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3's for Trees

Daimler Truck North America

We all know how green spaces can transform a community and that is why we are continuing to make a positive impact on our environment. That's why we've teamed up with Daimler Truck North America and Friends of Trees to plant three trees for every three-pointer made during the regular season.

What is Threes for Trees?

Daimler Truck North America is committed to our community and continuing to make a positive impact on our environment, so we’ve partnered with them to establish the 3’s for Trees program. For every three-pointer made this season, Daimler Truck will team up with Friends of Trees to plant three trees in our community. Daimler Truck North America, Trail Blazers and Friends of Trees, all teaming up to create a greener Oregon.

The 3’s for Trees program has since evolved and extended to Blazer5 Gaming and new ways in which you and other fans can get involved too! See below to play the Hoop Heroes game presented by 3’s for Trees in order to further support the 3’s for Trees program.

Looking to sit in the 3's for Trees 3House seating section?

Bring your group of up to 12 to the next Trail Blazers game and experience sitting in the 3House seating section! Create extraordinary memories as you place trees for every 3-pointer made on our tree counter. Email for more information and pricing.

Daimler Truck North America

Daimler Truck North America is shaping the future of sustainable transportation with zero emission vehicles.

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Friends of Trees

Friends of Trees is dedicated to improving the urban tree canopy and restoring sensitive natural areas, having planted more than 900,000 trees.

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Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers are committed to making a big difference with a smaller footprint. Learn more about our Live Greener initiatives.

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Looking to get more involved and plant trees with Friends of Trees?

Visit the Friends of Trees Event Calendar to find a planting event near you so that you can be a part of creating a greener Oregon!