RIP Vine: Our Favorite Vines Over the Years

Vine Announces Its Plan to Discontinue
by Kris Koivisto

In a blog post Thursday morning, the six-second-video platform Vine surprised many by announcing it will be closing its doors in the coming months. While it's never been at the top of anyone's marketing strategy, Vine has carved out a corner of the market that is loyally dedicated to their craft. The looping nature of each video, combined with a six-second limit, forced a unique creativity from users unparalleled by any other social network. The platform's top users, commonly referred to as 'Vine Stars', managed to turn that creativity into fame and fortune.

In the sports world, Vine represented a vehicle to seamlesly consume highlights on Twitter. Vine became so synonymous with Twitter that the two companies eventually merged in 2013. As teams racked up loops using Vine to post highlights, the NFL's San Francisco 49ers grabbed everyone's attention by launching their outside-the-box 'Forty Viners' program. 

Following Thursday's announcement, Vine enthusiasts immediately took to its parent company to reflect on their favorite Vine memories. We thought it was only fitting to do the same. Here they are, in no particular order:

And our roundup wouldn't be complete with out this gem, shot by Vine user Thomas:


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