VIDEO » Jusuf Nurkic Hits The Streets For Stumptown Coffee

by Casey Holdahl
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Last season, the folks over at Stumptown Coffee achieved an advertising feat by embedding the phrase "Shabazz is the man" into the collective consciousness of Trail Blazers fans thanks to a campy commercial featuring the now-former Trail Blazer. But with Napier now playing in Brooklyn, the role of pitchman this season for Stumptown's "Blazers Blend" was open, and apparently, Jusuf Nurkić has stepped in to fill the void...

As you can see, the premise of the spot revolves around the tag line "Jusuf Nurkić in a van," which might not have the same ear worm properties as "Shabazz is the man," but it works nonetheless, especially when one considers that Nurkić is an self-avowed coffee fanatic. Napier doesn't make a return appearance for obvious reasons, though "Dry Ice," who got crossed up on last year's spot, once again suffers a cruel fate due to preferring the taste of haterade to that of coffee. And while I'm not exactly sure why Nurkić transforms into a roadie driving a heavy metal band through industrial southeast Portland midway through the spot, some things are better left unexplained.

You can buy Stumptown's "Blazers Blend" online or wherever Stumptown Coffee is sold (at least in the Portland metro area).


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