. Your experience points are just about the games you won.

The guy who taught me the trick played only like 50 ranked games and 550 social games. I have a level 42 for ranked games. I have to play ranked games against ranked people to get better. Nobody is going to help me win there, because it's a ranked game and nobody wants to lose a ranked game.

But a social game doesn't affect your rank.

So when you have a major, a double major or a triple major or a burger dot (or whatever they call that eagle thing), all it is is for show. So when I go into a match and my opponent sees that eagle, they'll be like, 'Dang, you play a lot.'

That's all that means.

They're not going to say, 'Dang, you're good!' They're going to say, 'Dang, you play a lot.'

At the end of the day they look at your rank to see how good you are. Your major is just for show. So if you have an eagle and only have won like 10 ranked games, they're going to be like, 'Man, you're garbage.'

They're calling me a cheater for somebody giving me wins all day but they should be calling him the cheater for disgracing the integrity of the game. I didn't make him do it, I didn't ask for it.

There's been thousands of kids who have lost to me. Most of the time it was because of my talent, the other ones were because I said I'd give them a jersey!

Here's another example. If you beat Halo you can collect these skulls. And if you get all 13 skulls you get a special helmet and outfit for your guy. So for the first couple days, everybody was beating the game but nobody was getting the special helmet because they couldn't find the 13th skull.

One kid cracked it.

Only one person cracked it. That one person told somebody else, who told somebody else, who told somebody else and then what happened was the one person who knew how to get the skull called up a group of friends, invited them to join his party and told them that they can play with him and that he'd go through all the boards and find all the skulls and do all the work and since they'll all be joining in with him, they'll get the achievement points too.

So he went through all the boards and it only took him like five or six hours because he already knew how to do it, and everybody in his party got the special helmet and didn't do anything for it.

If that's not cheating, then what my fan did for me shouldn't be cheating either. We're not cheating anybody. We're not slowing down somebody else's modem or doing something else to beat them.

This was just my fan saying, 'Hey, I want you to have the eagle. I'll give you the eagle by losing games to you.'

And come on people, if I found out about it and did it, there has to be other people out there doing it too. I can't help it if Agent Arenas is a popular guy online and gets offers like that.

Come on, there are people out there that have double shot modded controllers, they have modded Xboxes, they have this new thing (and I'm not even sure how you do it) where you put a rubber band around your controller handles so it will go only right and if it goes right the whole time something happens where the game won't cut off and you keep winning or something like that.

Who is finding out about this stuff? Who is sitting there putting rubber bands on their controllers?

At least I'm there playing the game. I play Halo some days for 14 hours. If I play that much, obviously I know how to play. A guy online told me how he got his experience points up and I said, 'OK, I want that too.'

I had already won 216 games legitimately when I heard about this glitch. It's not like I'm not playing all the time.

I mean, I've sponsored Final Boss for the last couple years and they're the best team in Halo. I'm too proud to jump in a game with them to help me get my rank up. If I really wanted to win that bad, all I would have to do is jump in a game with Final Boss when they go up against all of the top kids in the game and just sit there, eat my cereal and watch as they win every game and get my rank up.

How hard is that? That's not hard. But I didn't do it.

This is like in Mario Brothers where if you jumped on a shell and hit it against the stairs and as long as you time it right, you keep getting the 1 UP and have infinity lives. Same thing with Contra. You do the up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right and now you have the infinity ammo and infinity lives. That's cheating. But if I'm playing Streetfighter, and he lets me win, why is that considered cheating?

You should be mad at that kid for giving me the victory. Don't be mad at me for accepting the victory.

What should I be like, 'I know you lost, but I'm not going to take this win, sorry.'

Last year when I played NBA LIVE online and was 117-15. Sure, 80 of the wins were against my friend, but hey, he's easy. It wasn't about skills, it was for show. When somebody wanted to play me, they would see my 117-15 record and automatically think I was good (which I was), but it was the point that it intimidated them.

The same thing with the eagle thing in Halo 3. If you see that eagle on your screen when you're going to play me, you're automatically going to think I'm good.

All that happened was that I went from a single major to a double major because he said he'd lose 100 games to me.

Know what was funny, I got all my Halo friends together and we challenged all the kids that were telling me I was sorry, and that I suck and that I'm a cheater and we played a game against them. My team was called the 'Bad Guys' because apparently I'm the bad guy for accepting wins from somebody. So we played my haters last night and they got destroyed. Oh man, they got destroyed.

Half the kids, they're not even mad. At first I got so many messages that were angry. One kid was like, 'You're a disgrace to Halo.' He said, 'People like you make it hard for people like us to get better because we sit here for six hours a day playing this to get better.' I was like, 'That sounds fun. I don't mean to be the bad guy here, but, I play 14 hours a day. Regularly. I know the rules and what cheating is. What I'm doing is not cheating.'

At the end of the day I'm still ranked in the top 30 in the world, even without the experience. Go check the leaderboard. That's all my skill. The leaderboard doesn't have anything to do with experience points, it just has to do with experience. Microsoft must have sold millions of copies of Halo and I'm still ranked No. 30 in the world. My swag is phenomenal right now, remember that. Like Kanye said, 'You can't tell tell me nothing, riiighhht.' To my favorite haters -- Biggs V2 and Hellhogace -- I'm ranked even without the so-called 'cheating.'

And MC187, you get the bonus prize. This is your five days of fame. PTI picked it up and now I'm mentioning you in my blog. This is the only way you're going to get famous because it's not going to be through Halo. I looked at your rank, you aren't very good. You might not be skilled at the game, but I know what your skill is -- looking at everybody else's accounts to see who's cheating. So keep it up baby, I'm rooting for you.

One more thing, a big thanks to Aircalbev for supporting me in this time of tragedy on the Bungie message board of hatred towards Agent Arenas. I also want to give a shout out to some of my fallen solidiers - Cashis Clayis and Baby Jesus - for helping through these turbulent times and I would like to thank God for giving me the man power and the heart and mind to stay up and keep playing Halo to the best of my ability. Now I got to do the "Marion Jones" thing: Sorry to all my friends and family who believed in me. I disgraced my Halo friends' names.

LOL. I'm a beast in Halo 3.

P.S. I am teaching "cheating" lessons at 12 midnight, every night on how to be a professional cheater on Halo. I'm just kidding, I shouldn't have said that,.

Preseason has Started
It was my first game since April you know, but if Fantasy Basketball was started right now I'd probably be in the top five because I had four steals, four assists, three rebounds and one turnover in 20 minutes. But for real, I did all right for my first game out there. I was just trying to get a rhythm. I moved really well, I wasn't dragging my leg. I was running and you know, playing up and down. That was a great 20 minutes for me. The shot wasn't falling. I ended up 2-for-11 and I was 1-for-8 starting off the game but I was just trying to get a rhythm and trying to get back to what I do. I took quick shots, some good ones, some bad ones, but all in all its about trying to hurry up and catch your rhythm before the season starts so you have to do some things that you normally don't do just to get a feel for it.

For the Cleveland Cavs fans who watched it, we're a thorn. That's our rivalry. Those are two teams that have that blood. It's not that bad blood where you want to fight them every time, it's that competitive blood where both teams think they're better than each other and you want to win. You want to win in the preseason and you want to win in the regular season. At the end of the day, we know who we want to face off against in the playoffs: Cleveland.

You want to play the exciting teams that have the same type of talent and the same type of up-and-downess (I don't even know if that's a word). You want a team that plays at the same pace as you. If you're an up-and-down team you don't want to play against a team like Chicago and grind it out. That's the worst. Using a Marbury phrase, 'great kudos' to Chigago, but that's the one team you don't want to play in the first round. If you play them in the first round, most likely you aren't going to get further then the second round because they will beat you up so bad that you will be tired and it will take everything out of you just to beat them that series.

I remember them in 2004-05 when we had to play against them. It took all of our energy out to beat them and when we got to the second round against Miami we didn't have anything. That's the one team that you can say that you don't want to face in the playoffs and that's Chicago. They're a brutal team and they'll bang you, they'll press you full court, 24/7 for seven games.

Get Well Soon, Etan
I know everybody by now heard the bad news about Etan. It's one of those things where you're glad the NBA has stepped up and given these tests in the preseason every year. I used to think it was pointless to run on a treadmill and be monitored. I mean, I've been working out the whole summer and now you want me to run on a treadmill and put sticky things all over me and have me run for five minutes? But now that you see the results of what the tests can catch you're like, 'Oh my God, this is serious.'

For the bigger guys in this league; make sure you test up. Etan is one of the healthiest guys I've known in my career. He takes care of his body, he eats right ' I've never seen him eat anything bad. I always ask him what he eats whenever I'm on a diet because I only see him eating fruits and vegetables and he takes all the healthy food from the plane.

So when a guy that is this healthy has a problem out of nowhere, it shows you that you have to check on your bodies.

He had the surgery yesterday, they said it went well. You just have to give your utmost thoughts and prayers to his family. This is something where if it wouldn't have got caught, it could be his life in jeopardy. It could have been like Len Bias or it could have been like Jason Collier.

My words to him were, 'You don't need to think negative thoughts. Don't worry about basketball right now. You're happy. You're alive. Enjoy your kids. You're going to live a regular life and once you're feeling healthy enough, that's when you start playing basketball again.'

Reminds Me of a Story
This is kind of a feel-good story, in a sense. I had a friend in high school, named Eddie. We called him 'chicken wing' because he was skinnier than Tayshaun Prince before he came into the NBA.

There was five of us and we had our own little team when we were 14-years old. Well Eddie used to always say that he could dunk. Every time we'd show up to the park and he'd already be there he'd be like, 'Oh man, I dunked it today! I dunked it today!' And we were like, 'Yeahhhh, rigggghhhht.'

This used to go on for years. It started when we were 14 but then we were sophomores, juniors, seniors and none of those years he could dunk the ball.

So when I went off to college and the summer before my freshman year, I got a phone call. My friend was on the other line and he's like, 'Yo, Eddie passed away.' And I was like, 'What?! What happened?'

And he started laughing.

So I was like, 'What the hell are you laughing for?'

He goes, 'It's funny, but it's not funny ''

'OK, can you explain why the hell you're laughing?!'

He was like, 'Well we were playing five-on-five ''

'All right ''

'And Eddie went up and dunked it and he got so excited that he collapsed.'

And you know what? I totally forgot about him dying and I was like, 'Eddie dunked?! You got to be kidding me. He really dunked it?!'

They said he really dunked it and he got so happy he finally dunked in front of his friends that he passed away. He died right there on the court we grew up on.

For a kid who plays basketball, if I had to pass away, that would be the way I would want to pass away -- like if I won the championship and I was so happy that I passed out right there.

That's a memory that I can always live with.

He didn't pass away from a gun shot or this or that. He passed away doing something he loved. It wasn't a feel bad story when I first heard. I was so excited that he finally proved us wrong and he dunked, and he was so happy that he finally proved us wrong and he dunked that he passed away from it.

His favorite player was Allen Iverson so we buried him with an Allen Iverson jersey and No. 3 was actually going to be my number going into college, but it was already taken so I had to go with zero.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on Sept. 28 2007, 5:11 p.m. ET PERMALINK

One of my superfans, Doug Wallis Jr., was the first person in the world to own NBA LIVE 08.
David Dow/NBAE/Getty Images

NBA LIVE 08 Launch Party
This is part two of the Gil Extravaganza. Last week I was in New York with my shoes, this week I'm in the Big Apple with my video game. Actually this started on Wednesday in D.C. I had to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning. But see, we have to rewind back even before that because it's important to the story. On Tuesday, Halo 3 came out. So I was playing at 12:15 in the afternoon when I got back home from the gym on Tuesday until 4:30 in the morning on Wednesday. Sixteen hours straight of just Halo 3. Then I went to sleep and had to wake up at 6:00 a.m. to go do a two part commercial shoot for the Wizards. After that I had to come up to New York to do a commercial for ESPN with Dwight Howard, Deron Williams, Mike Breen and Bill Walton.

They wanted me there a 5:00 p.m. and just like normal, I missed my flight. So I got there at 6:00. So I'm thinking, 'Oh, man. I'm late again?!' And when I get there they're like, 'Oh, no, you're not late.' They were already shooting a commercial with Chris Bosh, so I'm like, 'Am I in the commercial with Chris Bosh?'

'Oh, no, you're in the last one.'

'OK, when does the last one start?'

'10 o'clock.'

'Man, let me go to the trailer.'

So I go the trailer and Deron Williams is in there sleeping. He got woken up. They woke him up and gave him his shirt to wear so he could get ready despite the fact that he got there at 11 in the morning and this was 10 at night. He was like, 'Man, I could have gone back to my hotel!' But once I got there and starting loosening everybody up, we just had a blast. I was out of there by 12:15.

We had a good time talking about Stephon Marbury's interview again, because I didn't know he came out with a Part 2 and a Part 3, talking about, 'They tell me I'm crazzzzzy!' Yeah, you know, so no comment on that.

So we did the commercial and I had a great time and I was trying to go to something that DJ Clue was throwing with Budweiser and King Magazine and I just couldn't go because I know I had to be at the NBA Store early in the morning and once I get sleepy, I get cranky and everything gets dry and I don't have the same kind of energy I should so I decided to just stay in the room.

Yesterday I did everything from BET to SpikeTV to (of course) ESPN to Fantasy Basketball with Matthew Berry. So I was all over the world in the Big Apple. I had a lot of fun and even won two games of NBA LIVE 08 on the Wii.

I had a copy of the game, but I don't any more. I have to wait until October 2nd now just like everybody else. I actually gave my copy out to a lucky fan that was waiting since 9:00 a.m. at the NBA Store for me to show up at 3:00 p.m. I was going to give out three copies, but I had such good fans that I think I gave out about six or seven. So those six or seven kids have it before me, because I gave my copy out. Plus I gave out 100 vouchers to get the game for free on October 2nd when it is officially released.

Seeing Fans in My Jersey
I used to complain about it two years ago that I couldn't find a Wizards jersey of mine, this and that. 'How come I can't find my Wizards jersey, I'm averaging 25 points!' And now I see them everywhere. I remember one day I was coming from the track and it was cold outside. We were going through Howard University and I saw a kid in a black Arenas jersey and I'm like, 'It's cold outside and he's wearing that? I got a fan!' I got a little smile on my face. I had the actual Joker, Jack Nicholson smile on that one.

I'm just so excited that people are digging me and supporting what I'm doing.

Open Workout Today
I'm putting all the workouts and everything I did all summer into one day so all the media can come check out and see that I'm healthy. I'm not sure what the full schedule will be. I know its going to have bike riding, I know it's going to have my track workout with the parachutes behind me for resistance, if we can get the pool I'll do the pool workout, I might break out the 1,500 makes early in the morning and then the full basketball workout at night. Plus the weight lifting and the bleacher workout.

Season Around the Corner
Physically I'm ready and mentally I'm there because I've put myself in situations where I can put myself in that mind frame again. Meaning that whenever we play pickup games, I don't wear shorts and a jersey, I wear a sweat suit. I wear the heavy, wool sweat suit to simulate the fourth quarter feel of exhaustion and I go games where I decide I'm only going to shoot the game winner, so it makes me think of the game winner. I didn't get to think about shooting 'quality shots' for so long that I had to get my mind back to where it was before I was injured.

Prediction Time
Oh man, everybody is jumping on this Celtics band wagon. You know what? I was going to go prediction-free for the whole year, but I guess I'm going to break that now.

Now, if anybody remembers back when I got drafted, I got a report back that the reason I dropped so far in the draft was that Jim O'Brien of the Celtics said that I was too immature and that I wasn't ready for the NBA. What really happened was that I had an Achilles injury and I went back to L.A. to go get it healed when I was supposed to have a two-day workout in Boston with O'Brien. He didn't like that. So word came back to me that he was trashing me and it put this knife through my chest about the Boston Celtics.

Back in the day when I would day dream I thought that if I could score 100 points against any team it would be the Boston Celtics. Now, I knew it would never happen, but if I could do one thing in the NBA it would be to score 100 against Boston. So anyway, since everybody is back on the Boston bandwagon it brought back old memories. So listen here. On November 2nd, we're going to go into that building, we're opening up Boston. Right now I'm telling the Boston fans: You guys are going to lose. It's not going to be a victory for Boston. You might as well just cheer for me, because Boston isn't winning in Boston for the season opener. I'm sorry.

Marc Ecko, I Have an Offer for You
I normally don't get into conversations like this, but this kind of hit a nerve in my body as an athlete. This whole Marc Ecko buying the Barry Bonds ball to put an asterisk over it:

I just think it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.

Who are you as a person to take away somebody's legacy because you don't like him as a person? Forget that he is Barry Bonds and forget his records. He was 'alleged' of doing steroids. This is America, just because you're 'alleged' of doing something doesn't mean he actually did it and until he is proven guilty, you shouldn't have the right to be the judge and jury.

Just because you have the money don't go buying up people's history to destroy it. If you're going to get Barry Bonds' ball, why don't you go get Mark McGwire's homerun balls that got put into the Hall of Fame and Sammy Sosa's corked bat too?

He was 'alleged' of doing steroids. I don't think as a fan of sports that you have the right to taint this man's legacy.

This man has a kid. When his kid grows up he's going to hate you as a person because you decided to be this super, superhero to go put an asterisk sign over his dad's legacy.

I just felt appalled by it because, what if somebody decides to ban the hyperbaric chambers tomorrow? Everybody knows that I used the hyperbaric tent last year and I scored 60 points against the Lakers during the season I was using the tent. Now, the Hall of Fame has my shoes from that game. What if somebody decides to take my shoes and put an asterisk sign on them now?

I think it's just drawing graffiti on somebody else's legacy. Before you go and destroy another man's career, I'd rather buy the ball back from you and give it to somebody who really, truly wants the ball for what it is.

So, Marc Ecko, I want the ball to give it to a real fan. As a human, you should be ashamed of yourself for outbidding somebody just to do wrong to somebody's property.

If people don't understand what I'm talking about, this is the easiest way I can explain it. Anybody out there that has ever taken Creatine, that's a popular substance, if they all of the sudden consider Creatine to be a steroid that means all you guys that took it are dirty so if you ever do anything in life, you're tainted. Anything you do in life you're going to have somebody like Marc Ecko wanting to buy whatever you do in life to put an asterisk sign by it. So if you get a promotion and he decides he wants this guy fired because he did Creatine back in 2001, that's how you should feel.

Just because he is one of the most hated guys in the world because of 'allegedly' doing steroids, I don't think you should take away his legacy.

The day he broke the record, he wasn't on steroids. That's how I look at it. People say that he's dirty, but the last time I checked anything out I saw that corked bats, spitting on balls, Vaseline on balls and stealing signals, that's all cheating too.

If they're doing steroids, I mean there have been plenty of players who I thought have done steroids, but I'm not going to buy their stuff up just to put an asterisk on it. I think it's giving the wrong idea to people. The fans that voted for the asterisk, I think they're representing sports wrong because at the time that he broke these records, he wasn't on steroids.

If you want to buy some records that were broken by somebody who was accused of steroids and admitted to using steroids, go buy Arnold Schwarzenegger's. Go buy back his trophies and medals and put asterisks on them. That's a man who actually admitted to using steroids.

I just think it's wrong. In sports, what people don't realize is, you're trying to do everything you can to get that extra advantage. By me using the hyperbaric chamber, I'm using it as an advantage. If they ban it tomorrow, will people be looking at me as a dirty player?

I'm not saying steroids are good or bad here. I mean, I think it's a cowardly way to enhance your performance don't get me wrong, but my issue is that if the guy hasn't been proven guilty, you shouldn't taint him.

You're not Superman. You can't go around trying to save the world from this ball. Give me a break. What if I buy your company and throw it in the trash because I say it's tainted? How stupid would you feel?

And for people who still aren't feeling me; What if a kid comes and graffiti's your house. How would you feel?

You worked your butt off to live in the place you live in and some not-so-smart people come and graffiti your house. How would you feel? That's what I feel about that ball. You're just tagging it up.

Let a fan, somebody who appreciates the game still, no matter what, accept that ball.

I'll buy the ball from you Ecko for $800,000. If Barry Bonds is found guilty, I'll give it back to you. I'm not going to let you go around like some little superhero.

I'll put it in my hall of fame. The Gilbert Hall of Fame for Athletes no matter what you did.

I know I got off on a little tangent, but Marc, who are you to discredit Barry Bonds' legacy? He is a man first before being a seven-time MVP. Marc, what if someone tried to take away what you did in this world as a fashion pioneer? How would that make you feel as a man?

I would love to buy the ball away from you before you destroy history. I'm a collector of basketball jerseys and I would be honored to have the 756 ball in my personal hall of fame and I know there are real fans out there who both are and aren't Barry Bonds supporters who don't want to see history getting marked up.

I'm not defending steroids users by any means. I defending sports in history.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on Sept. 18 2007, 10:24 a.m. ET PERMALINK

In honor of the Saints, I might have to break out these black and gold beauties on February 25 in New Orleans.
Naim Hasan/adidas

Zero's Back with a Brand New Edition
I know this is what a lot of people have been waiting for. For all the shoeheads out there, allow me to introduce you to the adidas GilIIZero. I was calling them the Gil 20s, because that's how it's pronounced, but when you go to buy them in the store (which I know you will) it will say GilIIZero on the box. I just wanted to clear that up so you don't get confused and think Boyz II Men has a shoe or something.

There are going to be 20 different versions of my shoe next year. Most of them are limited editions. I have 18 different color ways and then two 'inline' versions, you know, that meet all the uniform standards of David Stern and the NBA.

GilIIZero Release Dates
1Scores for SchoolsFoundation Kickoff Event
That's my foundation that I have in D.C. I give $100 for every point I score at home.
2Cust0mizevs. WarriorsNov. 23, 2007
B Diddy will like these.
3Agent Zerovs. CavsDec. 5, 2007
When LeBron comes to town, my feet will be ready.
4Vote for Gilbertvs. SunsDec. 7, 2007
That's for Vitamin Water. It's a whole little campaign we're doing.
5NBA LIVE 08@ HeatDec. 13, 2007
This is my first away shoe. Coming out right in time for the holidays. I might push the release date up though because the game comes out on October 2.
6DC Footballvs. HeatDec. 29, 2007
That shoe is coming out on a Saturday, and it's inspired by the Redskins. That's for all the Redskins fans because they play the Cowboys on the following day, a Sunday.
7Coke Zero@ HawksJan. 11, 2008
Visit Coke Rewards for details.
8Halo@ NuggetsFeb. 8, 2008
The game is coming out on September 25, so maybe we'll move this release date up.
9Black President@ SunsFeb. 10, 2008
I got 54 against Steve Nash last year, so you know I'm going to come out with a shoe in Phoenix.
10Looney Tunes - BUGS@ WarriorsFeb. 11, 2008
This is coming out only in kids sizes. So all infants and boys under the age of 10, this is for you. This one is for my son.
11Looney Tunes - TWEETY@ ClippersFeb. 13, 2008
This one is also only in kids sizes and is for my daughter and other little girls.
12SLAM Magazine@ KnicksFeb. 19, 2008
New York Citaayyy.
13THREEZERO@ RocketsFeb. 26, 2008
This is a company that's in Asia that makes toys. So they're going to have a a 24" vinyl figure toy of me with the shoe and it's going to be released in China. So this shoe is going to come out in Houston vs. Yao.
14Cuba@ HeatMar. 21, 2008
I know a lot of people don't know, but I'm mixed with a little bit of Cuban, so this is for all the Cubanos. I'll also wear it in Chicago, because there are a lot of Cubans in Chicago. I don't know how, but trust me, there are.
15Channel Zero@ BlazersMar. 25, 2008
This is the 'Don't watch me, watch TV' shoe. Greg Oden is out, so Portland might get that taken away from them. They might get it taken away, I'm not sure. Portland fans, that's a question mark. I'm sorry. It's a nice-looking shoe too. I might have to switch it. That might become Denver with A.I. and Carmelo. We'll see.
16Gilwood@ LakersMar. 30, 2008
This is the first time I'm going back to L.A. since that 60-pointer. So those colors are the Lakers colors.
17UNDRCRWNvs. HeatApril 4, 2008
Wow, four releases against the Heat. Damn. Somebody likes the Heat at adidas. Check out UNDRCRWN's home page.
This is the Benihana collab. Time for you all to decide. Should I drop this shoe in Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Memphis, Orlando or Philadelphia? Tell me what city should get it.

The Background Story
This was a concept that adidas came up with last spring after I wore a special edition shoe on a West Coast trip when I hit the game winner against Seattle. Everybody was asking me like, 'Where did you get those from?' I was like, 'Yeah, they're mine. They're a one-of-one. They're a special edition that I just have. They're not out in stores.' So I gave that pair to one of the ball kids in L.A. at the Clippers game, and that was the end of that.

I told adidas how everybody went crazy for that special pair and so we came up with the idea: 'What if we came up with the GilIIZero, where I have 20 different versions of my next shoe? You know, have them come out in different cities, have all different release dates. It's never been done before. It will be something different and let's see how people respond to it.'

Then we started to play with the idea more and we're like, 'OK, we'll make the NBA LIVE 08 and the SLAM shoes more rare than the Looney Tunes versions for the kids ' The THREEZERO shoe will be very limited ' anywhere from 200-300 pairs''

It's going to be great. I think people are going to like the colors, but they're also going to like the shoe. This is more of a casual, kicking it shoe but you can also play basketball in it, because I'm going to be doing it.

Tinkering with the Design
I don't want to kill the designer that was in charge of the shoe when this process started, because I understand it's difficult, but you know me, I'm an honest person so I'm going to tell you the truth of how it went down.

