PODCAST » First Bus, Episode 6

by Casey Holdahl
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Greetings from North Portland. With the postponement of the NBA season entering its third week, Brooke Olzendam and I, Casey Holdahl, decided to burn some time by recording the sixth edition of the First Bus podcast, which is supposed to be the podcast documenting life on the road with the Portland Trail Blazers. Obviously it's something much different than that now...

In this edition we discuss where the Trail Blazers would be if the season wasn’t postponed, complaints about Jeopardy, trying to restart the NBA in a quarantine bubble and the issues that might pose, Brooke getting tested for COVID-19, changing your name, busting chops with Terry Stotts, Brooke’s Tiger King thoughts and other shows we're watching, little versus lil, river otters versus ocean otters and Brooke’s Cameo requests. It's something to do. 

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