VIDEO: CJ McCollum Joins Victor Cruz And Jemele Hill To Debate Jordan vs. LeBron

At this point, it's hard to imagine why someone would be all that interested in debating whether Michael Jordan or LeBron James (or any other player for that matter) is the greatest player in NBA history. Jordan has his supporters, James has his and, for the most part, nobody is changing their mind about who truly deserves Greatest Of All Time status.

But even though there don't seem to be too many swing voters in the Jordan vs. LeBron race, the debate continues nonetheless. The latest salvo: our own CJ McCollum joins Victor Cruz, Jemelle Hill, Ebro Darden and Rachel Demita on "Last Table," a joint effort by ESPN and Cycle (sponsored by Corona!) to once again hash out the arguments regarding which player should be considered the best to ever do it...

While he doesn't ever say as much explicitly, CJ seems to be a Jordan guy, though he also says such distinctions should only be made after James retires. McCollum also gets in a quick bit of recruitment and gets in a few nice words about Portland in between some mild arguing with Cruz. And just like every other Jordan vs. LeBron debate before it, this one ends with no clear consensus.