When they first showed me the shoe, we were in a room at a hotel, and they came out with the shoe. It was supposed to be a team shoe, that's why the shoe was actually called the 'TS Lightswitch Gil' (TS stands for 'Team Signature') but we switched it to GilIIZero. It was supposed to be a team shoe because we're doing a whole brotherhood campaign, so they wanted us all in the same shoe. Being a young player, I was like, 'I can understand what you guys are doing, but Kevin Garnett has already had nine signature shoes. T-Mac had nine signature shoes. I'm just now getting on the scene. Can I get my own shoe? Can I get the Gil Zero, part two?'

I don't want to be hooked up in a team shoe. For me, as a shoe kid, I'm like team shoes don't sell. To be honest. They sell to teams, but for a kid on the street, they don't want to wear something a whole UCLA or Oregon or Arizona team is wearing. Nobody wants to wear that just in different colors. So when they showed me the shoe, they told me, 'The other four players loved this shoe and this is a great shoe, the buyers are buying it.' And I'm sitting there looking at the shoe like, 'I hope you guys aren't serious. Because I'm not going to wear this shoe.' If you can picture this shoe, it looked like a newer shell toe mixed in with a little basketball and a little bit of ballerina in the front. So I looked at the shoe and I straight killed it. I killed it so much I think I made everybody uncomfortable. How do I go from the Gil Zero to this? That was my whole argument. Nobody is going to wear this shoe.

So at All-Star weekend I was actually downstairs in the lobby of my hotel with the prototype of the shoe and going up to fans and asking, 'Would you buy this shoe? Would you buy this shoe?' There were a lot of people that went, 'Eww, no. I hope you're not wearing that in the All-Star game.' I was like, 'No, I'm not going to wear this. I just wanted to get your opinion.' Point proven.

So through all that process of tearing down and getting rid of and complaining and complaining, this is what we have. Now we have the Lamborghini of shoes. Not to say Hondas are bad, but we have the Lamborghini of shoes now. I think everybody is going to dig this shoe.

Designing shoes is very hard because for some reason, as an athlete, you never meet the designer until the shoe is already made. Then you have to complain about the things you don't like. So right now, I'm complaining about my shoe for next year. We already had that meeting because they said, 'Well, if we get him early and then he kills us again, we have time.'

Sneaker Wars
I'm a trend setter, people. I don't want other shoe companies to try to jack my style now. My swag is too phenomenal. If any other basketball player out there wants to compete with my shoes, go ahead, we can have a 50 and Kanye right here. We can start it up, baby. I'll be the bad guy. We can have a sneaker war.

If you think about it, there are probably about 20-25 signature player shoes in the NBA that come out each season. Next year, I'm going to have 20 just by myself! So when all those other ugly shoes come out, you know that a new GilIIZero will be on its way shortly.

Next week is my NBA LIVE 08 blog post. I'll be in New York next week for my EA Sports press conference. I'll blog from New York.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on Sept. 8 2007, 5:48 p.m. ET PERMALINK

That's my "get me a sub" face.
Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images

The Gary Payton Story
I mentioned this to Dime, but here is the whole story. What was funny was Calvin used to come to me after we played Miami and was like, 'Man, by minute, you scored the most points on GP. Do you have a problem with GP?' And so I told him how I don't have a problem with him but when I was a rookie I just got a starting position and we were playing the Sonics and you bring up the ball and he gives you that little smirk, like the 'What do you belong on the court for?' smirk, so it's intimidating. You know, he's The Glove. So all that comes together and he starts pushing up and you get nervous with the ball and now you're on the other end and you have to stick him on defense and you're thinking, 'I'm stronger than him,' and he's posting you up and then he takes on the center because there's a switch and he posts the center up and still scores easy and you're like, 'Oh shoot, what the hell is this?' So he scored like 16 of the Sonics 20 points in the first quarter. I've never been so happy to get subbed out of a game. It was the only game ever where a coach subbed me out and I ran to the bench happy.

So coach subbed me out, right, and I'm like, 'Woooo. Oh my God.' Bobby Sura goes in for me and I'm like, 'Good luck Bobby, that man is on FIRE.' So, I'm sitting there and as soon as Bobby gets subbed in he gets subbed back out and I'm thinking, 'Yo, coach, sub me back in!' The Sonics put Randy Livingston in for Payton and I'm thinking, 'Coach! Coach! I think I can play against him!' But no, he matched me up with GP again when GP came in during the second half. So, during a free throw we were both standing next to each other at half court and he was like, 'You're lucky I'm no A.I. type of player or I'd have scored 50 on you in the first half!' And I'm thinking in my mind, 'You're damn right! You aren't lying.'

So from that day on, every time he got floor I went at him just because of that. You know, I couldn't talk trash to him, you can't talk trash to him. There was nothing I had to say, I just had to try to score as many points as I could on him to try to make him try to feel the way he made me feel that day. Now I go after the rookies whenever I get the chance just because of what GP did to me. You know, I used to fear him. Whenever I was working out I was thinking, 'This is to get ready for GP. I got to see GP four times, GP four times'' And then when he went to Milwaukee I was like, 'Yes! Only GP two times, GP two times''

Relationships 101
I know everybody thinks life is perfect for an NBA player, but people get in arguments and I do too. Here's the real story guys, of why I missed the EA Sports event in Canada.

It started out real simple. My girlfriend had to drive me to practice in the morning to go work out and I was looking in the car and I guess my daughter dragged sticks and rocks from outside and there was yogurt and stuff all on the floor in the backseat. So I'm thinking to myself, 'Man, this car is filthy!' But instead of thinking it to myself, it slipped out and I said it out loud.

So now the cat was out of the bag and I was like, 'Are you ever going to clean the car?' And just like a woman with kids is going to do, she hit me with, 'I take care of the kids all day, and I don't have time to do this, and do that, and do this and do that.' So I'm like, 'OK, but this is my dad's car and my dad keeps his car clean''

It was about her registering her car, because she didn't register her car. It's been sitting in the garage for two months with no tags. So I'm like, 'If you register your car, then I can get my dad's car back and my dad's car would be spotless and there would be no problem because you could have a party in your car if you want to. If you want to have a party, you and the kids, and y'all want to have a party and throw drinks around, hey, be my guest. That's your car, you have to live with that mess, I don't go in there.'

And then she got so frustrated with that, because she came back with, 'I take care of the kids and if you want the car cleaned, you have to clean it.' So we was on 16th and Constitution and she kicked me out of the car and I had to walk all the way to the gym. It was probably a mile, but I had on smaller shoes. You know, I wear 13s, but I had on 12s because they matched the outfit I was wearing so my feet were hurting and I didn't have any cab money to take a cab and that all played a part.

So I went on a strike.

I think all men should do this when they have a disagreement. This is Relationship 101. When you have a fight with 'the other,' don't answer their calls and don't answer their pages. That usually gets the point across that you're not talking to them. So, I held out for seven days. I went on strike for seven days and stayed at the gym for seven days. I slept in the gym. They got nice couches in there and it just kept me in the gym working on my knee and stuff.

So, back to the EA event, I didn't have a passport or driver's license to actually go to Canada because I was on strike and I didn't want to go back to the house because she kicked me out. She kicked me out of the car on a Sunday, I had to wait till the following Sunday to talk to her again. Now we're good. She just got her car registered two days ago, we're waiting on that to be finalized but my dad's car still looks like trash day.

You know, it's 'the life.' Everybody thinks we have easy lives, but hey, if you don't want to argue and you don't want to fight, take the high road and sleep in a gym.

Another D.C. Blogger
Alexander Ovechkin has a blog now, I see. I met him when he first came to D.C. He used to come to the games front row and to practice too and watch me play because both of his parents play basketball. So I heard he had a little skill and he gave me his jersey. I like watching the Capitals games just to see people getting hit against the glass. That's my thing; watching people get hammered against the glass. As far as his blog goes, anybody can have a blog -- monkeys can have blogs -- but if it's not good or funny than it's not good or funny. The problem with athletes getting blogs now is that they get blogs thinking they can hide away from the media, but, no, you still have to talk to the media. It's just something that's added to put fans in your everyday life, that's all. You give yourself a little bit of a human side.

Gil 20's Update
SLAM Magazine has a color way too for my new sneakers so, I'm going to put it in their heads now, if they have a color that means I'm going to be on my next SLAM cover. It has to be. You can't have your own color of my shoe and put me in the back of the book! You have to put me on the cover, right? So right now, we already know, that I'm going to be on my second cover with my new SLAM shoe.

Other than that we have some other colors:

Our Away Jersey ' You know, the black and gold. But it looks like the Saints colors, so when we play in New Orleans I might wear them.

In my next blog post I should be ready with the schedule of what city is going to get what shoe so the fans in that city know what shoe they're getting. So if you like the color that's coming out in L.A. and you live in Minnesota, hey, you got to find a friend that lives in L.A.

I think adidas did a great job doing this. We came up with a great concept and it should be great, we're the first people to do it.

R.I.P. Floyd 'Pete' Nelson
I just wanted to send my thoughts out to Jameer Nelson and his family after hearing that his dad died in a tragic accident. I'm really close with my dad, so I can only imagine how hard it is for Jameer.

The First Annual "Team Arenas Summit"
I have something cool going on tonight. I am getting all of my sponsors together in one place ' adidas, EA Sports, Spalding, Vitamin Water, Fox Sports Net (who are giving me my own video game show) and another secret one you don't know about yet ' and I'm taking them all out to dinner. Morton's, baby. (Actually, if you think about it, they're all technically taking me out to dinner everyday, but let's pretend to ignore that). I want to do this every year to get everybody on the same page and give everybody a chance to collab together and see what we can come up with.

Fantasy Basketball Season Approaching
You know, I never play Fantasy Basketball but I always hear a lot about it. The ball boys in every city are like, 'Hey Gil. So, how do you feel tonight? Because I have you on my fantasy team '' I'm like, 'Yeah ' I feel good ' What do you win if I do well? Are we splitting it 50-50? If we are then I'll go out and score 40!' One time a kid was yelling from the stands, 'I need you to score two more points! Two more points! Two more points!' So I was like, 'OK, here goes your two!' and I let it fly.

I just love Fantasy because it brings fun back into sports.

NBA.com has me ranked as the No. 1 fantasy point guard. That's what I'm talking about. Showing the love. My swagger got me No. 1. It wasn't my actual basketball skills, it was my swag. Steve Nash's swag is not like mine. He may throw them dimes, but I throw the one-liner. Nash, Kidd, Chris Paul and Deron Williams round out the top five. That's a great list to have behind me. Those guys deserve to be back there. That's nice. Ha.

Loose Ends
I just did a commercial for EA Sports. I was doing the voice over for a commercial coming out for NBA LIVE 08. So the guy who won the $100,000 tournament for NBA LIVE 08, Jordan Simmons, was on the set and I played against him. And I beat him. He went with the Blazers because he's from Portland and he said he'd give me a chance to score 50 on Nate. I didn't score 50, I scored 27, but the best part about it was ' non-scripted ' guess who hit the game winner? The video game version of Gilbert Arenas. Yessir. Game winner from 15 feet. Jordan was mad.

For all the people who are trying to get the backboards, rims and balls from my Spalding challenge on GilsArena.com, there were about six or eight thousand people who have submitted essays already, so you gotta hurry up! We have a team of readers standing by.

Now to recap, you got to pay attention to my next three blog posts because they're going to be important. I'll give you a break down: The next blog will be about what shoes will be coming out in what city and after that I'm going to be giving a full preview of NBA LIVE 08 and I can't wait for my special post at the end of the month. High schools kids and junior high kids will want to focus on that one because it really is going to be special. It will give kids the chance to become stars.

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Friends, rivals, or friendly rivals?
Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

First Off: New Contest
If you go to GilsArena.com, I'm giving three lucky fans the chance to win a Spalding court. They get the rim, the backboard, Spalding balls, and all the rest of the accessories. All you have to do is submit an essay on GilsArena.com on why you are the one that needs or deserves the court. I'll have the contest running now until October 1st. That gives you a month to submit your essay.

Speaking of Spalding, I did a Spalding commercial with Vince Young in Tennessee. We went to the Titans field. That was the first time I was actually on the field of an NFL football team. That was amazing. The shoot was for like five hours and we talked for four hours and 30 minutes of it. He's down to earth.

He's in my Fab 5 now. Is that how you say it?

He's a cool guy. He gave me his video game. He gave me Madden '08 that's juiced up. He's juiced up in it so I get to go ahead and cheat online with it.

The Gil 20's are Coming
I need to tell you guys more about my new shoe. I mentioned it before, but now that the details are being worked out, I'm even more excited about it. They're called the Gil 20's. That means that there are 20 different versions coming out in 20 cities. That means what whatever version you buy in D.C., you can't buy in L.A. Or whatever comes out in L.A., you can't get in Miami.

So this is for all the shoeheads, I'm trying out a new something new. It's never been done before. Every shoe is totally different. I'm hoping David Stern lets me wear all the different versions without giving me a fine. We'll see. So there will be 20 different shoes in 20 different cities with 20 different release dates and I should have the schedule for you guys the next time I blog so you'll know what color comes out in what city. I can give you a couple ideas of what the shoes are called though:

Black President
Agent Zero
Hibachi (That Benihana's collabbed with me.)
Coke Zero (That you can only get through Coke Rewards.)
Don't Watch Me, Watch TV
NBA LIVE 08 (The only way you can win this is from 2,000 golden tickets inserted into copies of the game. They're doing the whole Willy Wonka thing.)
Halo 3 (That Microsoft worked on.)

You'll only be able to buy them in certain stores. Your big sporting good stores are going to sell them, but most of them will go to the specialty shoe stores and the underground sneaker shops. It should cause a lot of hype because they are some good looking shoes.

This isn't the big thing that I was talking about, that's happening in a couple more weeks. That's going to be huge.

In the Zona
I got to Arizona late for the alumni game and I guess Richard Jefferson read an excerpt from my blog , in the paper about 10 minutes before he did his press conference to announce that he was donating $3.5 million to the school to build a new practice court in his name. But I was telling him, 'You have to do that because seven out of 10 people don't know you enough to even remember what jersey number you wore in college. Ten out of 10 people know what I wore, seven out of 10 don't know what he wore. So by him having that gym, that gives him some clout. He's still going to be behind me with the fans, but now he has his own gym with his own name on it to go work out. That's cute.

Richard said:

'Luke Walton just signed a $30 million contract, I think he can at least spare $1 million. I think $1 million is not too much to ask. Gilbert is going to sign for more than all of us combined, so after he opts out he'll probably get $130 million. Gilbert really has no excuse, especially since he's throwing $2 million birthday parties, so I think he can afford to give back just a little bit."

See, I've been donating since I got into the league, so I've donated more than the $3.5 he did for his selfish gym. It's a selfish gym. It's a gym that is celebrating Richard Jefferson. I'm donating to people. I'm helping people. He's trying to be one of the elite Arizona players ever, which he's not right now. Unfortunately, I had to be the one to say that he's like the third favorite. But I think his stock is dropping. He's like fourth now. I don't know what happened to cause it, but he's fourth now. The R-Jeff market is in a recession.

So we joked about that the whole time. Him and I had a lot of fun. I didn't realize that I was still a little rock star in Arizona. I'm a rock star bay-bay! I didn't know I was still popular like that. I've been out of school for six years.

The game was a lot of fun. The famous Steve Kerr had an airball. I don't know how that happened. But he still hit about four or five threes. I was playing around a little bit at the beginning and one of the assistants, Josh Pastner, said that I wasn't going to score 20 points in the second half or we'd have to count 20 push-ups in front of everybody. And I had 20 points in the second half. And he got down and gave me 20, pushin' it up.

Welcome to the Wizards, Dave Hopla
Dave Hopla is good for me because he's the one who taught me to shoot when I was little. He's been working with me since I was 13 years old when I first entered camp. So having him there again everyday should just make me better.

He's been here working with the guys, my teammates' shots are getting better. You can see what he did for Toronto and their shooting last year. He does an amazing job, so that's a plus for us right now.

R.I.P. Eddie Griffin
I heard about Eddie Griffin. Oh man. I didn't know him personally, but for a guy who was in my draft, you just have to hope he rests in peace and give condolences to his family. When I found out I was like, 'What?! Oh my God!' When I called other players it was all the same, everybody was going crazy and just like, 'Damn. How'd he get hit by a train?'

Race to 100,000 Makes: Update
I stopped my shots at 50,000. I'm not going for 100,000 anymore. I did 50,000 in 26 days. What happened was I sat out a couple days and that turned into a whole week because my arm was sore. I thought tendonitis might be starting to kick in so I had to shut the 100,000 down. Then I had to balance out by working out and doing drills and dribbling the ball because I wasn't dribbling before, I was just sitting there shooting. I was looking like Jud Buechler. The way I was going, I was preparing just to be a spot-up shooter. I'll save that role for my after years, then I'll just be a spot-up.

They told me it was just too much on my arms and I needed to work in some of my legs and footwork stuff so I stopped at 50 k and I still had like 45 days left to reach my goal. But now I'm working on my overall balance and I'm back at 100 percent healthy so that's good. I played pickup ball at Barry Farms the other day and had about 35 points and was dunking and stuff, so I'm feeling good.

Shark Comedians Unite
Me and Ian Edwards texted. We chopped it up. He said when I come to L.A. I have to get him some front row tickets and then he'll give me some tickets for his comedy show. I told him, 'Sound good. That's all I watch is comedy.' And he wrote back, 'Yeah, I can see that.' So we're cool. I have to give him a shout out.

Made Me Cross the Street the Other Day
Somebody made a mix of my highlights to Chocolate Rain. You have to see it. I love that song. I want Tay to make me a theme song.

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Will I be seeing Reggie in green?
Hoskins/Bombardo/NBAE/Getty Images

First Penny, Now Reggie?
I'm one of the happiest guys around now because my favorite player is coming back to play. I remember John Thompson had an interview with him and asked him, 'Do you think you're going to play in the NBA again?' and he said, 'Yes.' He was right. My man, Penny Hardaway.

That's my favorite player growing up. In my room I probably had 600 pictures up on my wall and 575 of 'em were all Penny. Then I had a few Shaq, young Kobe and Iverson ones too.

The funny part is, you know, I collect jerseys and I just found an original Orlando Penny Hardaway jersey. There's nothing out there on him. So, I'm having all the other teams he played for -- Phoenix, New York, and now Miami ' send one of his jerseys to me.

I think he still has something left.

Reggie has some stuff going on too. He just needs to get on that right team. With him, he's not as dominant as he used to be but, he can be that third or fourth option.

Seeing all these guys come back has made me think about whether I'd ever do the same. The answer? Nope. No. No. No. NO. NO. NO.

I want to leave how Reggie Miller originally left, that's how I want to see every player leave. I want to say, 'This is my last year, so the fans can give their last hurrah.' And that's it. I hate how guys want to come back sometimes.

With Reggie, I really liked how he finished that year and walked away from the game. But I guess he's sitting there, analyzing all these games and he's tempted thinking, 'Man, I can go in there and hit a shot!' Sometimes, as fans, you just want to see them leave with that last hurrah.

New Nickname: The Landlord
I'm letting Nick Young rent out one of my houses. It's not all about being nice to a rookie, he'll help me pay off what I owe!

It was an empty house because my daughter lives with me now. She doesn't need a whole place to herself. The family is with me now.

EA Sports Camp Coming Up
At first I was hesitant to go all the way to Vancouver for the EA Sports NBA LIVE Summer Camp I'm hosting because I need to get my shots in still to get up to 100,000 makes, but they said I could bring my shooting coach. So we're going to have fun. We're going to head up there with the young kids and teach them some old pointers.

Man, I can't believe I'm saying stuff like that. I must be old.

We're also having a hibachi cookout because you know the flame is on right now. Oh man, it's beyond on. I wish the season started today.

Jason Gardner's Wedding
I missed a day of shooting over the weekend because I had to go to a wedding. It was my old college roommate's from Arizona, Jason Gardner's, wedding. He got married after 14 years together with his junior high girlfriend. He finally got married.

Me, Richard Jefferson, Luke Walton and Channing Frye from the team showed up. Coach Olsen showed up as well as some of the assistant coaches like Jay John, who is at Oregon State now. It was fun. We had a good time.

I couldn't decide on a gift. So, I kinda paid for the wedding. You don't know what to give for gifts so you give money. If they end up using the money for the wedding, you end up paying for the wedding.

I didn't know what to give! What do you give a guy that's getting married? I don't know.

Jason leaves for Germany, I think, to continue playing basketball overseas as soon as he gets back from his honey moon in Mexico.

It really was a great time. Me and Richard, for some reason, always end up having a bragging session when we're around each other and try to out-do one another. For some reason, he thinks he's better than me. He can't fathom that he's only the third best player from Arizona, and I'm No. 1. He just hates that I'm No. 1. He hates to see me on my own video game, he hates that I'm a three-time All-Star, he hates the fact that he only got a bronze medal ' all of that. He is bitter about it.

Congratulations, Awvee Storey! He's a really cool guy. He hustles, he plays hard, they're going to love him up there in Milwaukee. He was so happy. He called me and was like, 'Man, thank you for everything. You stood up for me and helped me get my first job,' and I was like, 'You did it. You worked. You did it.'

Dominic McGuire, our second round pick, also got signed. That's good. He reminds me of me. He has talent and just got overlooked a little bit. Hopefully he has the same will power that I have to become the best, and if he does, you're going to see another star in the making.

Beyonce': Prettier in Person
For all the Beyonce' fans out there, I went to her concert. You know, you see her on TV and you think, 'Oh man, does she really look that pretty in person?' Yes. She does. I never realized what makes her so different until I saw her live. She's an entertainer. She has everything. She entertained me. I gladly spent money on a suite to see her. I invited a couple of my teammates too. DeShawn Stevenson came, Caron came ' I watched the first eight songs or so, then went down and worked out, and went back to the suite to watch the ending.

I never go to concerts because I feel like, 'What's the point? You're singing the same little songs you sing on TV.' But Beyonce' was out there doing her whole thing and entertaining the crowd so I have a lot of respect for her.

At the end, I got back stage. Come on, it was at the Verizon Center. The security guards know whose picture is on the building. I got all access. She gave me a hug and I had her autograph my Wizards No. 1 jersey with 'B-E-Y-O-N-C-E' on the back. There's no scandal behind the hug. Me and Jay-Z are good. We're good peoples. That's going to be a new part of my jersey collection. Ciara and T.I. are coming and I'm going to do the same thing with the jerseys for them. But Beyonce' is, and always will be, the originator.

Another Hibachi Award Winner
Usually I give out awards at the end of the year, but somebody won the 'Best Interview of the Century' award this summer. If you guys haven't seen it, you need to search 'Marbury interview' on YouTube. If you don't think this is the best interview in history, something is mentally wrong with you. It was so good, I watched it 12 times just to make sure that what I was watching was actually real and I wasn't imagining it.

He's like, 'I'm going to average 10 points, 11-12 dimes, four assists '' And I'm like, 'What? Last time I checked, dimes and assists were the same thing.' Then he answers his cell phone in the middle of the interview. And at the end he just starts screaming, 'Do it with me now! Do it with me!' I had to rewind it just to make sure it was really Stephon Marbury on there. So, I present Steph with the "Interview of the Century" Hibachi Award!

Race to 100,000 Makes: Update
I'm at 42,720 makes right now, which is 5,000 ahead of schedule, but I'm going to take two days off to rest my shoulder a bit.

Oh, and before I go, I got something new in the works. My dad is coming out of retirement to help me with my upcoming marketing deal. Watch out. That's all I can say for now.

And I can't leave without a little bragging. For all of you Madden fans out there that are camping out, waiting for the game to be released, I know what it's like. I used to do that too. But not anymore. Being on the cover of NBA LIVE 08 comes with its priveleges. I already got a copy of Madden. You can meet me in the lobby, my tag is Agent Arenas.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on Aug. 3 2007, 11:42 a.m. ET PERMALINK

OK, Ian Edward's got jokes too.
Chris McGrath/NBAE/Getty Images

Hear Me Out
Yeah, you've all been talking about it. I used someone else's joke. What's the big deal? I thought it was funny, I blogged it, you all laughed.

Mission accomplished.

Listen, nobody even heard of Ian Edwards before me. He's no Chris Rock. I helped him become famous. Now everybody is going to YouTube and looking him up.

The joke was worth about $7 when I heard it, now that I've used it's probably worth a little bit more. I'll sell it back to him for $7.78. Seventy-eight cents, Ian, you can put that in a royalties check made out to me.

Puffy and Ashanti made careers out of stealing other people's beats. This is America, the land of the reused.

If you think about it, nothing is original. Every joke has been retold at some point. What I did was recycle a new joke instead of waiting for it to get old. It was too funny not to. I mean, at least I picked a good joke, right? It's not like it was some lame, 'Yo momma' joke.

Let's not forget, 'Hibachi' was stolen too. Brendan Haywood used to say it before me. But I recognize good stuff and make it popular. Now 'Hibachi' is patented by Agent Zero, son.

I'm not a thief, I just reused it.

Know who is a thief? The guy that is trying to sell the domain name of GilbertArenas.com to me. It's my name! I have to buy it back from him. Now that's stealing, borrowing, whatever you want to call it.

I mean they were even talking about it on PTI. Patrick McEnroe was saying I should quit making jokes about sharks and worry about rehabbing. Patrick, you're right, I should be focusing on my knee. I guess taking 15 minutes to tell a joke doesn't leave 23 hours and 45 minutes the rest of the day to be working on my knee. Rome was killing me too, but Rome's my boy so I can't say anything bad about him.

Patty Mac, shouldn't you be 'focusing' on talking about real sports that are going on? I didn't realize that telling jokes can get me on PTI. I should do it more often.

Did you hear the one about the monkey and the dog '

I would finish the joke, but I already spent too much time on this post and need to get back to the gym according to McEnroe.

