Notes & Quotes: Trail Blazers 90, Spurs 103

by Casey Holdahl
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March 12, 2014



Damian Lillard

On Aldridge's Injury:
“It looked really painful. I watched him go up for the shot and just fall straight out of the air. That’s a tough fall. I was concerned about his well-being more than anything else once I saw his facial expression and that he stayed down. I’ve never seen him stay down like that. So obviously I was concerned for him.”

On The Loss Of Aldridge And Recent Losses:
“I would say it’s the most adversity we’ve had to go against as a team. We lose in L.A., Mo being out tonight, four losses in a row for the first time, it’s a really tough stretch. I think it’s the type of year that we turn this into (that matters). With us being 42-33, I think we’ve kind of given ourselves some room for error. (We’ve given ourselves) some room for times like this where we lose four games in a row unexpectedly. So it’s time for us to turn it around. We have to stick with it. As players, we can be the ones that are overly concerned about losing the game. We played against really good teams. Our rhythm has been kind of off, so that makes everything harder. Playing against good teams, closing in on the Playoffs, it’s the end of the season. Teams are fighting for their playoff lives. We’re getting everybody’s best shot, and we’re in a tough stretch. That makes everything harder.”


Wesley Matthews

On Aldridge's Injury:
“Hopefully it’s nothing too serious, and he can come back as quickly as possible and as healthy as possible.”

On Getting Back Into Game After Aldridge's Injury:
“Unfortunately, we’ve played through games without him, so we’re accustomed to that kind of style of play. We’re going to fight every game. We’re going to compete. Now it’s just time for us to make our own luck. Get the 50-50 balls, turn these games around, stop waiting for it to happen and just compete like we were earlier in the year.”

On What is To Blame For Losing Streak:
“The aggressor in every fight wins. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a fight before, but the aggressor in any fight wins. 17 games left, and it’s going to be a dogfight every game. The aggressor is going to win.”


Terry Stotts

On Aldridge's Injury:
“There’s no update on L.A. He’s getting X-rays I believe, but there’s no update on him.”

On Emotions When Aldridge Went Down:
“Concern. When a guy takes a tough fall like that, when you’re airborne, you just don’t know what can happen when he lands. The longer he stayed down you just don’t know.”

On Why The Offense Has Had Trouble Clicking Lately:
“I don’t know. It’s probably a little bit of everything. We could probably execute better. We could probably finish better. Probably set better screens. Give credit to the defense, San Antonio’s a good defensive team. We didn’t get a lot of easy baskets. Probably a few things.”

On Message To Team If Aldridge Is Out An Extended Amount Of Time:
“I’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

On Lengthy Discussion In Locker Room Post-Game:
“Just talking a few things out.”

On Team's Response After Aldridge's Injury:
“I think we play hard all the time. We played small and there were a couple points in the half where I thought we were kind of back in it, but then San Antonio, like at the beginning of the fourth nails two threes. Right when we were right in the thick of things. The guys that were out there were playing hard, looking for opportunities, but it was tough to get over the hump.”

On If This Is The Most Adversity Team Has Seen All Year:
“Well four in a row, we knew this trip was going to be tough. We lost a couple of close ones, but this is a league of adversity. Every team goes through it at some point and it’s how you come through it that matters.”


Tony Parker

On Tonight's Game:
“It was a tough game for both teams coming off a back-to-back. We tried to get some energy going, but overall I thought the ball movement was great. We played great defensively. We had a good lead in the first half and just kept it up the whole game.”

On Rotation:
“We are getting a rhythm. Obviously, we do not want to peak too early but we are playing good basketball and hopefully we can keep it going and stay healthy.”

On Playing So Many Games With The Big Three:
“It is unbelievable. It has been a great run. It has been special and I have been blessed to play with Timmy and Manu. To be named with Magic, Kareem and Michael Cooper when I grew up watching them, I never thought in my wildest dreams that my name would be next to them.”


Danny Green

On Shooting Well Despite Sore Wrist:
“I have actually been shooting better since the injury. Last game I tweaked it a little bit and figure not to push it so I gave it some rest and today it worked out for me.”

On Getting Back To Fundamentals After Injury:
“I definitely stuck more to the fundamentals and just sticking to the basics and concentrating on holding my follow through and catching the ball first. When you are healthy you rush up shots, but now I’m taking my time and sticking to the basics.”

On Ball Movement:
“A product of us moving the ball was us getting a lot of guys in double figures. When the ball moves is when I get my open shots. For the most part we played all-around defensively and that is the biggest key for us.”


Gregg Popovich

On Tonight's Game:
“I thought the defense was good. Obviously, they missed LaMarcus (Aldridge) in the second half so that was a really tough break for them. I hope he comes back quickly. He is a hell of a player and nobody wants to see that. Withstanding that, the defense was good. We played physically, we moved the ball well and got a lot of people to play so I think we are staying pretty fresh.”

On The Offense And Fast Starts:
“Sometimes it really helps set a tone when you do that. Don’t always do that but in the last two games, getting off to those starts has really helped us momentum-wise and also helps us substitution wise.”

On The Team Having The Best Record In The League:
“Every team has to play with injuries at some point in the year. I think our bench has really helped us sustain a winning record. Without them we would have been in big trouble.”

On Uniqueness Of Having The Big Three Together All These Years:
“Being a human, one takes it for granted when you don’t stop and think about what those guys have done and how long they have been together. They have gone through listening to me for all those years. One does have to stop and really think about what they have meant to our program and how consistent those three guys have been because it does not happen that often in the league. We all need to appreciate it a lot more in San Antonio for sure.”


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