Photo / Bruce Ely

McCollum Expresses Love for 'Ride-or-Die' Rip City via The Player's Tribune

by Cody Sharrett

There's nothing like the playoff atmosphere in Rip City. 

Ahead of Game Three of the Portland Trail Blazers' first round series versus the Golden State Warriors, guard CJ McCollum took to The Players' Tribune to express his love for Rip City. Portland, much like last postseason' series with the LA Clippers and Warriors, currently trails Golden State 2-0 going into Game Tree at home. The Blazers took Game Three in both series in 2016, and look to do the same Saturday night at Moda Center.

Writes McCollum: 

"Portland basketball fans are the best basketball fans in the world. Period.

Other fans arrive a quarter late for games. Blazers fans regularly show up an hour before tip.

Other fans get antsy when their team’s offense struggles to score for a few possessions. Blazers fans give us standing ovations, like they’re trying to will their energy into us.

Other fans might stop coming to games when their teams fall in the standings. Blazers fans just pack the house even more.

Like — we don’t have those bandwagon hoops fans in Portland. We don’t have those bougie, not-into-it, wouldn’t-be-caught-dead-in-the-free-t-shirt hoops fans in Portland. We’ve got those pinwheel-tattooed, bleeding-red-and-black, still-rocking-that-Walton-jersey, ride-or-die, realer-than-real hoops fans in Portland. The love is real. The support is real.

And the impact is real."

Tipoff for Saturday's game is set for 7:30pm on ESPN and KGW. Read McCollum's full post on The Players' Tribune.