Before I do though, I'm going to go play with my new pet. It's called a 'liger.' It's a cross between a tiger and a lion. I made it up. Man, I'm so original.

(Yes, I stole that from Napoleon Dynamite. Rent it. It's funny.)

Oh yeah, Bow Wow gave me a shout out on my jeans, Fly Jeans, in his new song with B-5 so I just wanted to give him a shout out too.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on Aug. 1 2007, 12:06 p.m. ET PERMALINK

All I need is a gym, a ball and a couple rebounders.
Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

I'm Ahead of Schedule
I'm at 19,570 makes which is about one fifth of the way to my total. One fifth, 13 days gone by, so I'm not only on track, I'm above track so I'm happy about that. There are going to be some days where I have to travel so I'm going to have to do some making up, but hopefully not too much. That's why I'm trying to shoot 1,500 makes instead of 1,375 so I can stay above the pace.

I'm the only guy in the gym everyday.

The motivation is I have a goal that I'm trying to reach and I think that's going to help my game next season. That's why I'm in the gym.

Time for my Teaser
I got a big project coming up. I don't want to release it, I don't want to get too happy about it, but it's a really, really good project coming up. I can just give a glimpse: I'm going to do a casting for voices. I'll just say that.

KG to Boston

It's going to be...



Boston's going to be a lot better. They're just one more team that jumps out from the bottom to the top now with him, Ray Allen and P2. You got to be weary about that when your team's in the East because the Celtics can easily jump to the top three teams in the conference now that they have him.

The rest of us in the Eastern Conference got to get on our grind now.

We ain't gonna be afraid, but at the end of the day, they got some fire power on their team now. They're not like the Boston of the last couple years where we could look at the season series and go, 'OK this is going to be 4-0 ' or they might sneak one win.' This is a team that can beat you.

This is good for the franchise in Boston. You wanted them to get the No.1 or No.2 pick to get some young talent in there, but the trades they made to get Allen and Garnett brings them back to the old days when it was the Lakers and Boston. It's good for the franchise and good for the league that Boston is going to be one of the key teams again in the Eastern Conference.

Charity Catch-22
I'm stuck in between a rock and a rock.

I have this weekend coming up where I'm supposed to be attending Baron's and Paul's L.A. Stars Weekend, but I also promised Larry Hughes that I was going to come visit him and his wife and do his little casino charity that his mother is throwing for her passed son.

So, I'm stuck in the middle.

I might go off to L.A. for Friday and Saturday and be at Larry's on Sunday, or I might just cancel the L.A. thing and just go to Larry's.

Playing Dr. Phil: Advice for the Young Guys
This is for the guys in their first and second years in the league, or for people who are going to become NBA players in the future:

When you're dealing with a wife, a girlfriend, a fianc'e, your biggest problems are going to be the simplest problems. You're going to be on the road for six-seven days a week sometimes and you're eating room service, you're eating out every night while she's on the other hand staying home, eating home cooking. So when you come into town, she's going to want to go out, go to the movies, go hang out, go eat dinner and you're going to want to stay home. That's where you guys will clash.

It happens all the time.

I guess the women don't realize our job demands a lot, from flying to getting in and out of buses and hotels and arenas. They don't realize when we get home we just want to be in the bed and the players don't realize if they have kids that the women want to get out of house and be relieved from the kids.

It's gets to be like, 'Come on, I've been on the road! We can talk about this in the off season!'

It's like they don't understand and I know a lot of players that went through it and I know a lot of other young players that are going to go through it and it's just something you got to go through and grow with.

It's been hard because when I hurt my knee, my whole mentality was, 'I got to get back, get back, get back to the player I was,' so then you come home at two o'clock after practicing and your kids are running around and they want to go to the park and you're like, 'I'm tired. Can't I just eat and go to sleep?' But you play with them a little bit, take a nap, wake up and then it's like, 'Well, time to go back to the gym!'

It's kind of difficult so what I started doing was coming real early so I get out of here by 12 o'clock and play with the kids for four or five hours, go to sleep around four, wake up, and go to the gym again.

There Are No Such Thing as Shark Attacks
I know this is random, but I just want to clear this up for people out there.

There are these things called shark attacks, but there is no such thing as a shark attack. I have never seen a real shark attack.

I know you're making a weird face as you're reading this. OK people, a shark attack is not what we see on TV and what people portray it as.

We're humans. We live on land.

Sharks live in water.

So if you're swimming in the water and a shark bites you, that's called trespassing. That is called trespassing. That is not a shark attack.

A shark attack is if you're chilling at home, sitting on your couch, and a shark comes in and bites you; now that's a shark attack. Now, if you're chilling in the water, that is called invasion of space. So I have never heard of a shark attack.

When I see on the news where it's like, 'There have been 10 shark attacks,' I'm like, 'Hey, for real?! They're just running around? Sharks are walking now, huh! We live on the land, we don't live underwater.'

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Hey, you're keeping track of my makes and misses correctly, right?
Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images

My New Challenge
Right now I'm in the middle of making 100,000 shots over 73 days. It's a little mini-series I do. Right now I'm shooting 69.7 percent from the three-point line and I'm shooting 79.3 percent, I think, from the college three. There's three people that rebound and tally my makes and misses. One kid is Garret, he's a ball boy and there's also Drew Cleary, our strength coach, and Brian Chase. He's actually trying to make the team and doing it with me.

I came up with this idea because of this kid Mike. He's a shooter that went to my high school and broke some of my records, and this is what he just finished doing. So we do these little challenges because he thinks he can shoot better than me. He knows mentally he can't beat me, but I have to say he did shoot 85 percent from the college three-point line. I think that's pretty good.

I know people will look at the 69 percent from the NBA three for me and be like, 'Oh, that's nothing,' but when you're shooting 5,000 shots a day, believe me, that's pretty good.

I'm Sticking to my Diet (Sorta)
I'm still on my diet too. It's going well, I'm ripped baby! Of course I'm still tempted by Cheetos. I just said I'm still on a diet, but I didn't say I don't cheat away from the diet. Of course I do. I'm an American! We eat bad!

Kobe Bryant lost 20 pounds, so that's good. I'll body him. I gained seven pounds, but this is a good seven. I'm at four percent body fat now. I was at 11 percent body fat when I got hurt. So I'm down to four percent and it's all muscle, cut up, you know, looking diesel.

Looking Like Chucky Atkins
I ran up and down for the first time with the USA Under-21 Team. I don't know what to call that team actually, they don't look like they're under 21. I'll just call them the USA College Team.

They were down in D.C. at the Verizon Center so I played with them. I hit a couple buckets, you know, but that's all I can say. I couldn't jump and stuff them, I was looking like I was Chucky Atkins out there around the rim. The stroke was there, but I was looking like Chucky on the vert.

They were just playing hard, that's what I expected. That's why I wanted to play. I went out there to sweat it out for the first time and try to get my leg underneath me and see how much I'm favoring it. I would have gone out to Vegas, but those boys have been working out the whole summer. I didn't want to get cut again before I even got started.

I heard that Mike Bibby is hosting a 1997 championship reunion at Arizona and I'm supposedly going to be there. Why am I going to be there? I didn't win a championship. We lost to DUKE! The man I lost to in the championship is the man who cut me from Team USA. He cut me like Arizona beat Duke and he wanted payback. I think that's the hardest part. I was thinking because they won that he was going to help me on the team, you know, maybe he'd feel sorry for me.

But, I'm over it. You know, Team USA should do well this year. I was looking at the roster and they're finally putting a roster together that looks like it can compete -- they got shooters, they got all around players. I don't know about some of the players, I'm not sure if they're really USA Basketball material, but at the end of the day if they pick it, they pick it. It needs to be a versatile roster in the end.

My Partner in Swag
It feels good to have DeShawn coming back officially. I think that puts us ahead of the game. That's good for us. That's the first time we kept the two-man, a starter at that, since Larry Hughes left. You know, we always lost a starter. It's good for us because he plays good defense, he hit open shots when he had to but he didn't worry about shooting, he was just out there playing trying to make the team better. That was good for us. You need teammates like that.

Get Ready for The Takeover: Reloaded
They thought they saw Hibachi last year? Whooo, man! By the time preseason starts I'll have put in 100,000 makes. That's my goal. I'm not going to go in there are just throw up shots either. You keep charts of all your shooting. Actually, the other day while I was shooting, I've seen Dave Hopla. He's a shooting coach for Toronto and he worked with me when I was in junior high and high school.

When I saw him, he said he had his worst shooting performance of the year ' He missed six out of 187 shots! Right now he's shooting 99.3 percent for the summer. That's who I compete against because he always told me to keep track of what you shoot.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on July 13 2007, 12:54 p.m. ET PERMALINK

Keep showing me something, Nick.
Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

0-10 Doesn't Cut It, Guys
I've been watching the summer league here and there. Dominic McGuire looks very good. Nick Young is coming around, he looks good too. That second game he really came into his own. I like Aaron Miles a little bit, he did a great job running the team. I like Chase, the back-up guard. You know, they just got to get some wins. The last two years, they're 0-10.

Of course I hooked Nick Young up with the Gil Zeros. I'm trying to make him an adidas guy. I called him right before he left for Las Vegas and told him to play like we used to play back in Cali. Then, when he was playing their second game out there I was watching it on TV and I saw the Wizards security guard, Jackie Miles, he was digging in his ear and I called him and I was like, 'Yo, we can see you on TV digging in your ear.' And Nick Young was sitting in front of him and I told Jackie, 'Tell Nick that he needs to go ahead and show me something. I didn't see nothing last game, I need to see something this game.' And that's when he got like three dunks in a row. I'm like, 'Three dunks? OK, here we go!'

Rehab Update
My leg is 100 percent, my strength is about 85 percent and my stamina is at five percent. Now I got to just do cardio and strength work. My leg is healthy, I can run five on five now, I just can't last more than two minutes breathing wise.

I get up at like 6 a.m. and train from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Then I play with the kids from 11 a.m. till 4 p.m. Then go to sleep, wake up, give the kids a good 10-to-15 more minutes and then I go work out again and come back and put them to sleep.

Commercials with adidas, Spalding
I leave today to go do a commercial shoot with adidas from Saturday to Tuesday. I'm knocking everything out of the way from my new shoes, print work, everything. I'm getting it all out this week. I actually don't know what the plans for the commercials will be. I really don't. I'll be surprised when I get out there myself.

And I just finished my Spalding deal. I signed the contract. It's official. I met with them and now we're just working on the commercial. I presented my commercial idea that I think it's going to be funny, but I don't know what angle they're trying for if they want to be funny or serious. We'll see. But I will let you know if they use my idea.

I also got a new back-to-school project I'm doing. It's going to be on GilsArena.com. This is my second challenge. More details will come out soon. So look for that on GilsArena.com.

Missing Allen Iverson's Celebrity Softball Game
I'm leaving for L.A. today and the softball game is in D.C. this weekend so I'm going to miss it. Last time, I went up to bat two times and hit two homeruns. I hit them like Barry Bonds ' without the BALCO in my system!

Team USA Plans
You know what, I'm still debating it. Since my leg is healthier than I thought it would be at this time, I might just go out there. I might call Jerry Colangelo and see if I can just go out there and train with them. Or if not that, I'll just stay and work on my health.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on July 2 2007, 9:19 p.m. ET PERMALINK

Woooo! That's two good looking people. I should have been a twin.
David Dow/NBAE/Getty Images

Welcome to the Wizards, Nick Young
It's a small world man. My dad coached Nick Young when he played AAU ball during the summer when he was in high school. He's from where I grew up. He went to Cleveland High, I went to Grant. It's funny, the same coach that recruited me to go to Grant ended up getting a job with USC and recruited Nick to go to the Trojans. He's a really talented kid and he's that scorer we needed, so I'm excited to have him come play with us.

Back from Vacation
I'm really serious when I say this: I'm trying to buy an island.

Diana Ross has one. You know, if you look at property in the states, if you look at my house, I paid $2 million for it and then there's an island for $1 million. I'm like, 'Woah, I have to buy an island.'

I'm really looking into that.

Otherwise, I'm doing good. I'm doing a 90-day trial period diet up until when training camp rolls around. I'm drinking water and eating salads and lean meats. I'm trying to get cut and ripped and get healthy. This is the new year.

I know I said was was afraid of the stingrays and sharks, but I actually got into the water with sharks on my vacation. I was swimming every morning with them. They were little 3-foot long sharks called blackheads. The locals said nobody has ever been bitten by a shark, there haven't been any shark attacks, you know they're not aggressive sharks.

So I was like, 'All right, let me go in and give it a try.' But that was after I'd seen little kids in there swimming already, then I knew I could go in. I wasn't going to be the first one in, that's for sure.

Thoughts on Kobe
During vaction, mostly I just relaxed. I read a little bit, you know, hung out by the beach and then I came back to the states and I was like, 'Damn, everyone's getting traded!' I was on a trade rumor, a trade of me for Kobe and I was like, 'Woah, what's going on? I'm being traded?!'

I guess he really wants out of L.A., huh? Are the L.A. fans happy about this? It's basically 'he said, she said,' and you're going to leave a city that embraced you because of 'he said, she said'? I mean, I just think it's a bunch of hocus pocus.

I mean, Shaq leaves, Phil Jackson leaves and now you want out? You know, I grew up an L.A. fan and as a fan of L.A. I don't know what to feel like. I'm like, 'Now wait a minute, you want to leave now?' I'm thinking as a fan, not a player. Wait a minute, I bought the 24 collection, you know? He signed 24 jerseys: 24 white, 24 purple, 24 yellow. I got all three colors. I'm a fan! I came back and it's like, 'Damn, he wants to leave no matter what?'

Any team he goes to, they're going to have to get rid of a whole team to accommodate him. So he's going to be most likely be in a worse situation than he was before. That's how I look at it.

But with KG, I think it's a great move to get into a bigger market. He's been averaging 20 and 10 for the longest and people don't recognize it like they should have.

I Was Named of the 50 Best Latino Athletes
I don't speak any Spanish, but I have Cuban in my blood. My grandparents were Cuban. I'll take it. I'll take Top 50 beautiful something, I don't care what it is.

Interesting Hair Cuts
What are my teammates doing with their hair? First Andray Blatche gets the Anthony Mason cut, and now I hear DeShawn Stevenson has a mohawk. It's like, 'What are you doing?' You have that much time on your hands that you go to the barber and say, 'Can you carve in all this stuff into the back of my head?' I don't have that kind of time. If they want to go outside looking silly, let them look silly.

I played NBA LIVE 08 against Kevin Durant and I lost bad. I sucked. It was the first time I played it though. I didn't play '07, I didn't play '06, I didn't play '05. After a while I thought that it wasn't getting better so I became a 2K fan. But then the people at EA Sports came and told me they wanted to make the game better, I came on board because my first basketball game was NBA LIVE 95. So once they started getting out of character it was like they weren't progressing with the game so I became a 2K fan and then now I'm back to LIVE and I think all the 2K fans are going to come back to LIVE again because they're going to see they made progress. It's a lot smoother. It's not as choppy as it used to be. It's realer now. It's not like, 'Oh, this is fake. That doesn't happen.' That's all you used to say. You can't say that now.

Odds and Ends
I just signed a four-year deal with Spalding. Me and Greg Oden. It's commercials, product spots, etc. I am the 'It Boy' of '08 now. Oh, and I changed next season to The Sequel to The Takeover Reloaded because I didn't get to finish last year the right way, I got hurt. So watch out for The Takeover Reloaded.

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Bet you didn't know this is what I used to look like.
Aric Crabb/NBAE/Getty Images

Opting Out is a Business Decision
What is hard for anybody else to understand besides people in the NBA industry to understand that, on my contract, it's basically the same thing that Ben Wallace did but without the trade and the same thing that Chauncey is doing.

The NBA allows a 12.5 percent increase on what you make. So for any player who is making the max, all they do is extend. They get the extension and get the 12.5 percent increase on what they already make.

Now, if you don't make the max money but you become a max player during the time frame of your original contract, you have to opt out to get the max money.

When I signed my original deal, I believed that I would become a max player so I had a player's option. So, I make 11 and 12 million the next two years and then the extension would put me at 12.5, 13, 14 in the three years of the extension. The part that I got frustrated about the extension was that I have to play next year at that figure no matter what and then if I extend, all I'm getting is four years guaranteed. But, if I opt out after next year, I'll have six years guaranteed because I'll sign a whole new six year contract.

So at the end of the day, it will be a six-year deal instead of a four-year deal and instead of starting at 12.5 or 13 million, I'll be starting at 14 or 15 million and I'll be a max player.

This has nothing to do with me leaving or trying to look for other teams. I have to do it:

1. To get more years and
2. To increase my pay.

It's the same thing Chauncey was doing. Chauncey was getting paid four to five million dollars in his contract, and if he extends he's only going to make 12.5 percent on that amount, which will put him at six million or so. But, if he opts out of that contract, he could possibly start at 10.

It's a little loophole that they might fix in five years.

It was the same thing with Ben Wallace. Ben Wallace was like, 'Well, I'm only making three million and I'm worth max. Why am I going to extend? That's pointless. Instead of being increased to four million, I can go out and get paid 14 million.'

The extension only works with the players that are making max money already. Like if Antawn says, 'I'm signing an extension,' you say, 'OK,' because he makes 17 million. So he goes 18, 19, 20 in his three years. If Antawn says, 'I'm opting out to sign a new deal,' you say, 'You're crazy,' because he's already making 17 million.

If a max player opts out of his deal there are only two reasons he could be doing it:

1. He's leaving
2. He's trying to sign another six-year deal. He don't want three years. He wants another six. Meaning that that's most likely going to be his last six.

Like Vince Carter, he's opting out because he wants to sign another six-year, max deal. He don't want to sign a three-year extension.

This becomes like football. You try to get the most years out of what you can do.

This is going to be the last thing I do. I know my history and I don't want to make the same mistake that Miami almost made about seven years ago with the Juwan Howard thing when Miami decided to sign Howard before they signed their own player, Alonzo.

If the league would have let them sign Howard to the $100 million contract he was going to sign, they wasn't going to be able to afford Alonzo. But if they would have signed Alonzo first and then signed Howard, they would have had them both.

My situation is flip-flopped.

I want to make sure that they get all the people they can get before I sign my deal because if I sign first and then eat up all the money, then we can't get anybody.

If I let them pick out who they're going to pick, like get the draftees and sign the free agents, the money will still be there.

Abe Pollin believed in me after Michael Jordan. He told me that I was the guy he wanted to build around after Jordan was gone. I'm a loyal player.

I don't have an agent. My counsel is myself. I just go through all the rules and read up on stuff. I just sit there and read stuff that happened in the past and why things didn't work out and why things are the way they are.

Rehab Update
I finally ran for the first time. You ever seen a three-legged dog run? I'm just a little bit better than that.

But I looked good doing it. I had on all my adidas gear, had on the Gil Zeros, you know.

My shot was still there. That's all that matters to me, as long as I can shoot the ball.

I started running over the weekend. That was my first time running. Now I'm all good, running like a stallion again.

But still, if you were better on a horse race I'd get 100-to-1 odds.

Overall I'm at about 65 percent.

Bicycle Built for Zero
I had to get motion back in my legs and get the strength back up so I've been biking probably about 18 miles every two to three days.

Me and my trainer have been doing it for the past three summers.

My fear that I was having was falling, that was my biggest fear ' falling on my leg. Wouldn't you know, we were riding on the freeway and I had to get off and go on the pike towards the airport and Crystal City. The people behind me were too close so I couldn't break and I had to just jump the curb going at least 15 miles an hour.

Whoo! That wasn't a pretty sight. I had grass stains and all sorts of stuff. I fell on my good leg so it was nothing to worry about. All the cars were stopping and asking, 'You alright?' I was like, 'Yeah, you know, my ego is hurt but that's about it.'

I wasn't wearing a bike helmet. The only people who wear bike helmets are 13-year old girls and Tony Hawk, but that's skateboarding and he's doing flips and stuff. I'm going straight. Ha, well I guess I did end up doing a flip off my bike, but it wasn't a planned one.

Some people recognize me. Sometimes they'll be shocked like, 'Was that him?! I think it was! Why is he riding a bike?!'

Or they'll just wave. One time I was riding along this street and a bus went by and all the kids on the bus seen me. So, we were going down hill and I was actually moving with the bus, so anytime the bus stops, I'm going past the kids. What happened was, once the bus got about three exits in front of me, the kids all got off. So when I came they stopped me for autographs and then waited for the next bus to come and got on that one.

Finals Thoughts
I caught the game on Tuesday because I had the Cavs winning Game 3. Like most people are saying, I think the series has been pretty boring. You have two grind-it-out teams. But it's good. I get to see Larry Hughes play in the championship, LeBron play in the championship, you get to see if 'The Mouth,' Damon Jones, can get some time. You also get to see Tony Parker, who I'm good friends with, most likely win his third championship and maybe even the MVP.

Larry Hughes Still Wears Wizards Practice Shorts
You know what's funny about stuff like that? All players do that for some reason. You'll catch Caron wearing Lakers shorts or Miami shorts. That's just what players do. It's just a pair of shorts. Throughout the year I've seen DeShawn Stevenson wear Utah shorts and Magic shorts and I've worn Golden State clothing from time to time. Since you collect it, you just end up wearing it.

Action Packed Summer
My team Final Boss won, so that was good. I inherited a dynasty. Now I've talked to the league of MLG and they're going to make me the first owner. So I get to be Jerry West, Abe Pollin and Mark Cuban without all of the antics. I'm going to be the owner in an upcoming sport. It's going to be good for me.

Right now I'm booking my trip to Tahiti with the family. We leave Monday from Los Angeles. I'm in Washington now so I'm going to workout until then and fly out to Tahiti for a week. I'm going to try not to get hurt or eaten by any sharks or stabbed in the chest by any stingrays.

I'm a beach person, but it depends on if there are any sharks in the water. If there are sharks in the water, then I'm a pool person. I already asked them. The place I'm staying in is actually in the water. The rooms are little floating bungalows in the water so I can actually jump out the front door and start swimming. This is my first time ever taking a big vacation so I'm excited.

I'm contemplating on a Reality TV show. I might do one this summer if ESPN will pick it up. I don't want to be on BET because then I won't be on regularly. If you look at their reality shows like the one Vince Young did, it's not an eye-catcher. So if ESPN picks it up, I might consider it. That's for this summer and then I have one next summer and it's going to be the business side of me and that should be funny because I don't know anything about business so I'm going to sound like Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson. I mean, I'm not going to sound like, 'Do buffalo wings come from buffaloes?' There ain't going to be any comments like that, but for business people, I'm going to sound like a straight idiot.

I'm going to be trying to close business deals and stuff. I thought about it and I was like, 'I can make a reality show funny because I have the friends to do it, but I don't want to go out of my way to make a series funny and have it be a flop.' I'm not worried about the privacy factor because mine will be more scheduled. Like, if I want to go to Tahiti, I'll bring my funniest friends and just make it funny and show them what every other summer looks like for me.

We talked to the people who want to use me and we're like, if we can get them then we'll think about it. But I'm not guaranteeing anything.

I'm writing a book.

It ain't going to be the T.O. 'I Need My Ball' or whatever that book was called. It ain't going to be the Phil Jackson book. Mine is going to be more like Chicken Soup for the Soul. Mine is going to be like that with more funny stuff. It's going to be hilarious.

Stuff like, 'If you're a No. 1 or No. 2 pick, why do you need an agent?' Reality stuff like that. You might as well just give your money to Vegas because that's all you're doing with the agent, you're just giving it to him. Because you're the No. 1 or No. 2 pick, point blank, you don't need an agent. It's a slotted system now. It's not like you're Glenn Robinson coming out saying 'Give me $100 million.' You can't do that anymore.

So it's going to be mostly funny stuff like that. Attacking people, attacking the system, attacking critics ' stuff like that.

Starting a Rumor
I had seen Melo in our arena. Carmelo is doing a documentary of him working out for the Olympics back in D.C. When I saw him, for some weird reason I thought he was traded to us. I wish. He's going to be in D.C. for about two weeks working out before he goes back to Denver. He works hard.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on May 25 2007, 4:30 p.m. ET PERMALINK

I'm smiling thinking about the Gil 20's.
Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

Rehabbing Like It's My Job
I'm feeling 50 percent better. I'm halfway there, halfway back to Agent Zero. I'm just 'Agent' right now. I can walk, ride the bike and I can shoot jump shots (just don't tell the trainers that). I go in to train at about 12 o'clock and work on my upper body, my basketball stuff and cardio, and then I go back in at night from about 7:00 p.m. until 10 and I work on more cardio and I work on my legs. So I get about three hours of that and do balance work.

It's different. I'm hesitant. The trainer, I had to fire him and kick him to the curb. We're beefin' right now. You know, I've never done this before. Me and trainers, it's usually just like, 'OK, get my ice.' So all these drills he's telling me to do, for some reason I just think they're stupid. So I just fired him. I told him when I come to the facility to just pretend like I'm in California, even though I'm here. My body is here, mentally I'm in California, so I'll just see you in training camp ' I don't think he liked that very much.

I'm just trying to get everything situated. My priority is getting this leg 100 percent so I'm focusing a lot on that. I've been designing my pool in the back since I have free time there, and I have time to redecorate my house, unfortunately. The people who did Antawn Jamison's house, I told them to come on over and throw another look in there. You know, I've been looking at this one for five years.

Halo 3 is Out
The Halo 3 beta version is out. If you had the game Crack Down, you can download Halo 3, but me and my skills, I had it at least two weeks before they released the Crack Down. Unfortunately I still suck at Halo 2 and 3. I'm good at 1. So, yeah, I'm not that good. My team, Final Boss, they were the best at Halo 1, they were the best at Halo 2, they play Halo 3 just to play it. Once they start using it as a tournament game, then they'll switch over. But right now they're still focusing on Halo 2 because they still have tournaments to play with Halo 2

Portland Won the Lottery
That was crazy. Did you see them Boston fans? Man, that one Boston fan had his hands on his head like he couldn't believe it. That was kind of bad.

