VIDEO: Evan Turner Breakdances His Way Through Cryotherapy

by Casey Holdahl
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The use of cryotherapy, which consists of standing in a chamber super cooled by liquid nitrogen or some other form of coolant, has become rather common in the NBA. Akin to the longstanding practice of using cold tubs or whirlpools to aid in recovery, players who use cryotherapy often note that their bodies feel energized and revitalized after the treatments, which take less just a few minutes to complete due to the super cool temperatures.

Some players, in this case, Evan Turner, evidently feel those effects right away. While undergoing a round of cryotherapy at US Cryotherapy in Davis, CA, Turner, along with Maurice Harkless, assistant coach David Vanterpool and Director of Player Health and Performance Jesse Elis, broke out his best pop and lock as a way to pass the time in the freezing cold chamber. The addition of masks, hats and mittens, a requirement to keep the extremities from being damaged in the cold conditions, only adds to the performance.