Postgame Quotes: Trail Blazers vs Celtics

HEAD COACH TERRY STOTTS“Well a little like last night, we had a chance to win the game and we needed one more play and we didn’t make it. It was a challenge. I thought everybody played hard, we just didn’t finish it off.

On playing without Aldridge and Batum:“I don’t want to get into not having LaMarcus and I don’t want to get into not having Nic out there. We played a different style of game. Everybody knows what Nic can bring and what LA brings, so we have to figure out different ways of scoring and sometimes different ways of playing. The differences are fairly obvious.”

On reaction to learning Aldridge will be out 6-8 “I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be good. I knew he was going to miss some time. I didn’t know whether it’d involve surgery or having time off, but it is what it is and we have to move on. My reaction is that he’s going to miss some games and we’ve got to hold the fort while he’s out.”

“They zoned it up. We ran one play and they covered it well. The second play, Wes may have been open but they zoned it up and they did a good job. Probably should have looked to the weak side but with one second, it’s a tough play.”

On finding three point shots:“We still need to shoot threes and getting good threes is a little different. Wes had a nice rhythm going and we needed our three point shooters to take them when they’re open. The challenge now is probably to get good open ones. Defensively, I Thought we were able to get some stops and get out and run but if you look at the box score, we shoot 37 percent and we lose it basically at the buzzer, it was a good effort. Our offense is going to be different. Different guys are going to have different nights. It’s not probably going to be the same thing every night.”

WESLEY MATTHEWS“We blew it. We had possessions. We had chances, we had opportunities. It’s easy to just look at the last play, but we’ll have to look back and see where we could have broken the game open, where we did good, where we did bad, but a tough loss.”

On playing without Alridge and possible“We’ve got to hold the fort down. We’ve got to figure it out, we’ve got to find ways to win and continue to play basketball the right way, continue to play. It’s gotten us 31 wins. Obviously a lot of our key guys are out, guys that made huge contributions to those 31 wins but we’re professional basketball players and we know how to play this game and we’ve just got play at the highest of our ability.”

Do you have to change the way you play due to injuries?“Our game is really predicated on ball movement. We share the ball, create shots for each other. We like to play in flow, get stops. Our offense is best off of our defense and our defense has to be even tighter now that we don’t have our rim protectors. So it shouldn’t change anything, it should make us tighter.”

On play that led to Turner three pointer at the end:“Myself and T-Rob got a piece of it, the ball is loose – we’ve got to be dogs on a steak right there. Bad bounce, bad play, I lost track of him and he hit a shot.”

DAMIAN LILLARD“Without LA and without Nico being out there, our room for error is really thin and we made too many mistakes at the end of the game.”

On out-of-bounds play with 1.0 second left at end of game:“The first time we came out and we saw that they were in a zone so we came out with a timeout with a new play and I was running to where I was supposed to go and they pretty much had that spot blocked off. So I knew we didn’t have no more timeouts so I just tried to run to an open space and I caught the ball going toward the halfcourt so I tried to change direction and get more comfortable going toward the rim and time ran out.”

On impact of playing without Aldridge and Batum, especially late in games:“It’s tough because it’s like we’ve got to find ourselves all over again. We had great chemistry. We knew what we were going to do and what we had going into each game, especially with that presense on the block going into LA and being able to get the ball in to Nico and let him come off in transition and off pick and rolls. We didn’t have that option tonight.”

On playing without guys:“We just have to keep playing. It’s going to be tough. We know it’s going to be tough. We just have to be up to the challenge.”

HEAD COACH BRAD STEVENSOn what went through his mind when Jared Sullinger was fighting for the loose ball at the end:“Don’t call timeout... Cause we didn’t have any. He made a really heads up and dove on the floor. The ball always matters, but it matters more at that point in time and to get a loose ball and kick it out, right when Evan (Turner) got the shot you felt like it had a chance to go in, because you got a loose ball. Just kind of the way the game sometimes plays itself out.”

On the original play call at the end of the game:“Just a fake hand off from Sully (Jared Sullinger) to Tayshaun (Prince) and let Sully make a play at the elbow. He lost it, Thomas Robinson must’ve gotten a hand on it, but he made a great effort play to get it back. And he got a great look the play before, it just felt like he was a guy we could get a shot with (Sullinger).”

On having Evan (Turner) on the floor in late game situations:“He likes it. The play he made defensively on the last play of the game was as big as the shot he made, obviously, because he saved a layup from Meyers Leonard. So he made two really good plays. Ones very noticeable and the other is not. He did a good job.”

On not having a go to scorer:“I thought with 1.05 minutes left Avery (Bradley) came off a good screen, got a good look and shot it well. And he was hot, you feel like you can go to him in those moments. You can use him as a screener like we did on the last play because he’s going to garner attention. Marcus Thorton is going to garner attention, so if he’s in the game you can go to him and you can play off of him. The guy that’s given me a little lift too is Tayshaun. He just knows how to play. There’s a lot of things that come very natural to him and he’s also been in the league for 13 years. He’s seen every situation and we had him in defensively on the last play too. He was on the ball, but it’s still pretty unique for a new guy to be in that situation.”

JARED SULLINGEROn the final play of the game:"Coach drew up a play for me to catch the ball, fake it to be able to drive [because] it was so clogged up. They tipped it and I had just seen the last result was to dive on the loose ball. Then on the loose ball I just tried to rip it away...I had seen ET [Evan Turner] wide open. Luckily it was a lucky pass to ET."

On why Evan Turner is so good in those clutch situations:"He's shot so many of them, especially at Ohio State. He shot so many of them that he's known to [do it]. He doesn't really think "I got to make this," he just shoots it."

On how satisfying this win is:"Very satisfying. This is our first Western Conference road win in two years so it's very satisfying."

On what fueled the comeback:"We just played hard. We made tough plays. It is what it is. We got a lot of guys that play hard, play smart. Defense­end won this game."

EVAN TURNEROn if he knew if the game winning shot was going in:"Not even a bit actually. It was just good rhythm. I picked it up in time...I was just able to shoot it high enough so it felt good. I kind of prayed to make a big shot and it happened."

On his play on defense to set that land:"Obviously it was a good play. I was just in the position because of how coach set up the defense. I just had to do my job and get my man. I think my teammates did a great job up until them, grabbing and getting out. It's a great team."

On if he likes taking those game­winning, buzzer­beater shots:"For sure. I like them even more when they go in. I missed a couple this year, but I'm glad this one went in and I'm glad we won. Hopefully we can try to get a lucky streak going from here."