I've been thinking about it. If I was Portland ' I mean the smart thing to do is ' You have Aldridge, who is a young five. You have Zebo. You don't have a three, I mean a real solid three. I mean you have Ime Udoka at the three, but he's a defensive player. You get Durant at three, you have the Rookie of the Year at the two and you have a young one in Jack. Hey, two or three years from now, that might be good!

You get Oden, that means you have to sit Aldridge and you got Zebo. If they try to trade Zebo then you have two 7-footers at the four and the five and you keep the same backline out there. So, you can argue for both.

Oden's a five, Zebo's a four. You need a scorer because Aldridge doesn't really have post-up moves. He's a pick and pop. That means if you're trying to feed the ball to Oden and make him a scorer right now, then I can see that happening.

It all depends on what they're going to do with Zebo.

At the end of the day, you got to remember, if you look at Tim Duncan, he was dominant. The centers that came out, they were dominant on both ends. Oden is great on one end. Right now he still needs to develop his offense, but Tim Duncan was great offense and defense, Shaq was great offense, Patrick Ewing was both, Alonzo was both. Right now, to me, he's a better Ben Wallace and I can build a team around that, I can. You put a scoring four in there with him like they did. But like I said, if he goes to Portland you got to figure out what you're going to do with Zebo. If you keep Zebo, that means you're going to bench Aldridge who did great for you last year.

But, at the end of the day, thinking about it, having another 7-footer coming off the bench ain't too bad. That ain't to shabby. I mean, that could be like Alonzo and Shaq in the future.

Wizards' Draft Needs
I want an aggressive scorer. We don't have a scorer coming off the bench. We don't have somebody who is aggressive whose mindset is shoot-first coming off. We need somebody coming off there so when we put me, Caron and Antawn on the sidelines, we have somebody who can still light it up. My first year it was Juan Dixon. He came off and he just sparked us. So I think that's what we need. We need a flat-out shooter and we need a scorer and we need a scrappy five ' just a scrappy big man, just somebody who can just come in and just lay fouls down coming off the bench. If we get that, then we'll be fine.

Personally, that's what I think we need. I don't know if that's what our GM, Ernie Grunfeld thinks he needs. That ain't my job.

Working on the Gil 20's
I got to go do a commercial with Kevin Durant on June 5th in L.A. for EA Sports. That's No. 1. No. 2 is, after that I got to go to the Meadowlands July 8-10 for my team, Final Boss', Halo 2 tournament. No. 3 is that, right now, I'm working on my Gil 20's. My new shoe.

I think this one is going to shock the world a little bit, my adidas shoe.

It's different. I mean, the shoe is not different, but the concept is different. You know how it's the Gil 20's and you're like, 'What does 20 have to do with Gil?' That's how many different versions are going to come out. I'm not doing one release date. It's not going to just be, 'Oh, it releases January 2nd.' Every city I play in, whatever color I wear, that's going to be released in only that city. So I got a whole bunch of people collabing with me: Benihana's, they made 'Hibachi Red,' so we got that in there; I did one with Coca-Cola, so we got a 'Coke Zero' color coming out. It's going to be interesting.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on May 10 2007, 3:30 p.m. ET PERMALINK

You steal my beard, I steal your ball.
Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images

He Predicted It
Basketball has been great.

The whole Golden State/Dallas thing '

Actually the funniest part about the Golden State/Dallas series was that when we played against the Warriors in March out in Golden State, me and Baron Davis were talking about playoffs and stuff and Baron said, 'Man the only team we want, the only team we'll beat in the First Round of the playoffs is Dallas.'

And you know, you kind of smirk, like, 'You know how many wins that team has?'

He's like, 'Man we can beat them. For some reason they can't match up with us.'

He was like, 'G.A., if we get them in the First Round, we're going to the Second Round.'

So when I'm watching it I'm like, 'Oh my Lord.'

He was like, 'Once they get a taste of these fans, they're not going to win here. So all we have to do is steal a game out there, because they're not winning here.'

And he was right. There's no winning over there.

Me and B.D.'s been cool since high school because when I was getting into basketball he was the stud and I don't know if he knows it, but I used to go watch his games.

Him and a guy named Kenny Brunner, they'd be going at it. My dad knew everything about the L.A. area and he'd show me, 'These are the best point guards and the best guards.'

And I'd just be like, 'Ohhh man, here we go again' to him.

And then I'd go tell my friends, 'I went to see BARON DAVIS today!'

They'd be like, 'You seen BARON DAVIS!?'

It was just a whole little high school thing, I was just a ninth or 10th grader.

Right now, me, Baron and Paul Pierce are collaborating to take over Magic Johnson's summer charity basketball game. They added me too it and we're calling it 'L.A. Stars.' This is the first summer I'm doing it with them.

Baron's Beard
It's working for him. This is the old Baron.

I had a beard too this year but that was more of me being too lazy to go get a hair cut. Mine wasn't really like shaped up, it was just there. His is all nice and trim. He takes his time with his.

In 2003 he was one of the best players in the league. He's back to that now. It's just confidence and health. He's healthy.

That's the real Baron Davis. When you look at the league, players talk amongst each other and it's like, 'Who do you think is going to break out this year?' And everybody says the most dangerous point guards in this league are Steve Nash and Baron because they just do so much. Baron can score, rebound and dime people up. He just has so much trickery with him. If he stayed healthy every year and at his playing weight throughout the summer, man, he's dangerous. People don't realize that. He's been injured so much that people forget about him. He's just got to stay healthy, that's all.

Now It's Golden State vs. Utah
I called J-Rich, because J-Rich is my man, I called him after the Dallas series. I just left a message for him, 'You guys have the game won, we don't need the daggers.'

So I'm telling him, when you're up five, we don't need the fast-break three.

Last night they just needed to make free throws. I think it's going to go to Game 7. Utah isn't going to win in Golden State.

The only thing I was satisfied about last night's game was Derek Fisher. After the whole thing that his daughter went through, and his family endured, he made it to the game and hit the 3-pointer to seal it and made some key stops. That was basketball right there.

That's what true basketball fans and basketball players always dream of. Those are the stories you remember. He's won championships, but that's going to be in his top three moments of all time. He's just a classy guy. I'm reading the Phil Jackson book right now and that's when he played with the Lakers, just reading the way Phil talks about him, you have to have the utmost respect for him.

I Made the All-NBA Second Team
I found out I made Second Team All NBA today. Zack Bolno from Wizards PR called me.

Other than that, I've just been working on my leg. I'm past Stage 1 faster than a lot of people thought I would be.

Usually when you get a knee injury you try to get the lag out of your leg. What that means is if you have your arm straight out, and you break your wrist a little bit, that's that part that's lagging. The lower part of my leg was lagging like that so I had to pick it back up.

Sometimes that takes months, and I got my lag out already. Now we're just strengthening and getting it to bend again.

It's not just in the rehab sessions, I do a lot of it on my own too.

I just need to keep working on getting it stronger and bending it because I got to get the motion back, and that's a lot of pain.

No more crutches, but I'm still walking with a slight limp because I don't have full rotation where I can actually pick my foot up and walk like a regular person. But I can sit down 97 degrees, actually it's about 94 degrees now.

I've tried getting back on the court a little bit. Just working on left-hand flip shots around the basket and some right-hand flip shots too.

But I've been watching a lot of basketball. Actually, of late, when the playoff games are done for the night I've been trying watching all of our games ' from Game 1 through Game 82 just to see how we progressed and what we could have done better. I'm just going back and recapping our season.

I went into the video room the day the video coordinator was off and just took them all.

Can't Watch the East
I haven't been watching the East much because in my mind I already know who I want coming out of the East.

It's kind of hard because I wanted Chicago and Cleveland to play, you know, because those are two teams that beat us.

Us and Chicago, we have history because of the game winner and stuff, and then Cleveland beat us last year and they beat us this year. So it's like you want to see one of them put the other out, but then you got favorites. Like I want to see Larry go far, but I want to see Cleveland lose. In the First Round it was: I don't like the Bulls, we hate the Bulls, we got this beef with the Bulls, but then we HATE Miami because Miami just kills us, so it's like, 'Man! You know what? I can't even watch the East. I'm just going to go ahead and watch the Western Conference games.'

Texting with Tony Parker
I was texting back and forth with Tony Parker last night. He texted to see how my leg was and I told him fine and I told him I've been watching some games. I told him to go ahead and keep the pressure on Nash. You got to keep going at him. That's one of them players you got to go at. He was like, 'I'm going to do it. I got it.'

Actually, the very first start of my NBA career came against the San Antonio Spurs. He was a rookie point guard and I just went up to him before the game and I was like, 'Man, how do you do it? Like, when you're running a team, how do you run a team?'

He was like, 'I have the big fellas, I have Tim and David. My end's easy, I just get them the ball.'

I was like, 'I'm more of a scorer.'

He said, 'I'm a scorer too. I'm much faster than the team, so when it's a fastbreak, that's when I get my opportunities.'

And from there we just had that connection. It was like, 'OK, fastbreak.'

So then, in my mind, whenever I wanted to score it was like, 'Fastbreak, fastbreak, fastbreak, fastbreak.'

That's why I score so much in fastbreak.

Our offense is Princeton. It's an equal-opportunity offense. So most of my stuff is forcing the transition.

No Vacation
If I do take a vacation, it's not going to be until my leg is 110 percent.

I talked to the doctors and they said that anybody who has had this injury in the past actually end up having the leg that got hurt end up being stronger than the other leg that didn't get hurt.

So it's like, finally I'm concentrating on working on my legs, because I never work on my legs. They were always just naturally strong. So I'm going to start lifting a lot on my legs this summer just to make sure I bring back that speed and strength.

It's that year where I have to go at them again. I said last year was The Takeover. Well it's going to be like James Bond movies for Agent Zero.

You have The World Will Never End and then you have Casino Royale. You have another one. It's the sequel. Like in X-Men too.

So next year is The Sequel. That's what I'm calling it. That's great, The Sequel.

My Teammates During the Off-Season
We get away.

Just like any other team, you get away for about a month. There'll be a text message here or there saying, 'What's up?' but you won't get a reply back for another two weeks.

I've been keeping in contact with Caron, DeShawn, A.D. and Brendan. Other than that, most of the guys are on vacation. Some people went to the fight. Then somebody will call you and be like, 'Yeah, I'm coming to town. Where are you?' And then if I'm in town it's like, 'OK, let's work out.' Or we'll get something to eat or watch a movie. We got a pretty mellow team where everybody gets along.

Finals Pick
Not really because it's like, you have so many friends and that's the hard part about rooting for anybody. You have friends on so many teams and you want to see everybody win. I want to see Cleveland win because LeBron and Larry. I want to see the Bulls win because of Kirk Hinrich because we had that connection in Vegas. And then I want to see Detroit win because of Chauncey and Rip. It's like, 'Damn, how do I decide?'

And then in the West I have Tony Parker. And then on Phoenix, me and Steve Nash are good, me and The Matrix are great friends, plus me and Amare. So it's like, 'Aw man.' It's like you're fighting yourself. So you know, as a fan, I'm just watching. I'm just going to root both ways.

Except Golden State, I want them to win. For The Finals I want Golden State and ' I'm not going to say the East.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on April 28 2007, 5:00 p.m. ET PERMALINK

If you look closely, you can see me holding the game under my right hand.
Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

The Takeover Continues
I'm on the cover!

You know they slogan, 'It's in the Game?'

I'm in the game and I'm on the game.

I'm on the cover of NBA LIVE 08.

When they approached me I thought they was joking. Because, you know, it was April. I was thinking, you know, April Fools ' they playing games ' I got fooled again.

But when they came and they had my cover with me on it, haha, I took it straight to practice. I said, 'Unfortunately, y'all got to see me every time y'all pick up this game and every time you play this game cause I'm on the cuh-vah of 2008.'

Vick's Skills were Pumped up in Madden, I want 99s
That's what I'm hoping now. You know the best part about it? They're giving me full control of the design, the commercials and like they're letting me do my own media about it. They're letting me do my own press conference. Most of the time they'd be like, 'Dwyane Wade is on the cover of 2006 or 2007'' But this year they're letting me do my own. I get to say I'm on the cuh-vahhh.

I got some hidden marketing plans. I don't want to tell them now, they're still in the making. I'm thinking about doing a NBA LIVE tour. I'm going to try all kinds of things to keep it popping. This is going to be the year!

I told you, didn't I say it? It was going to be The Takeover and now a second-round pick that no one thought was going to last in the league more than two-to-three years, and six years later I'm on the cuh-vah of the hottest basketball game ever.

Do you realize how big this is?

They can't tell me nothin'. Mannn. Ohhh. Lorddd.

It makes my whole rehabbing that much better now. Because while rehabbing, all I'm thinking about is 'I'm on the cover of LIVE.'

My daughter picked up the cover and was like, 'Da-Da,' and I was like, 'You're Goddamn right that's Da-Da! I'm on the cuh-vah.'

I like the picture they used. It has me in our gold uniforms.

Better than a Wheaties Box
You know in high school where you get the awards like 'Best Athlete,' 'Best Dressed,' 'Most Popular' ' the one I got? 'Most Likely to be on a Wheaties box.'

That's back when Wheaties was the thing. THIS is much bigger than Wheaties, I can tell you that! Hey, I'm not picky. I don't need big covers, but this one I would take over Wheaties. Besides, I can get on a box of Lucky Charms if Wheaties doesn't want me.

I couldn't say much. I was at a loss.

Some people, they're guaranteed covers. But me? Ha!

There's going to be four million of them. Four. Million. Cuh-vahs. Of me. In stores. Everywhere they go, it's going to be meeee!

Oh man, it's crazy.

This has been a good year! I'm glad NBA.com chose me to blog because so much stuff has happened. I don't know if the rest of the bloggers would have given you readers stuff like this.

From parties, to trampolines at All-Star, to the cover of LIVE 08.

October 1st or 2nd. Y'all be at them stores. You know what? I'll even go to the store and buy a couple copies and give them out on GilsArena.com for free. Oh, and before I forget -- for all my online video gamers, I changed my gamer tag from Loose Cannon to Agent Arenas.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on April 27 2007, 6:30 p.m. ET PERMALINK

If you didn't catch this jersey, you can still go to my website to get one.
Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

Homecourt Advantage
They played their butts off in Game 2. I know in Game 1, it was slower than I expected from the Cavs. Last year they got out and ran, this year it was just a slow-paced game and we hung in until the fourth quarter when they out rebounded us and they made shots. Larry Hughes had a big Game 1.

But we're playing great. Antawn is playing phenomenal right now. Brendan played great last game. So we need just a couple more people to step up and at home I think we can take care of both of these games and make it a series.

Caron took his cast off so they better put him in their scouting report because he might be back.

Last time we was down 0-2 it was against the Bulls and when we came back, that place was crazy. People was going crazy. Plus it will be my first time that I show up at the arena since the injury so I know that everybody will be excited to watch some basketball.

Game Day Attire
The only thing I have to do is cut my hair, that's all. Cut my hair, look cute in the face, and that's it. That's all. I can't be looking like Bill Cosby in Uptown Saturday Night. I just don't want to look like Bill Cosby in that.

Thanks for the Support
The first 2,000 sold out in 15-to-20 minutes at six o'clock in the morning, 3 a.m. PT.

Sold out in 15 minutes. 2,000 jerseys. Wow.

So, the other 6,000, I'm planning to put them back on and I'm going to just put them for $25 and I'm going to just personalize everything. I'm going to just personalize them all because I know there were some people up early in the morning and they missed out and then for everybody who bought it at $150 or $100 I'm only going to charge them $25 and personalize it anyway. It will be up on GilsArena.com sometime in the next couple days. I just appreciate people waking up early and supporting my foundation, Zer0 2 Her0.

I Don't Like the Trainer's Room
It's funny.

I put it like that because I hate the rehab room. I hate the training room so much that the team is making bets around the locker room about when I'm going to cut the trainer out completely.

They know I hate it. Like if I sprain my ankle, I don't want to get treatment. They all know that. It's kind of funny because they're all like, 'I can't wait to be around this in the summer, there's going to be some funny stuff here with Gil getting frustrated.'

I like doing stuff on my own. I just hate sitting there listening them to be like, 'OK ' ice ' steam ' lift your leg up two times 'alright, steam, again ' alright, a little bit more ice''

It's like jeez, you can't get more creative than that?

And then, you know how all the trainers they think everything works perfect? It's like, 'You have to do this. I've done this millions of times and they're not so simple and boring to me.'

There's this thing where they put baby powder on your knee, they put a little metal rod in your hand and they have these electric little gloves and they rub your knee and it's supposed to bring down the swelling.

And I'm like, 'You're telling me baby powder on my knee and you rubbing on it is going to bring my swelling down?'

So that's what the players are looking forward to, my little battles with the trainers. Because I've already started. I've already given them glimpses. Me and the trainer are going back and forth all day. I have to because nobody else will! Eric Waters (the trainer) is my man, but I have to fight him sometimes.

I just hate sitting because I talk about everybody who sits on that trainer's table and I'm like, 'They're soft. They don't make them like me anymore.' And now I'm on the table.

So what I do, I don't show up when my teammates are in there. I wait it out and do weights and stuff and they'll be leaving and be like, 'Are you going to rehab?' And I'll be like, 'You know me, I don't need rehab.'

And then when they leave I go in the trainer's room and I'm like, 'Yeahhh, throw a little baby powder on there.'

Scary Story
I did something bad yesterday. It wasn't bad, but it was either me or her '

I dropped my daughter.

I had my daughter in my arms and I was ready to go put her to bed because she was sleeping. But I was just outside first because I forgot to put my brakes on in my car. So it was wet outside and I only had on my house slippers and they were wet when I came back in the house.

When we got to the stairs I slipped, and you know, my left leg can't bend. So it was either both of us stumble down the stairs, or drop her.

So I had to drop her.

She's OK. She dropped on her butt first.

She was maddddd ' she didn't cry though ' but she was mad. You know, I play around with her and throw her around so much all day that she don't cry anymore.

Like ' I've never seen anything like it ' she'll run and fall and hit her head on something and have all these big knots and she just walks around like it's nothing.

You know, you never want to drop your kid, but it was like, 'Awwwww, sorry honey.'

It was at the top of the stairs and I just stepped on the wood and my right leg slipped up, and if I had continued holding her we both would have just fallen backwards down the stairs.

So I just dropped her on her butt and grabbed the railing.

It was scary last night, but it was funny this morning.

And then there's my son, Alijah.

He's just laying there. That's all he does.

Sleeping during the day, keeping everybody up during the night.

He doesn't really do much. He's much quieter than my daughter was at that age.

I call her a demon child. She's possessed. Put it like this, she has my personality and my energy at that age, we'll just say that.

She gets up at three in the morning and wants to talk. I'm like, 'Uh uh, no way.'

She'll be like, 'Basketball!'

I'm like, 'No, no. You can't see the basketball at night.'

She'll be like, 'Basketball! Basketball!' She'll call for it.

I'm like, 'No, the basketball doesn't hear you.'

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on April 20 2007, 3:30 p.m. ET PERMALINK

I'm praying that I can pick up a ball again soon.
Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

The Road to Recovery is a Smooth One
I feel a lot better. I'm walking ' I mean I'm walking with a limp but, I'm walking, getting around, I'm driving. No cane or anything. Compared to two weeks ago I feel 80 percent better. I can drive myself now, I don't need to get driven around anymore.

I'm not as bored as I used to be. I can go get my own food. I don't need to depend on anybody.

I've been getting my Beefcake 3000 on. I've been lifting weights. I've been getting my beefcake on trying to get stronger.

We Need to Get Loose
I went into the arena. I didn't go to the game. I got to see my teammates and bring some life back into the locker room because I swear to God, I thought I was at the library walking into that locker room. I was like, 'Y'all don't talk anymore?' I had to bring it some life. The players enjoyed the company and I'm about to go on the road trip with them. I don't know how the hell I'll be able to sit down, but I'm going to be there. I got to boo LeBron and them.

I Still Can Talk At Least
I'm going to do a lot of talking. I already called the players ' Damon Jones ' Larry ' LeBron didn't want to pick up the phone because he already knew what was going to happen. The message is, 'Punks jump up to get beat down.' Same thing I was saying last year, I'm saying it this year. This ain't going to be no easy win so you can go ahead and get that out your head. You better come up with a real game plan because we are comin'.

That's why I'm going on the road trip, I'm going to sit right behind their bench and just talk all day. I'm going to just talk about the whole team from start to finish and try to do my part by irritating them.

Team Confidence is High
Right before the season ended they played the Cavs and it was a close game so you know, the guys are feeling confident that they can make this a series. As long as all the cylinders are clicking, you know, we'll see what happens.

I'm Available to Play vs. Cleveland
Caron is taking the cast off on Tuesday, so I think he's going to try and be ready to play for Games 3 and 4. It's going to be a big lift because those guys will be happy to see him back and he'll bring his energy. And then if they go to Game 5 I'm coming in, I'm going to play. All they are going to do is just sit me in the corner for offense and I'm going to shoot threes, just in case it comes down to a game winner. I still got the Hibachi going. I mean, I can't walk or run, but I'm going to try. Hell, I could play Games 1-4, just stick me in the corner.

So if I suit up, you all know what it's for. It's for three seconds left, stick me in the corner so I can shoot it.

Get my Jersey Tomorrow
I've just been signing all these jerseys. Wooo, aw man, it's been hectic. Less than 24 hours to go. Everybody needs to get ready. Get ready to go to GilsArena.com to get your jersey and shoe. I checked it out the last time in the first couple hours after I blogged and 4,000 people were already registered. But they got confused. It starts Saturday.

I'm going to give out some cool gifts for certain numbers. Whoever that first person is, they might get an All-Star Agent Zero jersey. Probably the top three people will get that actually. A signed, personalized All-Star jersey along with the other jersey. They'll get both just for being up that early.

Big Announcement
And I got a big, big, big announcement to make in a couple days. A real big one. To me, it's really that big. It might be Saturday or Sunday, it might be the first home game here in Washington. It's big. It's good, oh man.

Here's a hint: there's going to be four million of them. That's the only hint I can give you.

Obama and Me
Of course we'll win the election. As long as he has me, we're winning.

We'll be co-presidents. He can handle all the big stuff like the war in Iraq and all that, and I'll keep everybody distracted off what he's doing. I'll be the entertainer.

I'll do the press conferences. I'll play the Bush part. I'll be the golfer, I'll go golf for 14 hours. I'll party for half a week. I'll do that, I'll have fun with that.

And then Barack can handle all that important stuff.

My Postseason Awards: The Hibachis
MVP: I want to see Steve Nash win it again, but I have to give it to Dirk. The Mavs are the No. 1 team in the league.
Defensive Player of the Year: The Bulls' team.
Coach of the Year: Jeff Van Gundy.
Rookie of the Year: I already got his jersey. That's my man Roy.
Sixth Man: I'm not going to go with Ginobili because he was a starter. Give me Barbosa.
Most Improved: Monta Ellis.
Best Showman: Me, unfortunately. Hands down.
Most Swag: Oh man, that's me again. I can't keep winning these. People are going to start getting offended.
Best Dressed: I don't even look at people like that. You only see it when they show it on TV when they're coming to the game ' Does Jalen Rose still play? OK, Jalen Rose.
Most Underrated: If you're in the NBA are you really underrated? But let's go with Kevin Martin.
Best Video Gamer: Madden - Tie between Brendan Haywood and Juan Dixon.
NBA LIVE - If you got the cheat codes on, then me.
Halo - In the summer it was Adam Morrison, but I think we got a rematch now. I want to see him again. I've been practicing a lot.

(Speaking of video games, my video game team Final Boss just won the championship in Charlotte, N.C. We're No. 1 again. So I want to give my shout out to Strong Side, Walshy and the two brothers: Orge 1 and Orge 2. We're unstoppable now. We're heading to the Meadowlands June 8-10 and you best believe I will be there.)

Best Hops: James White. You're all thinking, "Who the hell is James White?"
Best Looking Kids: I won that too. I don't like to talk about anybody else's kids in a disparaging way, but I won that too. You know, my genes is pretty good, a handsome guy like myself.

Less Than 24 Hours
For all my jersey collectors, you got a couple hours so get your sleep now. I'll be waiting for those names to click in. I've been signing them. I've been doing my part, you got to do your part.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on April 12 2007, 5:30 p.m. ET PERMALINK

What else is there to do besides play video games and watch movies?
Fernando Medina/NBAE/Getty Images

Some Details on the Jersey Giveaway
Here is a commercial I wrote, just read it:

Let the countdown begin, all you Agent Zero fans. Log on to GilsArena.com for rules and details on this one-time deal.

Saturday, April 21, 2007 it begins and 6 a.m. ET and 3 a.m. PT. There is a limited offer for the first 2,000 Agent Zero fans to log on, register and purchase the Agent Zero Collector's Package.

It includes one Gil Zero signature shoe and one personalized autographed jersey all for a $25 donation to the Zer0 2 Her0 foundation, shipping fees not included.

All fans who can't get up that early, or most likely this is for people who are going to sit there and put it back up on eBay, they can get the Agent Zero Late Bird Package which includes the same things, but not personalized, for the donation of $150 to the Zer0 2 Her0 foundation, shipping fees not included.

Also be on the lookout for further auction items from Agent Zero's private collection at GilsArena.com.

That was a Mouthful
I wanted to get it up early. I look at it like this, if you get there early, you get it personalized to you. Those are real fans. Anybody else after that is most likely is somebody who is going to get it and put it back up on eBay and sell it for $2,000 dollars or something so I'm going to make them pay more.

