VIDEO » Carmelo Anthony Discusses Joining the Blazers And His 'Different Approach'

by Casey Holdahl
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In a video posted on his YouTube page, forward Carmelo Anthony breaks down his decision to (reportedly) sign with the Trail Blazers as a free agent..,

First, Anthony talks about being contacted by the Blazers and the process of coming to terms in principle on a non-guaranteed contract.

"All of this started on a Wednesday. I got the call Wednesday, thought about it then that Thursday was the commitment. It was 'Okay, I'm ready to do this. If you guys really want to make this happen, I'm open. Let's really get serious about this, let's make something happen.'"

He then talks about preparing himself to join the Blazers after not playing since being just by the Rockets 10 games into the 2018-19 season.

"Mentally and emotionally, I had almost detached myself from the game a little bit just to give myself some sanity and not think about it," said Anthony. "But once I got that call, the challenge was for me to flip that back mentally."

As one might expect, Anthony says he always looked at the Trail Blazers as a team that might present an opportunity for the 10-time All-Star to get back into the league, especially due to his familiarity with Portland's starting backcourt and their previous attempts to acquire him via on multiple occasions.

"I always kept my eye on Portland. It just didn't work out at other times, but now it seems like a perfect opportunity," said Anthony. "Me and Dame, we've been talking for the past couple years, off and on. CJ has been playing in my Black Ops runs for the last four years. I just look at that opportunity, that team and say, 'Look, this is what I can bring to the team. This is where I can help.' It will only work if all parties see it the same way."

Finally, he wraps up the video by alluding to some of the issues he reported encountered in his most recent stops with the Thunder and Rockets. After a year on the sidelines, Anthony talks about gaining perspective and vows change this time around. 

"What happened before is the past, I can't dwell on that. I learned from that," said Anthony. "This happened in a point in my life where I do have a lot of clarity and understanding of different situations and just life. My approach is totally different."


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