We Are All Part of Rip City
We are all part of Rip City
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Rip City brings people together to create lasting memories through the power of sports and entertainment.

Our organization has an opportunity and responsibility to positively impact our staff, players, fans, and community. As such, we are committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organization and our community, which includes:

  • Providing a safe and welcoming environment that champions differences and embraces the respectful open expression of ideas that are free from hateful, racist, profane, violent or harassing behaviors or comments.
  • Ensuring that our policies, practices and programs consider and seek to address societal inequities that disproportionately impact specific groups.
  • Utilizing our platform and resources to positively impact people throughout our community who have been underserved.
  • Cultivating a staff that reflects the community we serve and an inclusive culture where multiple perspectives are valued.

We ask that you join us in this journey, and that you continue to advance this work within your own sphere of influence. We are all in this together – after all, we are all part of Rip City.

We Are All Part of Rip City


Dear Fans of Rip City,

The information being shared with you on this website is important to us at the Trail Blazers and Rip City Management. It’s a look into our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We’ve chosen to be open and honest in our approach to shaping this part of our culture. And we want you to share in our journey.

Our commitment represents more than just compliance. It is an effort that includes investments in training, dialog and action with our own employees. We’re learning a great deal internally about what makes us similar and different as human beings, and as members of the same team. That knowledge – whether about race, gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, physical capacity or life experience – will help make us an even better company.

We hope to use our belief in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in many ways:

  • As lenses through which key decisions are made that shape our business practices, from the recruitment and development of employees to the vendors who supply our operations.
  • As filters to shape messages, content and social responsibility initiatives shared with you, whether through marketing campaigns, charitable contributions or cultural celebrations for fan engagement.
  • As guideposts to measure progress; fuel our motivation; and navigate our way through challenges.

We have not approached Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with a finish line in mind. There is no expiration date on the mission we’re undertaking. This is a journey with considerable distance still to cover, and lots to learn along the way. Our goal is to keep our differences and similarities from being liabilities or barriers to success.

We welcome everyone to share in our journey and believe as we do – we’re all part of Rip City.


Chris. D. McGowan, President & CEO

Inclusion Council

The RQ Inclusion Council was formed in September of 2018. 30 RQ staff applied and were selected to serve as advocates and champions for the company’s DEI efforts. These dedicated individuals are responsible for spreading knowledge, empowering others and ensuring DEI is core to our company culture. This team will help identify needs and areas of growth for the company and will also serve as a constant reminder that all RQ staff members are responsible for advancing diversity, equity & inclusion within their sphere of influence.


To bring people together and create extraordinary moments and lasting memories through the power of sports and entertainment




We are authentic and uphold our commitments and values



We celebrate individuality and engage multiple perspectives



We embrace new ideas and are always learning and improving



We have a positive influence on each other, our community, environment, partners, fans and guests


• Commitment to Safety
• Seamless Performance
• Individual Connection
• Passion and Fun

2018-19 Celebration Nights


Every year in our employee survey we ask staff questions that reflect a culture of inclusivity. We are always working on improving so that everyone feels a sense of connection and belonging at work.

Commitment to diversity reflected in our values, policies, etc.

2017 Full-Time Staff
2017 Part-Time Staff
2018 Full-Time Staff
2018 Part-Time Staff

Employees appreciate people from different backgrounds

2017 Full-Time Staff
2017 Part-Time Staff
2018 Full-Time Staff
2018 Part-Time Staff

RQ provides an environment for open expression

2017 Full-Time Staff
2017 Part-Time Staff
2018 Full-Time Staff
2018 Part-Time Staff

Want to learn more?

Download the entire DEI Progress Report.

DEI Strategic Plan Vision Statements

As part of our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, we have a strategic plan that spans across our business. The plan was created, and is being executed, by over 30 stakeholders from throughout the company. At the highest level, here are our vision statements for each area of the strategic plan. Learn more about our commitment to supplier diversity.
A compelling DEI vision, plan, and business case has been developed and communicated internally and externally and is embedded in all company policies and procedures.
DEI goals and milestones developed and leadership and staff hold each other accountable for a commitment to advancing DEI at the company; all staff see themselves as leaders in this work.
Diverse perspectives are engaged and valued across the company, relationships are valued, and there is a culture of respectful transparency and feedback.
The company practices accessible and equitable recruitment, retention and advancement, and reflects the diversity of the labor market at all levels of the company.
The company has an atmosphere of inclusion that leverages the creativity and connection diversity can bring to drive product innovation and sales, and uphold exceptional levels of service.
The company continuously works towards the advancement of DEI internally and externally utilizing community partnerships that empower historically underserved communities to be drivers of equity within their own communities.
The company has a diverse supplier base and influences the landscape of the supplier industry.