I wanted to give them away for free, but a lot of my foundation people started complaining like, 'We need money for the foundation, you can't keep just using your own.'

My Last Week
I'm BORED. Oh man, I'm soooo bored. I've never been so bored in my life.

It's worse when you really can't walk to do anything. I can't walk to play with my daughter, I got to sit there and that's so boring. She'll jump up and down for 10 and a half seconds and then she wants to go play somewhere else.

The only thing I get to do is play with my son because he's in the same predicament I am ' he's an infant, he can't use his legs either.

It's hard. It's really hard because he wants to be moving around and at the end of the day, I can't do it.

So, I'll have my dad take him or have his mother take him. The only thing I can do is when I go to the restroom, my daughter likes to play in the bidet. Is that what it's called, bidet? She likes to play in the little water right there. Or when I'm taking a shower she likes to come in there and play in the water there. That's the only interaction I have with her. Other than that, she just likes to run wild.

Meanwhile, I have my video games. It's like my XBOX: I've been playing it so much that it broke I think.

And then you know you have to be bored when you watch all three X-Men on consecutive days back-to-back-to-back.

Oh man, what a life.

I try to watch TV, I watched Life like seven times already.

Hmm what else? Oh yeah, I'm getting ready to start watching Batman this week; the complete set.

Good Rehab News
I'm actually already starting rehab. The swelling went down, the pain is out, so I'm ready.

It's mostly massaging and trying to fire up my thigh muscle. I get chauffeured all the way to the facility, which is good because it's the only time I really get out of the house, and I can smell the fresh air.

It takes 45 minutes to an hour. He massages it for about 30 minutes then he'll put steam and ice it. When he steams it I'm supposed to fire up my muscle.

It would have been a quicker recovery but I have a sprained ligament that needs to heal, that's the only thing they're worried about because if that doesn't heal then it will be a lingering ordeal down the road. They're trying to be very careful, that's why they said eight to 12 weeks because this injury is usually three to four.

Tons of Get Well Wishes
You know what's so funny, I pre-read all that, I knew what was going to happen. For somebody like me who doesn't like messages, I just turned off my phone. I turned it off. I'm just starting to turn it on for an hour a day and when I do turn it on I probably have ' 95 text messages.

And for the people who do send me the texts and want to say, 'Get well,' I appreciate it, but it's kind of funny because everybody writes the same things:

'Get well soon.'

'Have a fast recovery.'

'What happened?'

'Do you need any help?'

'Do you need any care?'

Then from most of my, umm, ladies:

'Do you need me to take care of you? You know I'm really good at massaging''

It's kind of funny, but at this time, I just want to be alone. I just want to sit here and just sulk for a little bit.

My Wizards
Unfortunately, I've been catching glimpses of my team.

I try to watch the good parts ' so I won't watch the last four or five minutes. I'll watch the good part of the game.

Caron pages me every day.

He has never paged me in the two years he's been here and then when I get hurt, he pages me every day.

He keeps saying, 'I'm going to page you every day.'

I'm like, 'Lord have mercy.'

When he says every day, he means every day.

But all my teammates have text or called me. I even got outside messages and calls. Jermaine O'Neal called me. Salim Stoudemire called. Melo sent a text. You know so, that was a joy to see people support me and see how I'm doing.

Need to Stop Watching Hoops
I'm one of those guys, I can't watch basketball without wanting to go play. You know, so when I'm watching it, I'm sitting there dribbling the basketball.

And then I get all anxious and I'm like, 'Man, I think I can just go shoot or something. I think I can shoot ' Let's go in there and shoot''

And then I'm like, 'No, you can't go in there and shoot''

So I'm like, 'Well, I can't watch then!'

You see somebody do a move and it's like, 'Man, I remember when my leg was good. I could do that move ''

So I just try to watch movies and want the time to hurry up so I can get out on that court and start working out again.

Introducing Chris Bosh, NBA.com Blogger
Chris Bosh is blogging!

Man, I went to All-Star with Chris Bosh two years straight. Chris Bosh didn't say more than six words around me, and four of them was, 'What's up?'

'What's up' during the practice and 'What's up' during the game, both years.

He should just be himself. He'll be fine. Just enjoy it. No matter what you say, somebody isn't going to like it.

My Other Business Ventures
My Halo team, Final Boss: Their first tournament of the year is going to be in Charlotte this weekend. They want me to come down, and I want to, but it's going to be so hard to get down there with this leg.

Fly Jeans: You know, when I got injured I didn't want to receive calls so my business partner was like, 'Where are you? What are you doing?!' But, we're scheduled on time. They're supposed to hit stores June 1 in high-class boutique stores. I'll let you know what stores in the future.

0-2 Talents: Nothing right now. I'm trying to let Deshawn get through the season and stay focused. I don't want to take his heart and soul from him like I did a couple months back.

Another Story About My Dad
I challenged my dad because we was talking about basketball and he's the biggest critic.

Oh man, he's a big critic.

Like, everyone sucks to him except for the big-name players.

He was watching my team and was like, 'Man, you guys are just bad at defense.

'How does Dwyane Wade, with one arm, get to the rim and dunk?'

And I was like, 'It's not like it was his right arm, it was his left arm!'

So he's like, 'You got the man with one arm coming in and dunking on folk.'

He was like, 'If that was me? Back in my day? He would have been layed out.'

I said, 'Hold on. When I was 12, I beat you in a game of one-on-one and I didn't start basketball till I was 12.'

And he was like, 'I let you.'

I was like, 'You have too much pride for that. I beat you and you haven't played me SINCE.'

I was like, 'I will beat you now, even with this leg.'

He was like, 'You will beat me now? You wouldn't get a shot attempt up.'

I was like, 'You're like two inches away from being a midget. I'm going to get a shot attempt up, trust me.'

He was like, 'How? What if I just kick you in your leg?'

I was like, 'You're just a dirty player.'

'You won't beat me with a bad leg.'

And I was like, 'If you're going to play dirty, then well, you're right.'

He's not going to play me. He should be on the Globetrotters. He just wants to dance and fool around and make funny noises to try to throw you off your game. He's like a poker player on the basketball court.

I say that I didn't pick up any skills from him, but you know, maybe '

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on April 5 2007, 5 p.m. ET PERMALINK

Son of a bee sting, that really hurt.
Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

All Good Things Come to an End
I'm good. I made everyone laugh today at the hospital.

They enjoyed my company.

Just telling jokes, you know. They did a great job. We had fun today.

I actually got the surgery done today. I don't know what it felt like. See, that's the good part: I was KNOCKED OUT!

I don't know what they did, but that was the best sleep I got in ' wooooo ' a long time. I woke up well rested.

I did a MRI early today at about 7:45 a.m. and I just left. So I was there about seven or eight hours.

Gerald Wallace Fell Into My Knee
When it happened, I don't know what I was thinking to tell you the truth.

I was like, 'Man, this hurts!'

I was trying to come back in the game, but once I got to the training room I realized, 'Man, this don't feel right.'

But you know, I could still bend it and walk. Then last night it was hurting real bad.

The Worst Part
I think the worst part about it was that my Internet connection wasn't acting right last night so my video game session wasn't working. It kept kicking me offline so I didn't actually get to fully play.

So, when you're injured and video games is your life and you can't play it, it just makes the injury that much worse.

Rehab Plan = More Video Games
Right now, all I can do is lay there.

That's basically it: lay there and play video games.

That's perfectly good for me.

I just need to keep the leg elevated.

My Teammates' Support
The players called. It was good to hear from them.

They just said, 'Get well soon.'

Actually, they thought I was playing when I said that I was done, because I joke so much.

But, I think they'll do fine. They're a strong-minded team.

Why I Showed Up Late
Traffic jammed me up so I got there late and so A.D. started and then when I got in '

One minute and 50 seconds later, I got hit. It was just one of those freak accidents.

It's not one of them career-ending injuries. Mostly it was just a cleanup. I didn't tear anything, it's mostly stretched so that was good news.

I told them to cut the leg off a couple times. You know, cut it off and then bring it back to me when it was all healed. Because, you know, Heather Mills on Dancing with the Stars, she had that leg. I was saying I could borrow one of those and finish out the season. But they wasn't going for that.

From Starter to Spectator
I'm going to be a fan and cheer them on.

I don't know where I'll be watching, either on the sidelines or up in the sky box or on the TV at home, because right now I can't really do too much.

Once playoffs start, I'll be there for the home games. Unfortunately for all my fans, I don't get to travel.

But I do have something for my fans. I had a plan that was going for the first game of the playoffs. I had ordered 20,000 of my jerseys to give out.

Since I have so much time on my hands now, I have the jerseys and I have 6,000 individual Gil Zero shoes that I'm going to be giving out to my fans. Because of my injury, I'm not going to make my fans suffer.

I'm going to start getting ready to sign them and then I really don't know how exactly it's going to work, but they can check out GilsArena.com where they can fill out their information. It's first-come, first-serve so the first 6,000 will get an autographed shoe by me, and then same thing with the jerseys.

This is for my fans to enjoy a gift for their support of me this season.

Some Unexpected Rest
It gives me a chance to rest my body. For the last six years I've never had a rest. I've never had a rest for the last six years. This kind of holds me down for a couple months.

I'm going to try to keep the love of the game going. That's why I'm still going to have my jersey giveaway. To keep everybody excited.

I'm going to keep everybody posted on how I'm actually going to do it, but most likely you'll have to log in and provide your information and address and then I'm going to ship them off ' 6,000 Gil Zeros and then 20,000 jerseys all signed 'Agent Zero.'

Me and Caron = The Gimps
I seen Caron today. He came to the hospital with his broken hand.

I mean, it happens. It happened at the wrong time, but you know, Antonio did a great job last night. Seventeen assists, one turnover and the turnover he had, he shouldn't have got it.

That is great basketball. If he keeps playing like that every night, then they're going to have the chance to win some games.

There ain't no point in being sad, I can't do nothing about it.

Team USA
Coach Colangelo called me the other day and I tried to call him back and there was no answer, but before this injury I was planning on going and trying out again.

Yeah, I had hard feelings last year, but it's a new year. I mean, I'm a basketball player.

I just want to say thank you, because they sent me a USA Basketball baby outfit for my son. Thank you for that. I really appreciated that. I love it.

He'll be coming home around 7 o'clock tonight.

I get to see my baby boy.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on March 22 2007, 9 a.m. ET PERMALINK

Read this and you'll understand me a little bit better. I hope.
Brent Stirton/Getty Images

My Mission Statement
I was watching 1st and 10 yesterday and I heard Skip Bayless, the one who just kills athletes, I was listening to Skip Bayless.

I seen the headline, it was 'Arenas something,' and I was like, 'Oh, let me see what they're going to kill me about today.' It was about the 19 points, which I figured, 'Man, OK, I'll get killed for that one.'

But it was something he said that kind of like made me think, 'Hey, OK, hold on.' He was like, 'I think he should just shut his trap and just play basketball.'

So I sat down and had to blog about this. I guess they don't understand me and I think that's the big problem. So this is about me overall.

So this will be a little different, blog readers.

I'll start off by saying ' well, everybody wants to know about the 50-point game. You know, I didn't get the 50 I promised myself and my lovely fans.

So, I'm 1-for-2. I'm 1-for-2 on my predictions. I can actually live with that.

1-for-2 this season when you say you're going to score 50 on somebody. One team you got it against, the other team, well they watched that other team get 50 so they're not going to have that.

They played a great game. They played me tough. They was into it. It was actually playoff basketball for the most part. The fans were into it. They were into more than both teams I think. That energy from when I touched the ball to when they called my name, you know, 'Boooooooo!'

That was the loudest arena that I've been to all season, and it's not even the playoffs. That was the loudest arena in probably a decade for a regular season game.

Before that day I made that prediction, I don't think anybody knew who I was in Portland. So by me saying I was going to score 50, about 14,000 people showed up on a Tuesday night.

The same thing happened in Washington. The game wasn't even televised, but everybody in Washington showed up for the game. Because I said I was going to score 50, that many people showed up to boo and to witness.

It was funny, I was sitting on the bench and a fan said, 'Arenas, you suck!' and I started laughing. I was like, 'Man, but you came here to see me score 50, because I know you aren't here for the Blazers!' And he started laughing too and was like, 'Well maybe you're right.'

It's kind of funny people are there to see you score 50, and the other people claim they don't want you to get it, but at the end of the day they all want to see you score 50. They're just there to enjoy the game. It was a hype game and they wanted to be there.

You know, I've been making predictions for myself since I can remember.

The first public prediction was me starting by midseason of my freshman year at Arizona.

I worked so hard I ended up starting the first game.

Second, the day I got drafted they said, 'Gilbert Arenas, you're No. 31.' And I got in an interview with those people in Oakland and I said I'm gonna be starting by the middle of the season.

They all laughed.

Game 41 comes up, I'm on IR, they're laughing. They write an article, 'Big-mouthed kid'big-mouthed rookie'' this and that, you know, they're just killing me.

Game 42, the very next day, I'm starting. One day off. I was one day off my prediction.

My next prediction, sophomore year, I said I was going to win the Rookie-Sophomore Game MVP.

They was like, 'How are you going to win it?'

And I was like, 'How much am I averaging?'

They was like, '16, seven and seven.'

I was like, 'Well, that's what I'm going to do at the All-Star Game.'

They was like, 'You sure?!'

'Yeah, that's all it's going to take. 16, seven and seven.'

I knew 16, seven and seven wasn't going to get me the trophy, but you know, it was the point of saying that I was going to win it.

I came home with that trophy.

So I leave Golden State that same year and I go to D.C. and I set up at that podium and I say that we're going to be a playoff team.

Everyone laughed. Haha. Whatever.

'That's what Michael Jordan said ' that's what every player said before him''

Everyone laughed, which they should've, because we were hit with the injury bug that year. The starting five only played 5-to-10 games together that whole year. So I stayed in the arena that whole summer.

Working out.

Playing hard.

Working on my body.

You know, because I told myself, 'We're going to make the playoffs this year, and I'm going to be an All-Star for the first time this year.'

Both of them came through.

That was the same year where I considered myself reborn. It was playoff time, five seconds left, I hit the game-winner.

Fifteen seconds before that game-winner, I'm sitting on the bench and Coach is drawing up a play for Larry Hughes. When we come out, I told Anthony Peeler, 'Just give me the ball. Because this game is over.'

Everybody knows what happened after that. Game over.

You know, I look at it like this. Everyone in the world has predictions, everyone. Coaches to referees to media to the average Joe working on the street. They have a prediction that they're going to be better, or bigger, or get that raise at this date, they're going to do whatever it takes ' so everybody has predictions.

Referees have predictions too. When I was talking to a referee at halftime about a call, he was like, 'Man, I'm mad.'

I was like, 'What are you mad about?'

'I missed four plays that period.'

I was like, 'Huh?'

'I missed four plays. I usually want to miss four plays for the game and I missed four that period.'

Now, that's a prediction, right? He predicts his outcome. That's when I realized that everyone has predictions, I just tell you mine.

I don't have a problem saying, 'Here comes the big 50, the big one.'

I said I was going to score 50 against Phoenix and Portland.

I scored 54 against Phoenix.

That wasn't a big deal, right? A few people knew about it ' nothing to be proud about. It wasn't like the Suns were on a 15-game winning streak or anything.

Then here comes Portland. Need that 50 against Portland.

I score nine the first game. Big ol' hoopla about it, 'Oh he only scored nine'' this and this'

Then Tuesday, 19. You know, I didn't come through like I said on that one.

Then I turn on the TV and it's like, 'He should shut his big mouth, and just play basketball'he needs to focus.'

'He's quirky, he's crazy.'

Man, calling someone 'quirky' or 'crazy' is dismissive.

'Because I don't understand him, he's 'crazy.''

Now that's crazy.

Since we're talking about numbers, 95 percent of the things I said I was going to do, I did. The other five percent I get ripped for.

I get killed.

I guess they just don't understand me.

To understand me is to understand a fan.

To understand a fan is to love the sport you're watching.

I love the game of basketball.

I am a fan of the game of basketball, and that's why I enjoy it.

Growing up, it wasn't about the money. It wasn't about the cars. It wasn't about the bling-blau that it is today.

It was simple.

It was, 'How did MJ feel? How did he feel right at this moment after he hit that game-winner?'

That's what I wanted to know. Like, 'What's going though his mind?' Like, 'How does he feel crying, kissing that trophy, with the champagne on his head?'

That's what I wanted to know about.

That's what they were showing us. Game-winners, Shaq in a big ol' couch that made him look like a midget, those are the things I fell in love with.

You know, Penny Hardaway with the Lil' Penny. That's what I fell in love with.

We didn't hear about the drug addictions and contracts and who has the best car'

Growing up, I didn't see none of that.

I seen Allen Iverson's new shoe was coming out, I better hurry up and get to the store. That's what I seen. That's what I fell in love with.

Like at the All-Star Game it looked like they were enjoying themselves and I was like, 'Man, I wish I could be there one day.'

You know, you go to the game this year and you see the fourth quarter. Fourth-quarter, first timeout: Here comes the trampoline!

And it's like, 'Man, how does he feel?'

'Does he practice that?'

'Is it too high?'

'Do you think he's going to make it?'

'Does he think he's going to make it?'

That's what fans feel. That's what they want to know. That's who I am. I'm a fan.

I feel those things. I play, like when I jumped off the trampoline, not because Shaq said he's going to give me money, because I always dreamed about doing that.

That's what it is. That's who I am.

I'm a fan. I enjoy the game.

So if that's 'crazy' or 'quirky,' just give me season tickets to any arena and let me sit there with 20,000 other 'crazy' and 'quirky' people.

So when I hear critics say, 'Just play basketball,' I say, from the age of 14, that's all I've been doing ' playing basketball.

I've been playing from a fan's view.

There's hundreds of NBA players, but there's a few basketball-playing fans.

What I mean is that there's a few NBA players that's actually a fan of the game of basketball. There's a few players, if you take the money away, they will still play it as hard as they do.

Only a few.

'Gilbertology' and 'Gilbert being Gilbert' means Gilbert enjoying his time in the NBA. From predictions that I say I'm going to do, to pranks, that I have fun doing with my teammates.

I'm going to enjoy it because you never know when it's going to end.

From a season-ending injury, to a career-ending injury, you never know how long it's going to be.

You never know how long you're going to be in this game.

And I realized that the day I was sitting on that bench after I got drafted for the first 40 games. And at one moment my life changed, to enjoying it, to being a fan.

In front of 14,000 people and we were losing to the Timberwolves. No energy out there. 14,000 people started screaming my name.

That was my draft day. That was the day I got drafted.

That was the best feeling I felt my rookie season.

That was the day I started playing for the fans.

So when I hear critics say I'm 'quirky' and 'crazy,' I might be. Because only 'quirky' and 'crazy' people would sleep in the gym instead of sleeping at their house because they want to be the best basketball player they can be.

This has been a three-week long inner argument I've been doing in my head. It started when DeShawn told me, you know he throws his little hand over his face, you know the 'I can't feel my face.'

So when he scored a tough basket, normally we'd give him the 'I can't feel my face.' So you got your fingers doing it, and you look over and he doesn't do it.

So I'm like, 'What the ' What's wrong with him?'

We come back down on offense, alright, pass it to the corner and he shoots a three ' no more hand in the face.

So I go up to him at halftime and I'm like, 'What's up? You don't do the hand in the face no more?'

And he sat there with a straight face and told me, 'I can't do it anymore.'

I said, 'What do you mean you can't do it anymore?'

'Uh, my agent said teams are asking what is the hand in the face and are wondering if I'm throwing up gang signs. So he told me to stop doing it.'

And that kind of offended me.

It offended me one, because the day before that my dad called me and said, 'I've been reading on Real GM that people are asking, 'Why do the Wizards have so many antics?' What is with the hand shaking, the hands in the face, the hibachi, the nicknames? Why don't they just play basketball?''

I almost got mad at my dad, even though he's not the one that wrote it. What do you mean, 'just play basketball?'

The reason people watch us is because it looks like we enjoy what we're doing. If you look at any team out there that has 12 guys, 15 guys enjoying what they're doing, it makes you want to go see them.

If we're celebrating after every basket, it's because it means that much to us.

So when DeShawn told me he couldn't do the hand in the face anymore, I got offended. I didn't even want to talk to him the rest of the day. How is your agent going to tell you that you cannot celebrate by putting your hand in your face?

I said, 'Nobody told Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson to stop tapping their head.' You know why? Because every little kid was doing it.

And I said, 'You know what I want you to do? When we go out there at halftime,' I said, 'Put your hand in your face and shake it.'

He did it and 14 people in the front row started doing the same thing.

I said, 'But your agent said you can't do it because it's gang related. Then all them business men in the front row must be part of your gang.'

He started laughing. You know, that's what's wrong with sports now. Image. Can't have fun anymore. It's about image.

What's going on with sports?

When I was little, this wasn't what it was about. Certain players did certain things and you knew that. You knew when MJ would hit a shot he'd put that right arm out with a fist and tap the floor.

Who does that now? Kobe Bryant. He hits the shot, and there you go. There's the fist. That's that class. The Jordan class. He gives you the fist.

LeBron, what does he give you? Same thing with KG. The dust. They give you the dust. That's part of the antics.

Believe it or not people, those are antics.

From the dust coming up, to the fist of hitting a big shot, those are all antics.

From me doing the hibachi grill, to Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson doing the head pumping ' I mean, I used to do that too! I'd hit a three and I'm bopping my head. Darius Miles came in the year before me, so I did that.

I mean, that's fun. People want fun. Little kids want fun. It's like we're taking fun out of basketball.

If a little kid turned on the TV and they heard a critic say, 'We don't like when they do this to their head or do that with their fist or do the hibachi hand'' That would hurt a kid's heart, because when they go on the playground, they imitate that.

The antics are changing, but they're still antics.

From Dennis Rodman diving on the floor to slapping Karl Malone on the butt to piss him off, those are antics.

People imitate that to this day.

I used to love when the Bulls played the Jazz and Karl Malone tried to post up Dennis Rodman. One, Dennis Rodman was going to fondle him before actually playing real defense. I realized this at that age. I studied it. It was like, 'Oh man, Karl Malone has his hands full tonight.'

Because I knew what Rodman was going to do to him, and that's what I wanted to see.

It's just funny how you have these so-called experts and critics and they just nit-pick at the game of any sport. They just nit-pick at it, and nit-pick at it, and nit-pick at it.

The reason everybody loves T.O. is the same reason everybody hates T.O. It's the celebration, having fun, pulls out the pen and signing autographs. They love it, and then they hate it, for the same reason.

I love T.O. for that. For having fun. For enjoying football. Same thing with Chad Johnson. That's where I got the idea of putting 'Agent' on my All-Star jersey and try to play in the game with it, because he put 'Ocho Cinco' on his jersey.

You know, that's funny! That's hilarious to me. It's all entertainment.

When we step inside that court and people come into those arenas and sit down, it's not about what they did that day, it's not about their rent, their jobs, how bad their day is going. It's about, 'I'm going to forget about it for two hours.'

Two hours while this basketball game is going on.

Same thing with a player, no matter what's going on outside of the arena, when you get in there it's my job to entertain for two hours.

The antics aren't taking away from my level of concentration. I'm sleeping in the gym. I'm working out three times a day. I spent my whole summer to get back at two so-called teams.

So I think I have the right to put baby powder on somebody from my team's donuts for five minutes. All powder takes is five minutes. I think a good prank takes 15 good minutes.

It's a job. Like when you're done with your job, what do most people do? Go get a glass of wine, relax themselves ' because they work, that's what they do.

How come we can't do the same thing?

It's funny how we're not human anymore. It's like once we sign that big deal we're not human anymore.

When I finish working out, I want to go home and relax. Relaxing for me is going home and playing video games, watching a funny movie, writing a funny commercial to myself. That's me enjoying myself.

Some people it's going and getting a glass of wine. Some people it's going to a club.

Why because a player gets in trouble at a club that you ban everybody from the club? I don't see somebody who works on Wall Street go to a bar and there's a bar fight and then you say, 'You know everybody on Wall Street, no more bars. You can't go to the bars anymore.'

It's hard because there are players that are going to mess up all the time, but don't put us all in the same box.

We need to go back to the love.

I love the game so much that I will sit there and read the rule book. I will sit there and learn every referee's name.

Because as a player, and you're in the heat of that moment which we all get, and you go up to that ref and you want to cuss him out and you say, 'Hey No. 42!' Or, 'Hey referee, that was a bad call,' then you're getting a tech.

But if you say, 'Hey Eric ' Hey David, I think that was a bad call.'

'Come on, just play Gilbert''

That's it.

No technical.

Why? Because you took the time to learn their name.

That's the same thing with reporters. Take the time to learn the players, the NBA and what's going on around us instead of just doing this clich' of writing.

If one person writes something bad like, 'Oh you know, LeBron James doesn't look like he's playing hard''

All of the sudden 400 other people want to write the same thing. Why don't you just go ask him?

'LeBron, it looks like you're not playing hard''

He's going to say, 'You know, both my ankles are sprained, my lower back is pulled, I can't run as hard as I did two days ago, but I'm still playing on my injury.'

Booyah, all that's solved. By asking one question.

But I guess that's the way it is.

This is what I do. I sit and think about this stuff. I'm not some dumb athlete that just goes and plays basketball.

That's the perception of sports players.

It's kind of funny, even if a basketball player tries to rap, it's hilarious how much everybody responds to it, 'Ohhh mannnn! Why don't you guys just stick to what you do!'

One guy does it and it's terrible and automatically anyone else who tries it, it's going to be terrible.

Next week we'll be back to our regular-scheduled program of fun and antics because I have my 10 best pranks of all time to reveal to you all.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on March 18 2007, 4 p.m. ET PERMALINK

I'm a proud papa.
Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

Welcome to the World, Triple-A
My son was born in Walnut Creek, California.

