VIDEO » Sheed and Bonzi Join KG's Area 21

by Cody Sharrett

Former Trail Blazers greats Rasheed Wallace and Bonzi Wells stopped by TNT's 'Area 21' hosted by former NBA Most Valuable Player Kevin Garnett. The three discussed a variety of topics around the NBA, including Wells' thoughts on the current Blazer squad. 

"I like ‘em," Wells said of Portland. "I like what they got going on out there. You start with their guards, Dame Lillard and CJ McCollum. I think they’re a matchup nightmare every night. I think they’re big across the board. They got some bodies they can throw at people. With this new game, and they’re spreading the court and they’re going small. I think down the stretch they could be in trouble defensively, but I think they can outscore anybody because they got some scorers on the floor."

Wallace praised Blazer legend Clyde Drexler for his historic free-throw line dunk versus the Lakers in 1984: 

"My personal, I’m gonna say Clyde Drexler… He’s the only guy I know took off from the foul line during a game."

And, of course, both Sheed and Bonzi had to weigh-in on Golden State guard Stephen Curry's infamous mouthpiece toss... 

Wells: "Rasheed Wallace woulda got 12-plus games."

Wallace: "For three years I’da had to go over to the CBA or D-League or something..."

Wells: "They woulda suspended me four games just for holding him back…. Anybody else, Sheed, that’s a suspension. We love Steph and what he bring to the game, but you gotta hold him accountable like everybody else."

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