Photo / TMZ

Lillard Talks Kobe with TMZ

by Cody Sharrett

Given that Tuesday is recently retired NBA great Kobe Bryant's 38th birthday, coupled by news that the former Los Angeles Laker announced a $100 million venture capital fund on Monday, it seems that all anyone wants to talk about right now is the Black Mamba. Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard was approached by TMZ Sports while waiting on a ride at the airport to give his take on Bryant's post-NBA career. 

"He’s been one of those vets that hasn’t been out of touch," Lillard said after being told of Bryant's new project. "Every time that I reached out to him with questions or anything, he’s always gotten back to me. Of course everybody respects him. It doesn’t surprise me that he’s ventured into something away from basketball. He’s a very intelligent guy, so I wish him the best in that."

With off-court interests ranging from recording original music to his own sneaker and apparel line with adidas, Lillard laughed when asked if he'd ever team up with Bryant in the business world. 

"The question is ‘Would he team up with me?,’ not ‘Would I team up with Kobe'" Lillard joked while enjoying a post-flight snack.

Watch the full interview below.