I'm very excited. The 2000 Arenas is here.

I was talking a little trash to him already.

I told him hopefully he darkens up a little bit, because he was a little light in the skin. Then I told him he needs to watch the movie 300, because he needs to be a Spartan type of man.

I gave him the name Triple-A: Alijah Amani Arenas.

We're trying to get him sponsored by AAA now and get his diapers paid for.

Stevie Franchise Beat Us
The league is funny like that. Guys are on top of the world, all of the sudden gets traded to a new team and a different coach and it can go all down hill from there.

So when he hit the shot against us, that's what he does. That's what made him good. He's capable of doing stuff like that and they pulled it out.

Followed by a Tough Miami Loss
It was good play on both parts. For GP to get the ball back so they can have a chance to actually seal the game by getting that offensive foul and then actually pushing their lead up one.

Because, I was going for the game-winner. With a team like that, you don't want to go into overtime, you want to go for the gusto.

It was a great game. I baited him to push up on me and he did and I jumped and shot and the ref called the foul.

Gary Payton made a great defensive play the previous possession. That's a great smart play. He made one, then I made one. Then Haslem made one to finish the game off.

I got to turn it back on now. There's no more coasting. Miami is too close. I think I got enough rest to last me until the end of the season.

Portland Coming Up
What's Tuesday?

Portland. Oh.

I made a prediction already, there's no point in making it again. I already made it.

I can't refresh your memories. Everybody knows about it. Everybody knew when I scored nine, they were quick to say that crap.

I know coach is going to get mad for me saying this, but if I don't score 50, damn it, there's going to be a lot of shots to get to 50.

You know, last time I shot 15 shots.

At the end of the day, I want to win. It's harder in this situation now because it's winning time. Early in the season I can do that, I can go out there and just play reckless. But it's more of a team thing now that we get these wins and we don't droff ' we don't drop off.

If I'm on fire, I'm on fire. If I'm not, just like last time, I'm not going to force anything.

The NCAA Tournament
I've been watching a little bit. I've caught glimpses here and there. I haven't watched a full game yet.

We made it to the finals against Duke, but I can't really remember it.

We had a lot of fun. We had Eugene Edgerson, Jason Gardner, Richard Jefferson, Luke Walton, Loren Woods, myself, Michael Wright, Ricky Anderson '

We enjoyed it. We had fun. At the end of the day, we didn't have no regrets. We didn't want to look back. I think that's why I can't remember it because we vowed, 'Don't look back. Leave all your heart here.' And we left it there in that city.

My New Catch Phrase
I got a new saying: 'Don't watch me, watch TV.'

Every time I shoot, that's what I say.

When you're getting ready to shoot it, they're actually looking at you and I'm like, 'No. Don't watch me, watch TV. Turn on your TV channel. This is what I do.'

It's getting a little cockier. Playoff time is coming so I need to get that edge going.

'Don't watch me, watch TV.'

It's like, 'I don't know why you're jumping to guard me, you've seen what's going to happen before on TV.'

One day we were in practice and one of the rookies, Mike Hall, said he can stop me.

I was like, 'What? They don't have TV in the D-League?' So every time I shot the ball I was like, 'Don't watch me, watch TV.' So that's where it came up from.

Sinbad Rumored to be Dead
Stuff like that is nothing to joke about. Especially for someone who has kids.

But, you know, he's not dead so it doesn't matter.

That's how this world works, off the internet.

Know what it reminds me of? In Season One of Dave Chappelle he had a skit where he was like, 'I had a show once before, it got cancelled. It was called Zap.'

It was like a Punk'd show and he was a doctor and he told the little kids, 'Yeah, you know your parents died in a car accident'' And this and this and this, and the kids are sitting there crying and he is like, 'Psych! You have been Zapped!'

The kids are crying like, 'Why would you do that to us!'

And he's just sitting there laughing.

That's what this reminds me of. But it's not a joking matter.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on March 9 2007, 1 p.m. ET PERMALINK

The "2" and the "0" of the 2-6-0.
Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

Don't Mess with the 2-6-0
I have a story that's better than all the other stories.

We have a section in our locker room called the 2-6-0. It's DeShawn (No. 2), Antonio (No. 6) and me. We sit in the corner section.

Andray Blatche, he's that rookie. He's a second-year player, but he's that player that loves just to talk back to everybody. Anything you say, like you tell him, 'Go get me towels.'

'Go get your own."

That's him.

So he had beef with Antonio and DeShawn. DeShawn was like, 'If you got a problem with me, then you got a problem with Antonio.'

Antonio was like, 'If you got a problem with me, you got a problem with Gilbert.'

So Andray was like, 'Man, I don't care what y'all are going to do."

I guess they were just exchanging stuff. Doing silly stuff back and forth, so I stayed out of it.

One day, I come here like 10 minutes before practice and I always walk into the weight room first. Antonio was like, 'Uhh, did you just get here?'

I was like, 'Yeah.'

He goes, 'Come on and sit down.'

I was like, 'What? What happened?'

'Come on and sit down.'

He was like, 'Andray Blatche.'

'What'd you all do?'

He was like, 'Uhh, how do I say this? He threw all the clothes from your locker into the cold tub.'

I was like, 'Huh? What do you mean my stuff?'

'Uhh, he thought ' because DeShawn threw his in the cold tub ' he thought you did it. But I told him that you wasn't even here yet. I said, 'Gilbert is not here yet, so he didn't have nothing to do with it.''

And Andray was like, 'This is called Gilbert 101. If you want beef, you start beef.'

Right? So I go into the locker room and all my stuff is in there all wet. So I go, 'Oh, I see you're waking up a sleepy giant?'

Dray was like, 'As long as you don't mess with my car, I don't care.'

I was like, 'Are you sure about that? Because you know me, I go overboard.'

'As long as you don't mess with my car, I don't care.'

'All right. Fine.'

Let me just say this, after what we've done to him, I don't think he wants war anymore.

Oh and he bought some nice little dress shoes for his suits, well I made them look like girls shoes and cut the tops off of them.

So, I don't think he wants war anymore. He doesn't talk back anymore.

Yeah, so, that's the story of the week.

Raptors Revenge
We beat them and held them off. That was good for us. For the last three years, they beat us up there and we beat them down here. That's been going on for a while now.

5-for-5 from 3-Point Range vs. Toronto
I've been shooting the ball well ever since the chiropractor came in and basically popped my shoulder back into place. For everybody who says a shoulder injury does not hurt, it hurts! Like, if Dwyane Wade comes back, he's a brave man. I was playing with pain for a month and a half and mine was just out of place a little bit. Just my clavicle was pushed in. I just thought it was sore the whole time, I didn't know it was actually out of place. So they popped it in and when they popped it in, all that pain just released and I just went down there and started shooting and I was just back on target. So I was like, 'Oh, OK. I'm back just like that?'

The next game it was a good 2-for-9 from three because they was just in-and-out. It was a good 2-for-9. I was hitting jumpers. The stroke was on. It was on lean, it was ready.

The Warriors Game
Let's get that straight. It was a FOUL, people. He fouled me. He was riding me from the time I got the ball until I got into the lane.

It was an on-the-ground foul, so if the basket would have went in, it wouldn't have counted. That's what the argument was. It was a foul before the shot. So, I think everybody was arguing about the technical.

I asked another ref the next game, I was like, 'I don't know if you've seen the last game but, from what I was hearing from other people, he called him an bleeping idiot.' So he was like, 'Well, then you get a tech.'

Coach Nellie says he didn't say that, but, at the end of the day, we'll take the win.

I've been there, done that. I've missed those free throws already. Let's do something new. I'm not going to do that anymore. I already missed it.

I was telling them, 'You guys go to your locker room. Go all the way to the locker room, start taking your shower, go take the shower, get on that bus, it's going to be a long ride to the next city because I'm not going to miss these three. It's game over.'

So that counts as a game-winner. It's not a buzzer-beater, but it's a game-winner.

Caron and Antawn Back
It's very important because the sorry teams out there in the league kept doubling me and you know, that gets frustrating when they're scared to play you man-to-man and they want to double you all day. That's kind of frustrating. But since Antawn and Caron are back, even if they double team me, I feel confident when I pass them the ball that they're going to hit that shot so I'll give it up now.

Upcoming Games: New York, Miami
It's going to be a good game. It's going to be 50-50 in the crowd because everyone loves the Knicks. Eddy Curry is playing great, Marbury is coming back to life again and we have to watch out because it is a dangerous team.

We got to get a win at Miami because those guys are playing great. They beat the hell out of the Bulls the other day. I know they're coming to form now so we got to hurry up and see if we can get a win down there.

I'm just a Shaq fan, so anything he does I'm like, 'Oh, Shaq is back.'

I think this is the first time since I've been with Washington that we're going to spend more than one day in Miami. We always play them on a back-to-back, so we never get to just hang out in Miami. I might hit the beach, go ahead and show my beach body off.

Right now it's all playoff mentality. Everyone you're playing with is still fighting for a playoff spot no matter who you're playing, so you just got to go out and perform every night.

My Dad was on NBC's Hang Time
I couldn't even tell my friends about that, it was so small of a role. His role was so small I couldn't even tell my friends. I couldn't even brag.

Yeah, my dad was on TV, he was a ref. I was like, 'Look! That was him right there. Sorry. You missed it.'

My dad was excited about the role, I guess he thought it was going to be bigger than it was.

At the time we didn't have TiVo back then so whatever we seen, that was it. We missed it.

He was like, 'That was me! Right there, in the black and white!'

I was like, 'Really? Grrrrreeeattt.'

New adidas Campaign
I'm the face of the campaign. Haha, oh man, how the hell did that happen?

Wow, you know, I'm so honored.

It's for everybody who has a story to tell, you know, how they've been doubted. That's what the campaign's about. For everybody who started off in my situation. You know, impossible is nothing. Whatever you dream you can do. Whatever you believe in you can do. That's what the campaign is.

We drew up our own story. I already drew mine up. I'm kind of impressed with my talent ' I drew a hell of a stick figure.

Message for Mister 50
I want to clear something up, because there is some confusion with me and DeShawn's antics. When I do my hands after I shoot, when I shake them, what that means is it's cooking. It's hot. That's what that means. I'm frying them.

When DeShawn does his hand over his face, it's not Tony Yayo. It means, 'I can't feel my face,' from Lil Wayne.

It means he's on fire in some sort of silly way.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on February 26 2007, 4 p.m. ET PERMALINK

I'll be celebrating even more when the stork comes.
Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

I'm Having a Boy!
My son is about to be born in about a week or two.

We're going to have another junior, the junior junior. The 2000 Gilbert is going to be a bad man.

I don't know what to name him yet, I'm contemplating on it. He needs a real name so he can get girls and kids won't laugh at him.

He can't be Gilbert, because they're going to call him, 'Who's eating Gilbert's grape?' Or they gonna call him Gilly, Gil-gurt, Girl-bert, Burt Bert'

He needs a nice, cool, playa name. He might leave the hospital with no name. He might leave it as 'Little Boy' Arenas.

I Won a Blog Award
I would like to say, 'Thank you.'

This is an award that I had my eyes and dreams on my whole career. I want to thank my family (sniff, sniff, fighting back tears) because if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have an award like this. Thank you to my fans for reading and this is just a pleasure ' wait, when do I get my trophy?

It's just an article? Damn...

Just playing, I'll take it.

They always thank God in these speeches, so I want to thank God for putting me in the situation where I can win awards like this.

And I want to thank my teammates for being the butt of my jokes right now.

My Free Throws are Falling, Not My Threes
I've just been feeling good. I got my rest during the All-Star weekend and I came back out torching.

That's what I do. I get to the line. I run in there like a bull and you know, I like to get hit. As a guard that likes to get hit, I mean, I go in there and just jump.

For my 3-pointers, there's just something I need to tweak back a little bit. My accuracy is a little bit off. Somebody must have messed with my arm, my shooting arm. Maybe it was DeShawn after he lost that bet to me. He tried to tweak my arm a little bit.

DeShawn Stevenson, a.k.a. Mister 50
And let's talk about "Mister 50." Can you believe that crap? Mister 50 ain't had more than 30 points in one game yet, but he's Mister 50. I'm not paying attention to a proclaimed Mister 50. If he was Mister 50, why did he lose to a one-armed man? Tell that to Mister 50. If he ain't scoring 29 points a game, he can't talk to me. I'm Mister 29'Forget that, I don't need to be Mister 29. I'm Agent Zero, son.

'Torn' by LeToya Luckett is Mister 50's favorite song. 'Torn in between the two,' that's how he was looking when I beat him with one hand.

While we're on the subject -- LeToya, this is a shout out.

I want to be in your next video.

Minnesota Nightmare
You all want to hear a story? This is a story people need to be reading on.

Man, we leave Chicago at nine o'clock in the mornin' to go the plane -- in the mornin' son, in the mornin', we in the mornin', this was nine in the mornin'.

We get on our flight, (this is straight out of Die Hard, I've seen it in Die Hard plenty of times), headed to Minnesota and we're 300 feet away from the ground landing and we have to pull back up because it was all ice.

So, now we're hovering over the airport for three hours! We're hovering over it for three hours and running out of fuel, so the pilot says, 'We got 30 minutes of fuel left, and the closest place is 20 minutes away.'

So we made an emergency landing in, I don't even know ' Sambook? Sambooki? Oh right, Duluth.

We landed over there and then we sat on the plane on the ground for another two hours. They finally got us a bus and it took us four hours to bus there because the roads were still all snowy and icy. We didn't get to our destination in Minnesota until 12 at night.

15 hours of traveling, yes sir. What did we do to stay occupied? Complain. I complained for at least 12 hours of it, and the other three I was asleep.

After we lost to them, we went to go take a shower and there was no hot water. It's 20 below outside, and the water was 10 below. How are we supposed to take a shower?

I had to get about 12 evian waters and use the warm evian waters to take a shower. Actually I had to re-take a shower when I got back to New York because I felt all itchy from all the soap that stayed on me.

It was like my AAU basketball days. Just straight AAU basketball when you go from one city to another city just stinkin'.

We gonna cut off they hot water when they come to our city. See if KG likes the feel of that cold water. It was so cold that I almost went in their locker room and took a bath in their Jacuzzi. The water was cold man, it was cold.

Upcoming Games: New Jersey, Miami
We got Jersey next. Caron's back is feeling a little better, Antawn is on his way back, so he might re-appear tomorrow or he might wait till we get back home.

The Mod Squad is about to be back and running.

That monkey is off our back with Miami. We feel comfortable playing them now. We feel good about playing them. They got Wade out with a shoulder injury, that's a beast. You know, I hurt my shoulder in Milwaukee and that was a month and a half ago and its still hurting and mine wasn't even as bad as his was. So I know what pain he is going through.

If I was him, I would do the surgery because mine was just a tweak and mine is still hurting now and I rehab.

I Guess I'm a Rock Star
Chuck Klosterman called me 'the rock star of the NBA,' but I'm not getting women like I'm a rock star.

I think everybody is looking for something new. I'm an All-Star starter now and I'm staying the same way I've always been ' just a lovable guy.

They want somebody they can grasp on and see everyday and get an autograph from.

In Chicago the other day I was in my hotel and halfway asleep and somebody came to my room and gave me 10 boxes with about 400 posters in them and wrote me a note that said, 'I pay for my own tuition by selling autographs.' He was actually honest, so I did it for him. It took me about an hour, hour and a half, but I got it done for him.

So all my fans, keep buying them jerseys and them shoes, because I'm going to keep signing them when I see you on the road.

See you when I see you. Peace.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on February 9 2007, 1 p.m. ET PERMALINK

Can you make 73-for-100 with one arm? Nah, didn't think so.

So What if I Cheated?
They call me the 'Golden Arm.'

The 'Golden One Arm.'

It was mostly for bragging rights.

Because what happened was, in my last blog I said I beat Roger Mason. So I told DeShawn that I will whip him with one arm. So the only way I was going to make the bet worth that much was I had to put out some cash.

To make him jump, to basically call his bluff. Once he heard the cash, he still tried to back out of it.

You know, because he's the No. 1 stunner on the team, so you have to smack him back sometimes. And that's what I had to do.

It wasn't that I cheated ' (of course I cheated) ' everyone's seen me cheat, everyone's seen it ' it's the fact that I made 73 with one hand.

See, on the tape, they don't show you what he was doing. I was 9-for-10, 9-for-10, 9-for-10 on the first three spots and he was doing it too. He didn't do it to the extent I was doing it, but he was doing it. They just cut that part out. They just wanted to see me goofy and do the goofy stuff.

He was pretending to shoot. He was doing funny little dribbling stuff that was making everyone laugh that was in my view.

I did go extreme with it. But at the end of the day I WON.

DeShawn's My Boy, But He Needed to Lose
It wasn't for the money. I'm not going to make him pay. Why am I going to make him pay for me cheating?

It was just to shut him up. Because hey, I was surprised too to see him make 12 or 13 in a row at the end. It kind of threw me off guard! He's one of them people you can't let win at nothing. If you got to cheat to win ' hey, I'd rather cheat and say, 'Let's do it over and start it up another time.'

Did you see his face? Oh man, he was hot.

It was more of a moral victory than anything else. The locker room is normal again.

This is the same guy that says nobody can talk to him unless they're over 50 percent shooting. This is the same guy who put out a waiver release to talk to him, you had to sign a waiver release to talk to him. He has 300 waivers made so if anybody wanted to talk to him, they had to fill out the waiver first.

See, I couldn't let him win for the team. It was a team moral victory. It's not his ego. It's just that he does it because he's funny. That's how he is. He's just a funny person. He knows no one else is shooting 50 percent on the team. He says it just to irritate everybody.

'If you ain't shooting 50 percent, you can't talk to me.'

And then that tells Caron he can say, 'If you wasn't on the Oprah show, you can't talk to me.'

So we have a big ol' swagfest going around. Just whoever has the most swag.

And then here DeShawn comes, 'I'm the first player ever to leave out of California! I was the first guard ever to go from high school to the NBA out of California! I was the first player under 6-foot to leave out of California!'

Then its like, 'Oh, Lord.'

He's only shooting 49 percent right now, so right now he won't say anything until he gets above 50 percent.

We have a funny locker room. We do this all day. From video games to dominoes to everything -- we just sit there and everyone just competes. And they usually try to compete against me. But, at the end of the day, I'm going to win somehow. I'm going to cheat my way.

He said they've been on YouTube to see the video and been rooting for me and rooting against me. I'm like, 'Man, at the end of the day, it's a bet and I won one-handed like it or not.'

The Next Challenge
I told Antawn I'll beat him from the NBA three with one hand. I'm going to win because I'm going to cheat until I win.

It's like when you're playing against that veteran. He's going to use every trick in the book from calling check balls to stopping the game with timeouts.

It's the same thing with one-on-one. Yeah, I'm going to cheat my way to that victory if it's getting kind of ugly out there. I'll put in rules like if you foul me twice, that's a point.

It's a moral victory more than anything.

We Lost to the Spurs
Whooo, man. Did they come in here and beat us down, or did they?

It was one of them games where you start off and you hit your first basket and you like, 'OK!' and you feel good about yourself and then you look up and it's like you're down 18-4.

That's the same thing they did when we played at their place. From there, we're just trying to make a comeback.

They showed their dominance that game. A team like them, a team like a Phoenix, a team like a Dallas, you know, Houston; You got to be clicking on all cylinders against them.

Those are the four teams that will just actually blow you out.

It hurt not to have Antawn. You need everything to be clicking well. You need to be playing a perfect game. Everybody needs to be hitting shots. You can't have two players going in a slump or even one player going in a slump, you need everybody hitting shots that day. Just like they were.

Time to Get my 50 Points vs. Portland
Oh? That game's already coming up? I did not know that.

Haha, of course I know that. Everyone knows it.

It's so funny how a game nobody ever thought about is going to become a watched game. Even if you don't watch the game, you're going to look at the boxscore to see what happened.

My last one o'clock game was 51 against Utah. So I'm feeling pretty frisky.

It's kind of funny because I said the next time I was going to score 50 was going to be against them, so every game I went into, my shot wasn't on.

It wasn't on against the Lakers and I was feeling really good about that game. Same thing against the Spurs. You're feeling good about your shot, but for some reason, it doesn't want to go in the basket. So we'll see what happens.

It's going to be more of a fun one because at the end of the day, they really do not want me to get 50.

It's so funny because if you score 28, 29 the other team is like, 'Oh, I shut him down.'

I'm like, 'OK''

It's just funny because if I put a number out there, it's like, 'We don't want him to get that number by any means necessary.'

Nate's a tough guy so I know that there's going to be a lot or elbows and a lot of double teams so that will just leave stuff open for everybody else.

My Blog: All-Star Edition
This is going to be the first time it's ever been done: a player blog from All-Star.

I'm going to give the insight of what it is to be a player and a sex symbol at All-Star Weekend.

On and off the court.

I don't know what I'm going to do yet. I need to put my readers inside Vegas if they can't make it.

So, I'm going to come up with something. I'm going to come up with some antics.

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on February 1 2007, 1 p.m. ET PERMALINK

Ernie presents me with my All-Star jacket.
Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

Thanks for the All-Star Votes
I want to say thank you.

What I'm going to do is actually, I ordered 100 All-Star jerseys that says 'Agent Zero' on the back and I'm giving them out to the fans.

It's the first start in Vegas, on the West Coast, but just getting the starting position ' I don't care if it was in Wisconsin. It doesn't matter. I'm just grateful.

How I Heard the News
I was sleeping with my daughter and I got a call.

They told me that I might have won. They was 95 percent sure that I won, but they still didn't know yet, they were still calculating the numbers.

They said, 'We're 95 percent sure that you overtook Vince Carter.'

So I woke my daughter up and we started dancing.

She was crying because she was still sleepy, but I considered it laughing.

That was unbelievable.

I chopped it up and was like, 'Well, it will depend on the coaches again and I think I've proven I'm worth it this year.'

But then when I heard'like, thinking about it now still makes me smile.

My Third Selection
I just can't believe it.

Every All-Star has meant the same to me, because they've all been so different.

My first year, I made it, and you know it's the first one you make and you're so excited.

Then the next year, I got snubbed and ended up getting put in by the Commissioner so I felt grateful and I enjoyed that one.

And then this year I get voted by the fans and it's like each one has been so different and so enjoyable.

I Called My Dad
Truthfully, I was so excited, I didn't even care what he was thinking at the time.

All I did was call him and hit him with a quick, 'Haha, I'm a starter,' and clicked off.

I Lost a Tooth vs. Boston
One of the young boys elbowed me in the mouth and smacked my tooth out so I had to go have a veneer put in.

It's part of the game, so, it happens. I ain't upset with it. Thanks to the NBA you have a great dental plan.

Can't Stand this Mouth Guard

See me chewing on it?
Ron Turenne/NBAE/Getty Images

Hey man, that mouth guard ' I can't do that.

I'm just going to go back to doing what I've been doing.

I played six years in the NBA and my whole life without a mouth guard and I'm just going to go back at it and just playing normal basketball again.

Because, I end up playing with the mouth guard more than anything.

I couldn't even hear myself. I'm over there slurring and spitting and I was like, 'Man, how do guards do this? How can anybody understand them?'

Charles Barkley had one, but Charles Barkley doesn't call them plays. The only plays he had to call was 'four-down' and I don't think he really had to call that play.

I never really seen a lot of guards wear them. Chauncey wears one. It's just something you got to get used to and I wasn't used to it so I was mostly chewing on mine.

Lakers and Kobe Up Next
I'm going back to the Hibachi days.

At the end of the day, hopefully we win. No matter what goes on during the game, we want that win and that's the most important part about it.

Detroit Win, Toronto Loss
Beating Detroit was a great, great challenge for us.

We played well. We played well together.

It's easy to match up with a team like that you know, because they keep two bigs.

One's a shooter and one's a play-maker with Webber. You know, he can score that basketball but he's mostly a play-maker first now.

But when you go to Toronto, we can't play the same lineup. We have two bigs that we try to play and they have five shooters basically.

So it just had it out of rotation all day and you know, when you're the No. 1 team, other teams get fired up for that and they were on fire that night.

I was trying to do the controlled game and try to make sure everybody was involved, but right now, Hibachi is back.

Hibachi 3000 has to come back and get ready to play.

I got to bring back Hibachi because me and Caron, we got to step up our games to keep this team above water right now until Antawn gets back and until Darius Songaila comes back.

Three-Point Shoot Out
I've been practicing for the last two weeks for my three-point competition.

I have to bring that trophy home. I have to.

I've been making bets around the team because there's a couple guys on this team that said they're better shooters from the college three-point line than me.

One of them, Roger Mason, what he did was reasonable.

He made 81 out of 100 from the college three.

You know, I went and I don't know how many I would have made out of 100.

I stopped at 82 and walked out of the gym. So I won that bet, but we wasn't betting for money (wink, wink).

I blew him out. He was like a high school player compared to my shooting.

I told him needs to shoot at least 10,000 more shots to compete with me.

I even shot a couple one-handed. I shot the last three to win it with one hand.

He was disappointed. Actually, he was really upset because I was bragging the whole time during it, and I've been bragging the last two weeks.

When you do so much on a team, people don't recognize it anymore. They want to see you fall. So the whole team was betting with him.

I think because in practice the day before he was shooting from the three-point line 54-for-60 so everybody was like a big, 'Oooooh, ahhhhhh' about it.

All of them ' Caron, DeShawn, Calvin ' they was all with him.

And they all got bar-bee-quuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeedd, ye-yeah!

Then there was a sidekick of his, DeShawn Stevenson. I told him that I'd shoot with one-hand from college three better than he can shoot with both hands from NBA three.

