Lillard In Top 10 Of NBA2K20 Rankings

On Monday, the folks at 2K released the first round of rankings for the upcoming game, NBA 2K20. The entire rankings will be released at a date closer to release in September, but the Top 20 players overall, as well as Top 5 rankings for three-point shooters, bigs and rookies.

Which is how we know that Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard has an overall rating of 92, which ranks eighth among all players and puts him right behind Paul George with a 93 rating and just ahead of Joel Embiid with a 91 rating.

Lillard is the third-highest rated guard, trailing only James Harden (96) and Stephen Curry (95) and is ahead of the likes of Kyrie Irving (91), Russell Westbrook (90) and Klay Thompson (89), Kemba Walker (88) and Donovan Mitchell (88). Lillard's ranking is two points higher than his initial ranking in NBA2K19.

Unlike a number of players, Lillard seemed indifferent when asked about his ranking -- he doesn't play as himself on the game anyway -- though he did managed to get in a little jab at the developers nonetheless.

"It's fine, I never really cared," said Lillard. "I don't understand why people get mad about what the rating is. A lot of people that come up with the game, they probably can't even shoot."