He really doesn't want to make that bet. He keeps brushing it off.

Las Vegas: The Destination
You know, I've been to Vegas before. I had a great time out there.

I don't really party like that. I'm enjoying what's out there. I'm picking and choosing what I'm going to do.

Hopefully teammate Caron Butler makes it so we can hang out.

San Antonio Next Week
They crushed us up in San Antonio, but we play better at home so hopefully we have all of our elements clicking when we play them.

It's going to be a challenge because they are one of the top four or five teams in this league.

My Super Bowl Pick
I gotta go with the Colts.

I don't watch football but I'm having a Super Bowl party for the team.

They want to use my house because I got all the TVs and hook ups.

So I told them they can come in for the low, low price of $14.99!

I got at my house food, the TVs and also, I'm a host.

Fo-teen ninety nine!

Hello, This Is The Hibachi Speaking
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on January 24 2007, 11:45 a.m. ET PERMALINK

The name has caught on.
Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

Suns Set Back
Oh man. Them boys was unbelievable last night.

They didn't want to miss nothing, even if they tried to.

Everything just went perfectly for them in that first half. They had, what? Seventy-six in the first half?

We was on the pace we wanted to be on. They just were just hitting everything they put up there.

They put up eight threes in that first period, they made seven of them. I mean, its hard to beat a team like that. First of all, they're hard to guard anyway, but if they're shooting like that its harder.

That team doesn't talk trash.

Truthfully, they're not worried about defense. They're whole motto for the last couple years is, 'we're going to outscore you.' And that's what they do.

Coach D'Antoni Heard About my Plans for Portland
D'Antoni said that after I scored 54 on them and made my prediction to score 50 on the Blazers that he'd like to see what I'm going to do against Duke.

I thought it was funny because if I have the chance to go back to college, I'll give up one NBA season to play against Duke.

One college game'that's five fouls, right?...40-minute game'at Duke, they got soft rims'I'd probably score 84 or 85.

I wouldn't pass the ball.

I wouldn't even think about passing it. It would be like a NBA LIVE or an NBA 2K7 game, you just shoot with one person.

My All-Star Starters
West: Steve Nash, Kobe, Tracy, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan

East: Me, Dwyane Wade, LeBron, Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard (because the Diesel's been out for a while)

Pistons on the Schedule
They got Webber down there.

I know they're anxious about playing games and getting him situated in that system, but we gotta keep playing at the level we're playing at ' that high-energy level.

They're a much older team that we're going to see, but we know they want to run ' they proved it all last year ' so we just gotta keep running and hopefully we can come out with the wins because we're playing there and back here in Washington.

I Missed That Game-Winner vs. Boston
It happened.

I didn't want it to happen that early, but it happened.

Not too many people can say they had a streak that long of hitting consecutive shots.

It happened, you know, I gotta start up another streak just like Phoenix did. You need to start up another one.

They can't hold me down for long.

Melo's Back
They're looking good right now.

He don't look rusty. It looks like they're having a lot of fun out there.

That's going to be the team to watch in the next couple weeks.

Toronto Next Week
They got us up there last time, it was after my party.

We gotta come out there and play our type of basketball because we have some making up to do from that party situation.

ESPN The Magazine Took Me Off the Cover
They were supposed to do a cover article on me and they went with Peyton Manning.

You know, I understand. No hard feelings, I like Peyton.

I understand, those are one of the rare moments understand. I can expect that. As long as I'm in the magazine somewhere.

I Did It Again
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on January 16 2007, 4:15 p.m. ET PERMALINK

I knew it was good as soon as I let it go.
Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

I Told DeShawn Stevenson Before the Game
I told him tonight I feel like 37 points and the game winner. He started laughing like, 'Yeah, right.'

I was off on points, but that game winner was right on target.

More on my 51 Against Utah
The whole night, between Okur and Boozer, they were giving us the business. It's hard when you got your five-man shooting threes you know, from 28-feet out.

He surprised all of us. We knew he was their best 3-point shooter, but we didn't know he had range like that. He proved it last night. He hit big shot after big shot after big shot.

Boozer got the air-ball tip-back in. I just wanted to run it back at them so they couldn't set up their defense but Antawn ended up calling a timeout which ended up being a good thing.

Coach drew up a play to give me the ball at the top of the key. From there, we all know what happened.

I just dribbled one more time. You know, I'm so fast when I get ready to move they're going to back up especially since I'm crouched so low. Most people think I'm going to go past them and he backed up enough for me to get my shot off.

It was money. Anytime I take a shot right now towards the end of the clock, I'm 11-for-11 right now. Anything I put up is going to be accurate.

Day Game Went our Way This Time
You know, we didn't come from a party two nights before. Maybe that had something to do with it.

It was a great one. We had the day off coming from San Antonio and we had some rest. We rested our legs and we came out and had a great performance.

We started off raggedy but we fought back at the end and made it a game. It's the same thing we did in Toronto, but that lead over there was bigger than this one was.

I Was Fouled Against Chicago
I heard Scott Skiles screaming, 'We have a foul to give! We have a foul to give!' You know, because, they know the same thing everybody else knows: at that time I was 10-for-10 on long range shots.

So, I took one dribble and I heard Scott say, 'Foul him!' As soon as he was reaching in to foul me, I went up for the shot.

That's just a smart play.

Same thing with half-court shots. If you know the guy is fouling and you know he has to foul you, just jump in there and shoot it. You get three shots instead of two there.

We ended up winning that game. It's nice, especially against a good defensive team like the Bulls. They were hot, we were hot at the time and it went down to the end.

Knicks Up Next
It will be hard play. They have Jared back. We get to see a new look. It's a new team then we've been playing in the past. They've been winning games. Since we played them they've hit game winners and all kind of stuff.

Jamal Crawford has been playing well. Stephon Marbury's playing better than he was at the beginning of the season, so, we expect a game out of it.

I look at the game the same. I don't think the guy in front of me can stop me. It's all about who the help defense is.

Then We Go to Orlando
That's going to be a tough game. That's just a tough team. They're going to want some revenge from what I did to them up here so I know they're going to be up for that challenge.

My Portland Prediction
The most important game is on Feb. 11.

Well, it's not the most important but that's the game I'm going to say is my next 50-pointer.

I know they have the countdown going. I also do to.

Tune in. I think ESPN or TNT needs to pick that game up.

MVP Race
It's too early for all this MVP stuff.

I just got to keep playing.

Right now, Steve Nash is a leading candidate. Behind him, it could be anybody. But, he's in the lead by a long margin.

I'm just trying to keep the torch flamed up.

Oregon Beat Arizona
It was a tough one, but you'll see them in the championship.

I'll Always Remember My 25th
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on January 9 2007, 4:50 p.m. ET PERMALINK

Me and my dad ballin' on the red carpet.
Nancy Ostertag/Getty Images

Taking Care of Business vs. the Clippers
Oh yeah, I was smoking. The goal was to come out real strong because, you know, I didn't want to put it in the coach's mind, the players' mind, the media's mind that I was thinking about a party. So that was our whole goal, just to come out on a mission and play well. And we did. We ended up blowing the game open in the third and the fourth.

Super Duper Fly Party
It surprised me. I mean, it was more than I expected. I actually didn't know what to expect. I just wanted to make sure everybody got there safe. Everybody got there safe. Everybody had a wonderful time and everybody got home safe. That was my job so I didn't really get to enjoy it like I really wanted to.

Actually I didn't get to see all the stuff at the party. I seen the ice sculpture, but most of the other stuff I didn't get to see it because it was so hectic in there. They said they took pictures of it before everybody got in there, so I want to see those.

Me and Diddy
That was great. I've seen him before, we've seen each other before, but we never really got to, you know, say, 'What's up?' That was the first time. I'm glad he came out and showed his love. Everybody knows there's no party unless, you know, Puffy's there.

I know a lot of entertainers, especially rappers, and I wanted this to be special. I wanted to remember by 25th birthday. I wanted to put D.C. back on the spotlight for, you know, just anything. This was part of The Takeover. Just trying to take the city over by storm with anything.

My Dad's Take on the Party
We talked about, 'How much money did I spend on the party?' He just wanted to meet people, you know, meet people you see on TV. Same thing with me. I don't really get out much to actually meet some of these people, so it was a pleasure for me to do a lot of meetin' and greetin'. He was just there enjoying it, but his whole questioning was, 'Actually, how much did it cost?' I haven't got the numbers back.

I know it was more than 5,400 people.

It's hard to leave people in, or leave people out. I was just happy that people actually showed up. You hear about players throwing parties and you hear about the wackiest things going on and people getting injured so I was just grateful that nothing happened. Everybody went there and had a great time. That was my biggest concern. I didn't want anything to happen with my name on it and it was like, 'Wow. It went perfect.'

Early Loss in Toronto
You know, the one o'clock game gets us every time because it's like, you know, going to practice. It's a different game. It's a different time for NBA players. Your one o'clock is your practice time and you don't practice like you play.

So, when your body is scheduled to play at a certain time and get the motor kicking in, when you do one o'clock your motor don't get kicking in until the third, fourth quarter and that's been happening to us for the last two, three years.

Toronto, they were at an all-time high and they got the best of us. We've been playing up there for three years and it's been the same thing the first game each year. They're up by 20 with five minutes left and we make a comeback and one time we brought it to overtime and won, the other three times we end up losing close.

It's a little bit of physical and mental. It's like, 'Aw man, why one o'clock? Oh man, it's gonna be sunny when I get outside'' Know what I mean? It's all of those little things.

Chicago Up Next
We're the scoring trio, they're the defensive team. It's going to be one hell of a game. Two teams that have history, playoff history ' It's going to be one of those games that might go down to the wire, one team might get hot and start blowing out and then some elbows, hard fouls ' It's going to be one of those classic games you want to see. They beat us down bad in Chicago. We really want to get them back.

I know they're gonna be prepared. They've been on a hot streak, we've been on a hot streak and we're about to find out whose hot streak is really up there ' ours or theirs.

Chicago has been playing the same way since Scott Skiles got there ' tough-nosed defense like he played. He was a tough-nosed guy and his players play the same way.

Injured Hornets
It's tough. I know how Chris Paul is feeling because it happened my first year. You have so many expectations for you team and key players get hurt, you get hurt, somebody comes back and somebody else goes down and you just can't get that injury bug off your team. That's what's going on down there right now with Chris and the Hornets.

But, you know, the light comes. The light will show. Maybe it's not their time this year, or their time right now in these couple months, but at the end of the season they might make a huge push and end up being better than they look right now.

Spurs on Saturday
The Spurs, against team like that, you have to have everything clicking. They have the perfect NBA defense and they have the perfect NBA offense. They're one of those teams that every team wants to be like.

Everything has to be clicking on all cylinders. Defense has to be right, one of them big names has to get in foul trouble early, they need to be having a bad shooting night, they need to be coming off a long travel road ' Everything has to be clicking right against teams like that.

Cop My Jersey
My jersey hit the top eight. It's one of the top eight sellers now. That's just, 'Wow. People actually go out and want to get my jersey.'

And yet, my dad had to bust my bubble.

He said, 'You're in the top eight? Whooo, that means I bought a lot. Man.'

The more people that buy them the more I have to sign and that's OK with me.

You're just living a big dream ' You know, I'm just trying to hold on to all the memories and enjoy the time while I'm here.

Not A Long Shot
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on January 4 2007, 6:40 p.m. ET PERMALINK

Even Mike had to smile.
Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

My Game Winner vs. Milwaukee
When coach said after we get the rebound to get the ball to me, from there I knew the shot I was going to take. I just feel so comfortable taking that shot because I practice it. It's not a rushed shot. You know, it's a great shot for me.

Like I said, I'm 8-for-8 for this year on anything behind the 30-foot line and I feel comfortable shooting that.

I mean, because I know I'm going to shoot it, he's still in retreat. You know, if I know I'm going to shoot it, I'm always more dangerous than the defender.

A Little Revenge
We ended up losing the one at the end of the year. We just played terrible basketball. We didn't have our legs ' It was our second consecutive stretch of four games in five nights and you know it was just a 'scheduled loss' ' what they call it in the NBA. Everything was going against you.

We was up by three at the beginning of the fourth and then from there they just took over. We had three days of rest and we pulled one out here.

The Takeover Continues
I mean, when I said it was going to be The Takeover, I really didn't know what I was really going for but, it's like, 'Wow, I am taking the NBA by surprise.'

It's kind of funny though. I don't know. You know, it's weird, but I did a lot of work this summer so it's not like I just woke up in the morning and said, 'It's The Takeover.' You know, I actually worked hard, real hard, this summer to prepare for the time next year.

Don't Sleep on Caron
Caron's been playing great basketball. He's been playing All-Star basketball. I'm not even gonna take anything away from him, he's been playing All-Star basketball.

Last night, that first half, the man was 9-for-9. You know, he's been doing all the little things ' He had 30 and seven, eight, nine assists? He's just been playing phenomenal basketball and he has to be considered an All-Star the way he's playing.

Caron Played With Kobe and D-Wade Also
I actually ask, 'What do these guys do? How do they prepare?' I don't try to compare myself with them guys. I like to learn from them. I just ask him, you know, 'What were they like? You had Wade when he was younger, what did he do? What did he do different?

'And you had Kobe after Shaq left and he had that mentality where he wanted to take over the league. How was he? Like, what did he do?'

And he'll just break it down for me and it makes you respect those guys.

It helps me out more in work ethic. You know, most of those guys I don't stick. They're bigger guards. Occasionally I'll stick Wade when I go to the two, but me matching up with Kobe is not a match-up. Because, you know, he's 6-8.

But you know ' their mindset.

If we're going through a game and I'm cruising, you know, I done did something in the first half and then I'm cruising through the second half, he'll say, 'Well, D-Wade wouldn't be cruising right now ' Kobe wouldn't be cruising right now ' You need to step it up.'

And that's when I'll kick in my extra gear.

Altitude Tent Paying Off
I haven't been fatigued this season. My wind's been great.

I haven't slept in there in probably about three weeks now.

My wind is better than I expected. I'll go through games and feel like I can shoot the same shot at the end of the game that I do at the beginning of the game.

Three-Point Competition
Truly, I think I should be an automatic candidate because I was runner-up last year.

I think get a nod for that.

So, we'll see. Hopefully I can win it this year. I don't like using the word cheated, but I think I got snubbed last year on mine.

But it's all right. I was just happy to be there.

My 25th Birthday Party
I mean, everybody's been talking about it.

It's the talk of the town. I've never heard of a party being the talk of the town.

I'm not really paying attention to it though because it's after the game. I don't get all the calls. I'm not paying attention to all the calls. Don't call me for a party invite.

Don't call me for a party invite because I've been getting them from everybody ' 'How do I get to the party?' I don't know. How do you get there?

We're going to have our calendars out at the party. 0-2 Talent is just trying to start something new here.

Clippers Up Next
Just like any other game that has a talented, up-and-down squad, you know, we want to run. We're at home, we're feeling comfortable at home, and it's a game.

We have to get prepared. We have some studs coming in with Elton Brand, Maggette and now emerging Kaman and the young fella Livingston ' You got Sam Cassell, Tim Thomas ' You got a talented squad over there ' Cuttino '

I mean, you got a squad that last year that last year was a force to be reckoned with, they've just been having some ups and downs this year.

Me and Sam
I don't talk like Cassell, when it comes to trash talking, but the way he's playing? Oh man, I mean, you I hope I can do that at 35.

For a while he gave me problems. I can say that last year, or the last two years was the only time he didn't give me problems. But before that, the first two minutes of the game he would have me in foul trouble because he basically used my speed against me.

He would pump fake, I'd jump and foul. I just learned that, no matter how slow you are, you get it done. That 15-to-19 foot jump shot he has is silky.

About Kobe
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on December 18 2006, 1:05 p.m. ET PERMALINK

Kobe tried to stick me.
Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images

I did it last year. I did it this year. Two weeks in a row. Me and Kobe Bryant was the only players to do it last year.

You know, at the end of the day, all the shots that I take I practice. It's not like I just go into the game just throwing up shots. I work hard. I'm in the gym every day. I practice my shots. Before every game I shoot 100 threes. You know, I get to the gym, I shoot 100 threes so I feel comfortable taking the shots I take.

Out of that whole game I probably took two bad shots. And, for me not to have a conscience? You're right. When you're an assassin, you don't have a conscience. At the end of the day I thought he didn't have a conscience, but I guess he does.

For the best player in the league to downplay what I did ' I guess, I don't know. I give him all the respect in the world. He is the No. 1 player in the league, by far. It's like that. You don't need to try to shadow box my 60. It was one of them nights when I was clicking and everything was going in so, I ended up having 60. That's all there is to it.

How can you go back at a guy who scores 45 every night? You can't. There's no point of it. There's no point.

We know who he is.

I know who he is.

I'm a big fan, I'm one of his No. 1 fans, so there's no point in even throwing shots at him.

With a player like him, he just wants that challenge. I know he is going to be ready for Game 2 in Washington. With a player like him, it was his home crowd, they lost. He's just that fierce competitor. He doesn't want to get out-showed. He's the one who everybody's afraid of. And he's right.

My Fans
I had 85 people at the game. You know, most of them came to see Kobe. It was just great because it was just one of those games. I'm not a guy who wants to score 50-60. Every time I had a chance to score 50, I didn't. My previous career high was 47, and that was in three periods. I'm not one of those players. But, that night, I had to.

When you shoot 27 free throws, I don't think those shots are bad because most of them are layups.

Denver and the Fight
We're playing great basketball right now as a team. We're just clicking as a team. We fell to Denver, but the way we fought back was unbelievable. We put ourselves in a position, even though we were down by 30 points at one point, we put ourselves in a position of two-point game with four minutes left. You know, that's great -- especially coming off of that emotional game in L.A.

They're still a good team. And they're going to go far. I predict they'll win 12 games while Carmelo is out. Twelve out of the 15 games because 12 out of the 15 is at home.

You know, with situations like that, I can say first hand. It's easy for people and players who've never been in one to talk bad about it. But, I was in one when I played for Golden State when we played against the Portland Trail Blazers.

It's hard. Your judgment is hard. At the beginning you're trying to do the right thing. You can see players trying to push other players away and then you got other players who are trying to help their teammate and someone throws an elbow or somebody swings to get somebody off of them. From there it just escalates. You're caught in the in-between.

So what Carmelo did at the end, it's hard. That's another case. I can't speak on that. He just has to make a better decision next time, especially being the player that he is.

Sacto and Bibby Next
I'm going against them. Me and Antawn know our coach very well, Eric Musselman. A strong guy. He wants to win. He wants the best out of his players. So, we know its going to be a hard-fought game.

It's going to be great basketball. We're going to have two days off. We're going to have our legs under us. We're going to have three games on this road trip and they're going to be hard.

The way my mentality right now is just to attack. Going back to the Kobe, it don't matter who he knows, it's who he is. He just attacks and attacks and attacks. That's what I'm trying to put my mindset to. No matter who I'm going against, you know, you guys can be friends after the game but we're enemies on that floor. I'm just going to attack you.

Followed By Phoenix
I mean, we're a running team. We want to run. So we're going to speed up the game. We're going try to score 130 points. So if they can keep up, they're going to keep up. If not, we're going to try our best to keep that tempo up.

We do want to end their streak. We actually do. They're playing great basketball right now. The way they play, you don't see that much.

I had a chance to be coached by D'Antoni on the USA Basketball team and you could just see what he was about. He wants to push that score up. You better be in shape to play with him. To play against him, your team better be physically in shape and mentally in shape because they're gonna come at you.

You can see the way he's bringing players in. He's bringing players in to keep that tempo. The addition of Marcus Banks ' He's bringing players in and saying, 'Hey, we're gonna run at you. Good luck.'

I'm happy I'm a 60-point man now. Agent 60. It ain't 007, but it's Agent 60.

Make Room on my Awards Shelf
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on December 12 2006, 1:05 p.m. ET PERMALINK

I'm a man of the people.
Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

You're talking with the Eastern Conference Player of the Week, you know.

I got so many awards, you know. It's just showing how dominant I was that week.

Nah, just playing.

It's always a joy to see ' As much as I struggled in the beginning of the season and on the road that I can get and we can get two good road games and you know, that I actually do well in them and I come away with Player of the Week.

For Player of the Week you get a lot of accolades from it. You get posted on NBA.com. It runs on ESPN under the headlines, after each score there is Player of the Week. A lot of people say, 'Congratulations,' -- my team, people who actually watch ESPN, my friends and you know, coaches.

Where We're At
You know, we finally got some rhythm. We finally got that road monkey off our back. We're just ready to perform now. Last year, December was our worst month. This year, November was our worst month. It was a bad month for us so we're just trying to make December a very positive month.

We have Melo and them coming in town. Melo then D-Wade before we go West. My dad is going to see the Kobe show. Who wants to miss that?

They're doing great. Melo is carrying that team. They got the young kid J.R. Smith. I don't know how New Orleans gave him up, but that's another discussion down the line. If that's what he was doing in practice, you got to play him. I don't care how much you don't like the kid; you don't give away that kind of talent. But, I guess one man's trash is another man's treasure and Denver is showing it right now with the decision they made by keeping him.

My Jerseys?
It started when I was younger. I used to watch Dennis Rodman. He threw his jerseys off after he got kicked out the game. But the way everybody was fighting over it ' When I was little I thought, 'Man, if I ever make it to the NBA, that's what I want my trademark to be.' You know, me giving away my jerseys. So, when I was at Golden State I gave away shoes because I got them free from Reebok. So I just ordered a whole bunch of pairs, signed them, and at the beginning of the year I threw a whole bunch of them out and at the end of the year I throw 'em out. So when I signed my new deal, I just ordered a whole bunch of jerseys so that I can throw them out every day.

It's usually the jersey I wear in the game but sometimes, when I'm in the mood, I'll throw about 10-15 jerseys out, you know, just to get them out.

I don't get fined. I think I'm the only player who can actually take off something and throw it into the stands. Because all fans don't appreciate it, they don't want everybody throwing headbands and stuff, so I got the OK. I'm the only one who got the OK to do it.

About A.I.
I do want to clear up something because me and my teammates have been having an argument for the last couple days. I said, 'Name the top three players in the game.' Name them. I always say, 'How does everyone overlook A.I.?' How do you look over somebody who for the last nine years has been in the top three in scoring each year? I'm just saying, it's dominant. He dominates the game of basketball. He is one of the most feared players. I take Kobe, then him and then after that you can throw anybody you want under there. So the second best player in this league, he can go anywhere he pleases.

I'm going to save the rest for the upcoming weeks because it's starting to get exciting.

Win in New York
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on December 7 2006, 12:45 p.m. ET PERMALINK


We know how the Clippers is feeling.

Its good because that's where our first road loss started, or our second road loss started. That's where it all happened. We got upset by New York , the third game, fourth game of the season. But, you know, we went in with a vengeance.

Me and Antawn turned on the hibachi grill and we was cookin'.

Every time I make it, every time I shot the ball, I screamed out, 'Hibachi!'

The Hibachi Story
I brang out the hibachi against Dallas. That's when I first started saying it, that I was the "hibachi."

It was some legal terms with one of my teammates. I had to buy the name from him. Brendan Haywood, he takes all the good names and waits for someone to buy it, so I had to buy the hibachi grill from him.

He's been saying it, like if somebody did it to us he would be like, 'Oh man, you got the hibachi grill tonight.'

Sixers and Iverson Next
It's going to be a hard-fought game. We're expecting an all-out brunt. It's a television game, you know, everyone comes. Everyone is hyper for TV games. We're just ready to see if we can get a streak of our own. We haven't really had much of a streak this year. We're ready to carry this thing and see how far we can take it.

We always have good games ever since I got into my own person. I'll go at it, but you know, he's the dominant one. You got to respect the guy. The older he is getting the better he looks. Anybody can say whatever they want about him, I don't care what it is, this man is every year after every year is averaging 30 and eight assists. I don't care. You can say you want to trade him, he still is 31 and eight assists, I don't care what you say.

Shoe Launch Party in NYC

Low tops all the way.
Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE/Getty Images

Oh man, that was great man. I was just excited to actually see my shoes in a store. You always dream about that as a little kid. You go out and buy everybody else's shoes, you know, so I know there is a lot of kids who idolize me that are growing up and can't wait till my shoe come out. You know, so it was exciting for me to be there at the NBA Store.

That was my first time there. It was great. I was trying to buy some of the memorabilia. I've been looking for MJ for the last two years. It's all there. We was trying to hurry up and get me out and get me to another interview. I didn't get to go back. I'll probably go back in the summer.

They're low tops. I can only wear low tops because, in reality, all shoes are low tops. It you ever put on a pair of high-top shoes and you stick your finger in it, it won't get tight until the low part. So, high top is just for show.

It gives people a different look. It's more of an Air Force I type of look that you can wear with jeans. Kids in school can actually wear outfits with it and look nice. That's the way I was going.

I don't get my ankles taped. Truthfully, like I said, you put a pair of high tops on and stick your finger in, there's no support around your ankle until you get to where a low top would go. It's just for look. Just lace them up tight.

I look at it like this, if come down on my ankle it gives me room to flex it.

Other New York Plans
I had to do just a lot of interviews' NBA TV, ESPN ' It was just more letting everybody know about the hibachi.

The hibachi is coming to a city near you. I'm cooking chicken and shrimp, but if you want to throw a double team my way, filet mignon gets cooked too.

Busy Man
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on November 29 2006, 4:45 p.m. ET PERMALINK

I was in meetings all day. One was just giving me creative ideas of how to branch myself out. There were different concepts. We don't want to give out the buzz now, so I'm going to hold off on that.

Win vs. Hawks

Man, that is the look of determination.
Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

It was good to get a win. We've been struggling of late. You know, we're two games behind where we were last year, but we feel we can pick up some games coming up soon and we're just ready to do that.

Where I Stand
I did my stats from last year to this year, I sat with the General Manager, you know, I'm actually doing better this year than I did last year. Even though I had nine turnovers yesterday, I'm still two less than I was and if you take those 10 questionable charges they've been giving me this season ' there's about 10 of them ' you know, that drops my turnovers down 12 less than I had last year.

He felt I was down because he asked me, 'How do you think you're playing this year?' And I told him, 'Oh, I'm not playing very well.' And he was like, 'Numbers don't lie.' So he showed me the numbers, he said besides the shooting percentage, everything is up. Steals is up, rebounds up, assists up'

What's going on, I figured it out. On the road, you know, you don't want to settle for shots on the road. What I'm doing, I'm trying to go to the basket all day on the road. I don't want to shoot on the road. I want to go to the bucket. So me going to the bucket, now the refs are saying, they have this rule or this little saying they've been telling me for the last 14 games that I'm creating the contact. I'm throwing my body into the defender. Well, as an offensive player, that's what you're supposed to do. It's a game of angles. You beat him to the basket, you cut off his angle, that's called smart basketball. So, I mean, if they want to just tell me I'm smarter than most defenders ' I'll take that.

By me doing that and them not giving me those fouls, those are actually missed shots. I mean, those are missed attempts and it's tougher to get the calls on the road. So, by the middle of the season, just like last season, because I remember I was complaining about the same thing ' I'm going in there getting smacked and hammered and its like, 'What do I have to do to get a foul around here?' It's all about the game, so I'll just wait till the middle of the season to get those 19-to-20 free throw attempts I should have.

You know what's funny? As much as I'm complaining about not getting to the free throw line, I'm having more free throws than I did last year.

Morrison and the Bobcats Next
You know, I like Morrison. He reminds me of a throwback. You know, your old throwback Larry Bird type of player. That's what he is. The way he walks, just his hair and mustache, it reminds you of a '70s player and its kind of funny watching him play.

I mean the kid can shoot and score. I'm a fan already. I got to hang out with him in Vegas for Olympic tryouts. He hung out in my room a couple days playing video games all night. You know, so, me and him are very cool.

And Then the Bulls
They're a team that's hard to read right now because they're not getting wins right now. But, they're still feisty. You know, they're still a feisty team. And they built this team this year to make a push for the championship, so you still got to beware of what they're doing and you can't look at nobody's records anymore. We just had that playoff game against each other so there's that bad blood, you want to beat each other real bad. We have that going on with these two teams.

It's easy to expect, but at the end of the day what matters is still the end of the season. No one said they expected us to start out good, they just expected us to be good. No one expected Atlanta to be 5-1 or Utah to be 10-1, but, they were. It's not where you start, it's where you finish.

Helped out a Friend with Cancer
I met the kid by playing online video games and then from there we just became good friends. He was teaching me how to play, and I gave him some of my XBox-es because he said he could help me with them basically so I could cheat online so I wouldn't be getting my butt kicked all day. He helped me with that, and he asked me for a favor. He told me his story and I said, no problem, I'll help. I need to call him today because the XBox is supposed to come in today and he told me to call him before I turn them on. He is doing good. His name is Beave, Beaver. He's been telling me to give him a shout-out for the longest.

I got a photo shoot tomorrow for some billboard stuff I'm trying to get, but that goes with the stuff I'm keeping under my hat. There's going to be some interesting stuff though, I can tell you that. So, when it does start hitting you'll get it first.

Road Trip
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on November 20 2006, 6:45 p.m. ET PERMALINK

Looking good in gold.
Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

We just landed in Dallas. They're hot right now. They've won, what, five in a row? So, we're trying to come in and play hard. We're coming off a big win against Cleveland so we're trying to use that momentum to keep ourselves going.

It's big because, you know, all the games we've played there hasn't been a blowout. It's always been a close game. And you know, we finally got one under our belt. Even though Larry wasn't there, we'll take the win.

I had four games under 30 in a row and it was just that time where I caught my rhythm. Numbers don't lie; I'm eventually going to hit my spot. It had nothing to do with the new jerseys. I'm averaging 38 at home. Once you come to my house, it's over. Hopefully you know, or have a good game plan. On the road is where I'm struggling.

We just got to bring our A-game. We have to come out and play hard. It's hard. It's hard playing back to backs even at home. On the road it's very hard and especially against the teams we're playing.

They're a good team with T-Mac and Yao down there and they still got Juwan Howard who kills us every year. So, Antawn is going to take the challenge this year of outplaying Howard. Hopefully the guards can match up and we have a good game.

This road trip is just going to be a good task for us to see where we at. We're 0-4, 0-5 on the road period. So, we gotta get some wins, you know. Because, if not, we could be in the hole in this Eastern Conference.

Celebrity Fantasy League
Wooo! I'm with Pamela? Kid Rock's there too? Umm, can we sub somebody off the team? Nah, I'm just playing. See, that's my kind of group right there -- a wild group, a wild party group. I'm down. I'm in it to win it. We gonna rock out ' I don't want to say the rest of it.

Keep Voting
They made the t-shirts?! Tell them I love them! I was just playing.

PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii
Man, I couldn't get it. I stood outside no hours and got nothing. That's when you sit in your room and try to use your celebrityism. I didn't get nothing. I knew I should have called and said I was D-Wade. 'Um, hello, this is D-Wade ' This is LeBron ' Can I come over there and get one of them?' Then I would have had one.

I just want to give a shout out to my Halo team, 'Final Boss.' They came in second in Vegas. All the teams out there, get ready for them next year. We're coming back strong.

Gaining In The Race
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on November 14 2006, 6:40 p.m. ET PERMALINK

I just want to give a shout out to everybody who is reading my diary. The crazy mind of me ' Every week. Thank you very much, I appreciate it, I'm glad I keep you guys entertained ' As long as they let me.

My Halo team, the Halo team I sponsor, 'Final Boss,' they play in Las Vegas on the 17th for the championship round. And they have their own television show on, what is it? USA Network, I think. I don't even have my own TV show! But I'm on their show Dec. 9.

It's just amazing. I'm just trying to get my hands into different things that people are interested in. You know, see how we can get the young video game minds into basketball courts and vice versa.

The Takeover is going well. It's going well. You know, I'm a little surprised how fast it's going, but, you know. After that 7-pointer I did, now I caught up to the race ' They in trouble! Oh man, they in trouble.

Tuesday Night With Ahmad

Ahmad and me are tight.
Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images

Actually, I do love coming to the NBA Studios because it means I'm going to be on TV. I'm about to get ready to do the Ahmad Rashad show . That's great. That's the second time of my career. I'm getting big now! People, I'm getting big. Y'all better watch out. Me and Ahmad go back like stocking caps and waves. We're gonna be tight.

Vince Carter's Shot On Us
It was a great shot. It took them seven seconds to get the ball inbounds, but we're not going to talk about that. But, you know, it was a great shot. We pushed him out further than he wanted to catch it, and you know, with the new ball, it died on the rim and it went in. When you have a shooter's ball, that's what's gonna happen -- you're going to get those opportunities. They just beat us in overtime.

They just outplayed us in overtime. They hit shots. They made shots. It's hard to adjust, especially because you know you only got 4-5 minutes to play. Sometimes it does weigh on you if somebody hits their first three shots in overtime.

Go Ahead, Say I'm A Ballhog
To me, I don't even pay attention to that anymore. Because, if I was a two, a 2-guard, you know, I'd just be a great scorer. But, since I'm playing the point position, you know, I'm a guy who shoots a lot. It's easy to pick on me for some reason, but, every team I've played with I might average 29-28, but I'll also have two players that average 20 and 20. So, for some guy who is jacking it up, how come I'm always with two other players that score that much? I've never seen anybody else in this league that have two players on their team that are scorers like mine.

When you get shooters around you, you know, they, they make buckets.

New York, New York
I always think they're dangerous, New York, just because they have so much talent there. If they get their stuff together over there, they'll be a dangerous squad. You know, they have, people look at it like Steve Francis and Marbury. At one point in their career they were dangerous people. So, anytime they want to click that on they're still them. Then you have Crawford coming off the bench, you have Nate Robinson coming off ' So, it's hard to guard a team that has so much firepower. Like I said, if they decide to play basketball, they'll be a dangerous team.

Me and Marbury is pretty cool. I met him outside of basketball once at a carwash in L.A. So we talked it up and he was telling me about Eddie Jordan before I chose Washington. I heard he is doing well with his shoe line. I like it because, you know, he is doing something no one else has done. Everyone is charging $100-120 for shoes and he is trying to give back to his community with $15 shoes and I like it.

Thanksgiving Time
Thanksgiving is coming up. Be thankful. We're actually going to be in Memphis, so we'll probably go to a Brazilian restaurant across the street. Or we'll go to a soul food place, what is it? D'j' Vu? Probably D'j' Vu I think. Or I'll just eat a nice hamburger and just call it turkey. Ha, no but, I have a chef actually, his name is Willy, coming from New Jersey and he's bringing food for me that Saturday. He's a great cook, yes. That dinner will be myself, probably my daughter and her mother.

All-Star Voting Time
I know ballots are out. I know Puffy had the Vote or Die, you know, with them shirts. You know, I want to have, 'If no one votes for me, I'm not going to do anymore blogs.'

Posted by Gilbert Arenas on November 7 2006, 5:40 p.m. ET PERMALINK

Me going up against Larry
David Liam Kyle/NBAE/Getty Images

It's up and down like I expected. You know, I start looking back at last year, the way I started and the way this team started off, you know, I was up and down, at first, until I caught my rhythm and once I caught my rhythm, it was over. You know, but right now I'm in a better rhythm than I was at the beginning of the season last year. You know, it's just that different feel.

The Takeover is just about everything. From taking over the city, I'm trying to take over the league, taking over sponsors, taking over you know ' Just the industry of everything ' Getting buildings in my name, getting leagues in my name ' This is the time where, you know, me as a person is gonna go get bigger.

Once we get over the hump, because last year was the same way ' We started off 4-1, then, you know we fell to like 4-8, 4-9 and from there, you know, we just went on a tear. Right now we're still at a high level, you know, because we're playing great basketball. Etan, the center, is playing great. Brendan is coming off the bench giving us good minutes when he plays. Antawn's starting off great. Caron's playing great. I mean, we're playing great; we're just not getting it all together. But once we get it all together and clicking, we're making great plays out there. Once we're ready to go, we're going to be ready to go.

Yeah, I played two of the rookies to get my confidence up. They got beat 7-3. Andray Blatche and James Lang. One was guarding me out on the perimeter; one was waiting for me to get into the lane. Two straight fouls is an automatic point, but they didn't actually get to that. I didn't get any free points that way, I was trying, but ' I was going for everything; layups, jump shots, they couldn't do anything with me.

My confidence is usually always up, it's just that, sometimes you have bad games. I ended up having a bad shooting night on Game 1.

No Last-Second Magic
Oh, I thought it was a great look. I had my hands up, you know, ready for it to go down. But it hit the back of the rim ' Everything was on line, it just hit the back of the rim. I was trying to think like Coach Hill, you know, 'OK, this is going to be a foul.' If I was coach, I would foul him and make him shoot two free throws. So, that's what I think he was going to do. So, I just pulled up to see if he was going to make the mistake of just fouling me right there in the middle of my shot.

Pacers Up Next

They're going to be a tough match up. Our next six games we got good teams coming in here and we're going places. Indiana, you know, they're one of the dangerous teams in the league. They're dangerous each year because you don't know what to expect from them. As long as that team stays together and don't get haunted by injuries or you know, anything else miscellaneous, they're one of the top three teams in the East.

It's going to be a good game, it's going to test. Right now, we're just being tested where we are early. We're gonna stand up for ourselves and that's what we need to do.

My Opening Night Robe

I was planning on doing it last year, but I just thought the way this year was going, it's just The Takeover. I'm trying be mentioned. If I came out in that robe and had a bad game, they was gonna make fun of me. That's how I was getting pumped for the game. I want all of this to come back on me. A lady made it for me for my birthday two years ago. I used to use it when I used to beat Chucky Atkins in dominoes. I used to come out to the gym after I'd beat him and I'd say, 'I'm the king!' and I'd hold the belt. And Chucky used to die laughing from it.

New adidas "Take 5" Commercial

My line was, 'I dropped 30, 40.' I should have said, '50, 60''

17? Are You Serious?
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on October 31 2006, 1:15 p.m. ET PERMALINK

I'm going to get to the arena ' We probably have to be there ' Game is at 7. We play at 7? OK so we play at 7 so I'll probably get there at 4 o'clock, lift weights, get a good game workout, get some shots up and just get mentally ready for the game.

My dad will be there. He wants to go back and talk trash to Larry Hughes and LeBron, talk to his moms. They want to get into that little whole rivalry thing again like they did in the playoffs, which was a great fun atmosphere.

We are going to come out and perform. We're coming to play. We're just so happy to get the season started again. And you know, the metropolitan area is ready to see what we can do this year. We've got high expectations for ourselves so we know we need to start off to a great season because our 'NBA Experts' put us at the 17th best team in the league. I think we got a lot of things to prove if we're No. 17. I mean, how do you go to 17 when we were like No. 12 or No. 8 last year? That's for another time and for another discussion to talk about that ' 17 ' that 17 rank.

I'm going to be watching the games. You know, I'm a fan. Kobe plays tonight. Steve Nash plays tonight. You know. Miami, D-Wade and them play tonight. I'm going to see these games. These are great, exciting games. It's ring night for the Miami Heat. You know, you have to watch. So that's going to be exciting.

Money Well Spent

Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

I'm doing a thing for the D.C. metropolitan area called Scores for Kids, wait, no, Scores for Schools, so every point I score at a home game, I donate a hundred bucks to that school. So, if they would have added up the home games last year I would have owed them probably $120,000. It was just for me to help better our public schools and our private schools out there. You know, help them fund to keep kids in school, keep kids wanting to come to school because you know, it's the young generation that's going to help us grow old so we have to better their lives.

James Brown was excited to be a part of the whole movement that I call The Takeover that I'm trying to just ' One day run for mayor! In Washington, but that's a long way, that's 30 years from now.

I'm A Business, Man

I'm feeling great.

Right now, me and DeShawn Stevenson are collaborating. We're going to start a talent agency called 0-2 Talents and we're going to start it out by having a model calendar.

We're going to have female models, we're going to do little kid modeling calendars. Just, we're trying to do everything with little kids, and with AAU teams, we're going to have a lot of AAU teams. We're just going to be a talent agency, just me and him. We're starting it off, we're kicking it off by having a calendar of some of the top celebrity women and models out there.

We'll include whoever we think are popular, good role models. I don't want to confirm names yet, because we're still in the process of doing that right now. I don't think there's been any NBA player that's ever did this, that were actually basically agents while they were playing. I'll be busy, but that's why we hire people to run our business.

Remember, 0-2 Talents. Later.

Me: 29 Points, Joe Johnson: 28 Points
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on October 26 2006, 12:51 p.m. ET PERMALINK

Against Atlanta I had a good shooting night. You know, it started off good. It was two games before the actual regular season started so I had to turn it up a little, turn it up another notch -- you know, not going full blast, but you know, not coasting. I caught a little fire there.

When Joe had two, I had 18, so he was playing catch-up. We got off to a good start. It was a good game.

Busy Day

I just did a commercial campaign shoot for adidas yesterday. I had to fly from Detroit to L.A. and from L.A. back to here.

It's a commercial shoot about their big push for Impossible is Nothing, and I'm the basketball player they're using this year. It was different. Awkward. Basically, I was drawing, you know, showing off my art skills, which was none. I was drawing my story. You know, my story from zero ' the doubters ' to now.

I'm doing my own story drawing so basically, I couldn't do nothing wrong. It's just stick figures and stuff and they're going to put it all together into real life. So it's like David Beckham and a whole bunch of track athletes that's in this. We're all just telling our stories.

I was just sitting there drawing the whole day at a warehouse they got in L.A.

I was a little tired this morning. I ate some breakfast. I got in at like 5:30 ' 6 o'clock. Actually, coach gave me the day off so I can get my leg a little healthy. I guess I got kneed in one of the games and I didn't feel it until later.

Cleared for Take Off

I call it 'The Takeover.' The Takeover is in how many more days? I think we have five days for the grand opening of The Takeover. I just want everybody to tune-in to it. Everybody has got to tune-in to the game.

This is a big revenge factor. Just period. This is the year. There's no more runway. There's no space for them to keep pushing me in the back of everybody. You know, this plane's about to take off. I just can't be on the runway all day, I'm about to take off.

Our New Jerseys

Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

I like them. It's 10 times better than that, what is it? Aqua-blue? It's 10 times better than that so, hopefully we can wear that more than the 17 times we're going to wear it. It's our alternate jersey so we're going to wear it throughout the season.

More About My Dad

We was trying to figure out a marketing agent so we got in a little argument there. He wants one and I want another one. But, I mean, the best story of how hard he was where he was teaching me to play basketball. We woke up like 6 o'clock every morning on Sundays.

Every Sunday, you know, we'd go to Balboa Park. He was teaching me before, you know, the actual guys came and started playing so we're playing 1-on-1. So, I was reaching, you know, reaching for the ball, and he was like, 'If you keep reaching, I'm going to break your pinkie.' You know, thinking, 'Yeah, right,' I reached in there, he grabbed it. CLICK. Wooo! My right hand. I kicked the ball. I quit. I wasn't really serious about basketball then, I was just doing it because he was playing. I was like 10 or 11, I didn't get serious till I was 12.

We just put a little cast on it, put it in a little sling.

How I Got That Maybach 57

It was LeBron's guy in Cleveland. These guys, Larry Hughes, Damon Jones, Donyell Marshall, they got me to this guy. I seen their car and I asked about it, you know, just to ask. They was like, 'You know, the guy, he can give you a heck of a deal.' So I called the guy and we had a little brief conversation and he said, 'I have a 1-of-1.' And I was like, 'Wow. All right, I'll take it.'

What I'm All About
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on October 19 2006, 2:45 p.m. ET PERMALINK

Congratulations! You get to go into the mind of me, Gilbert Arenas, of the Washington Wizards. Good luck.

I got the Halo team. I guess everybody is finding out about that. I'm just a big video gamer. I love video games. That's my off the court project that I own a Halo team called 'Final Boss.' They'll be competing for the championship in Vegas on the 17th or 15 of November; around that area.

If I can't make it, I have some guys going out there to support them and make them feel comfortable. Hopefully they can bring home the trophy.

And now 'THE TENT,' the hyperbaric-chamber tent.

A guy came to practice and gave a presentation on it, and I was eavesdropping on it. I got excited about it and I thought, 'This is an edge I can use before any other NBA player gets a hold to it.' I know I get called weird for it, but I call it smart. If I can work out and get in the chamber and get my altitude up to Colorado, why not? I'm getting the benefits of Colorado's altitude when I'm resting. You know, so why wouldn't I do it? That's a no brainer.

My bedroom is on the third floor, the tent is in the basement. It's in the basement and I actually have it over a couch.

I don't know what I was thinking ' I bought an 18,000 piece puzzle. The lady told me four years that it would take me to do it, and I was like, 'yeah right, I can do it in a couple months.' I don't think I've found two pieces that connected together yet.

A Scorer's Mentality

In high school, if you ever looked at it, I always, whenever somebody said, 'The best high school player is this,' and I was like, 'Man, the best player y'all never heard of is me.' And they was like, 'Yeah, right.' And then I'd tell them my numbers and they be like, 'Wow.'

I've always been a scorer. So when I went to Arizona, I led the team in scoring both years. But, I mean, I never thought it would be to this point to what I'm doing now...I knew if I worked hard I'd be in the top 10, but at the end of the year I was like, 'Man, I averaged 29 this year, what the hell is going on?' So, I know I can score, but I didn't know like that.

Each year I'll look at the end results and I'll see, 'OK, Iverson and Kobe'how many 40 point games did they have? How many 30 point games did they have?' You know, most players are like, 'Man, I need to get, you know, three 50 games!' Like, no, you can break it down and make it easier for yourself.

Summer Setback

I know everybody keeps telling me about the Olympics. I mean, you know, I really enjoyed my time out there. I met players that on the court 'You don't meet players on the court. I never knew anything about Brad Miller, never knew anything about Chris Bosh or Kirk Hinrich ' Bruce Bowen. We go to the Olympics, and you guys are having that downtime and its like, 'Wow, you guys are actually cool as hell.' You know, 'I'm sorry about that fight we had in Chicago '' You're just reminiscing and you're actually having fun.

If it wasn't for the basketball aspect of it, I had a great time. Its hard when you're out there doing everything that coach says and you're one of the premier players in the NBA but you can't get three minutes on a team that doesn't have Kobe, Kevin Garnett, Chauncey, Jason Kidd ' and you're looking out there and you're second guessing yourself and like, 'Am I good enough? What's going on?' Now your focus is off, and you're coming into the game with that attitude and you're sitting there with an attitude, when it's all about fun and you lose your mindset and think what was it all for?

I think that's why I got frustrated. I was frustrated I'm not playing, but it was still a team thing. So that's when I lashed out. I sat back and I was like, 'Damn.' To an extent I shouldn't have done that, because it wasn't their fault.

I was tired of people telling me, 'Man, I'm sorry you got hurt.' And I was like, 'You know what? Look, I'm not a liar. I got cut. I was getting cut. That's it.' I was getting cut and it happens. It happens to the best of us. I just got to bounce back, that's it.

Dinosaur On Our Back

The first goal for this season is: We have to beat Miami. We're 0-16 against them. Since I've been here, we have not won yet. I'm not counting ' but yeah, we're 0-16. That will be one goal. If we can beat them, that's a turnaround. That's a turnaround for us. The season will be all uphill from there.

I had to hear it from Dwyane in Vegas. We've beaten every team in the league ' not them. We all know it. We have the record. It seems like no matter what we do, like we can flat-out outplay them and something goes wrong and we end up losing the game. It don't matter if they are the defending champions or if they was last place. We just want to get that big monkey, that dinosaur, off our back.

Shaq didn't play four of the games ' they beat us. Dwyane didn't play four of the games ' they beat us. It's like, 'What is going on?'

D.C. Celebrity

It's amazing and different being a celebrity in D.C. When I think of the faces of franchises and cities, its like, LeBron James, Dwyane and Shaq, Kobe and Shaq. A.I., but you still have Donovan McNabb ' Who else? KG ' I mean, and someone throws my name in and it's like, 'All right.'

At the beginning of the summer I sat down with a lot of financial, a lot of business, to see where I want to take this. I call it, 'The Takeover.' I want this year to be 'The Takeover,' and I'm going to position myself. I think there's only two people in this league that have done it recently: Magic Johnson understood the outside of basketball life and Shaq is doing it. Shaq is understanding the cop, 'I want to be a cop,' and doing all this. I got some ideas that I heard from him for like Christmas giveaways and stuff like that where he buys all these Tonka trucks and hands them all out. I want politicians coming to me and asking me for advice ' I know nothing about politics, but, hey. So if I can control the people in D.C., then they have to come talk to me. I want to set up restaurants and get into Starbucks.

The best way is that you have to have extended arms; you got to be an octopus out there. Most people call me weird, but I'm kind of smart when it comes to stuff like that.

Tough Love From Pops

Since I was small my dad and I have always been friends. He was never really hard on me. He never really pushed me to basketball. It was like, 'Dad, can I play?' And he straight told me, 'You suck. You're not good enough for this team! You can sit over there and be my assistant coach.' So I used to get teased all the day, and when he leave I used to go practice by myself. And then one day I had the opportunity to prove him wrong and I did. From there, it's always competition, no matter what; video games, dominoes '

I just ordered a car for him because he's getting married. I ordered a Maybach, you know, the 57. It's a one-of-one. They made it for the movie 'Memoirs of a Geisha.' They made it for that movie. And now, we're arguing about the car because it's a one-of-one, and I want it. He wants it because, 'the wood looks nice.' No what the? Come on ' but I'm gonna end up giving it to him.

We just end up arguing about the dumbest things in the world. Like, after a game, and he thought I played bad, oh, I have to hear it. I'm gonna hear it. The first name he brings up every time: Dwyane Wade. 'Well, did you see what Dwyane Wade did tonight? Dwyane Wade has four dunks, three reverse lay-ups, if you was talented like him '' and I'm like 'Man!' And I'll be like, 'Dad, are you going to come to any of the games?' He's like, 'No. You guys are playing the Bobcats and the Grizzlies. I'm gonna come when Dwyane Wade comes to town or Kobe.' He just wants to see those players. He'll look at the schedule and be like, 'Oh yeah, we got four good games. I got Dwyane Wade, I got Kobe, LeBron, A.I. coming to town ' I'm coming.' Any other week, he never wants to come.


Oh man, my Wildcats ... Me and Richard Jefferson, we're having it with them. But, Coach Olsen keeps them a winner. They got new pieces ' Chase Budinger from San Diego. He's coming in. And Shakur, he's still there, so they should do. Hopefully they can make it past the second round, because after the second round, anything goes. So I want to give them a shout-out.

Other than that, shout-out to my Halo team, 'Go Final Boss!' I'm signing a deal with Vitamin Water. That's all I drink is Vitamin Water. I'm making deals, I'm making progress. I have a Zero 2 Hero foundation. I have a Zer0 2 Her0 site where I'm going to be selling memorabilia stuff. I own 300 jerseys. Most of them are going to be giveaways.

Check it out at http://www.zerotwohero.com. Right now it's filled with adidas stuff, but once the season gets started I'm going to have my Gilbert line. I have a pair of my signature shoes, and I can't believe I got my own shoe. That's amazing! They're the Gil Zeros. I had a thousand names for them. I think the new name is Agent Zero. Oh that's hot. Whoever made that 'Agent Zero' up gets a percentage.