Lillard The Most Clutch, McCollum Covers Ground, Davis Eats Offensive Rebounds And Other Stats Three Weeks Into the Season

by Casey Holdahl
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While the sample sizes are still relatively small, ten games seems about the right time to check in on how the Trail Blazers are doing statistically so far this season.

But rather than perusing the standard counting stats such as points per game, turnovers and overall field goal percentage, let's focus on some of the lesser-known stats and numbers compiled through the use of player tracking video cameras positioned around all 29 of the NBA's arenas.

All statistics current through games played on November 6. All stats courtesy of

• Damian Lillard is first in "clutch" scoring with 42 points on 58 percent shooting from the field, 33 percent shooting from three and a perfect 17-of-17 from the free throw line. The Trail Blazers have had seven games that qualify as "clutch," which in the NBA's case means the team is within five points with five minutes to play. Portland has a 4-3 record in "clutch" games this season.

• In terms of "hustle" stats, Damian Lillard is 3rd in the NBA this season in loose balls recovered at 1.9 per game. Both CJ McCollum and Maurice Harkless make the Top 50 in recovered loose balls at 1.2 and 1.0 per game, respectively.

• Jusuf Nurkić also makes the "hustle" stat board with 3.5 screen assists per game, good for 9th in the NBA so far this season. Screen assists are considered a screen that directly leads to a made field goal.

• Ed Davis is 2nd in offensive rebound rate this season (minimum 15 minutes per game) at 19.1 percent. Only Knicks center Enes Kanter is grabbing a high percentage of available offensive rebounds, and just barely at 19.8 percent. Davis is also 7th in overall rebound percentage at 23.1 percent.

• Damian Lillard is 7th in points off of isolation plays so far this season, scoring 4.5 per game on 4.3 possessions per game, 10th most. The 6-3 point guard is shooting 37.5 percent on isolations attempts this season.

CJ McCollum also makes the Top 50 in terms of isolation scoring at 2.6 points on 3.0 attempts per game.

• Damian Lillard is 3rd in both points scored as a pick and roll hall handler with 11.1 per game and pick and roll ball handler possessions at 11.3 per game. CJ McCollum come in at 13th in pick and roll ball handler points at 6.7 per game and is 18th in possessions at 6.7 per game.

• As for the other side of that equation, Jusuf Nurkić is 12th in pick and roll roll man points at 4.2 per game on 4.3 possessions, which is 8th in the NBA this season. Nurkić is shooting 44 percent on those opportunities.

• Jusuf Nurkić is 10th in post up possessions at 4.5 per game. But he's 14th in scoring off post ups at 3.4 points per game thanks to shooting just 40 percent on those attempts, though that number has started to go up since the first few weeks of the season. His 3.5 field goal attempts out of post ups this season is good for 8th.

• CJ McCollum is 4th in points off of spot up opportunities this season at 6.6 points per game. What's more impressive though is that McCollum averaged 6.6 points despite getting just 3.7 spot up opportunities per game, which ranks 33rd. The reason? McCollum is averaging 1.79 points per spot up possession, the best mark in the NBA among players with at least 2.0 spot up attempts per game, while shooting a ridiculous 64.5 percent from the field on spot ups.

• Jusuf Nurkić is 11th in points off of cuts at 3.1 per game on 2.4 attempts. Nurkič is shooting 58 percent on cuts this season, which is lower than it probably should be but far better than his percentage in post ups.

Maurice Harkless also makes the Top 50 with 2.4 points off of cuts per game. Harkless is shooting 69 percent on 1.3 attempts per game. And so does Ed Davis at 2.1 points on 2.2 possessions per game. Stay sharp.

• Ed Davis is 10th in points off of putbacks this season at 2.4 per game. Davis is getting 2.4 putback possessions this sseason, with ranks 8th, and is converting those at a clip of 50 percent. That's what a healthy Ed Davis does for you.

• Damian Lillard is 10th so far in drives at 14.9 per game this season. He's 9th in points off of drives at 8.7 per game while shooting 41.5 percent. CJ McCollum also makes at the Top 50 with 4.6 points on drives, though he's shooting 36 percent on 5.4 drive attempts per game.

• Damian Lillard is 10th in the NBA in touches with 85.9 per game. Lillard's touches average 6.01 seconds, which is 4th behind the likes of John Wall, Kemba Walker and James Harden. Lillard averages 5.57 dribbles per touch, which ranks 7th.

Then there's Jusuf Nurkić, who is 8th in terms of touches at the elbow with 5.9 per game.

• The Trail Blazers have three players in the Top 50 in pull up shooting, with CJ McCollum coming in at 2nd in the NBA with 9.7 points per game on pull ups. McCollum shooting a respectable 46 percent overall on pull ups and a ridiculous 57 percent on pull up three-pointers. Damian Lillard isn't far behind with 8.5 pull up points, good for 5th overall. And Evan Turner sneaks in at No. 50 with 3.8 pull up point per game.

Though he scores more points than his backcourt partner, McCollum takes 8.9 pull up attempts per game, good for 4th overall. Lillard is 3rd with 9.4 attempts per game.

• Portland has been one of the best rebounding teams this season, and a large reason why is their ability to grab contested rebounds. The Trail Blazers have three players in the Top 50 in contested rebounds (minimum five games played) led by 3.7 per game from Ed Davis. Jusuf Nurkić and Al-Farouq Aminu are close behind, averaging 3.1 contested rebounds per game.

• As for offensive rebounds, Ed Davis ranks 11th in contested offensive rebounds at 2.2 per game (minimum five games played). Jusuf Nurkić also makes the Top 50 with 1.1 contested offensive rebounds per game.

• After taking the distance covered crown last season, CJ McCollum currently ranks 2nd this season at 14,399.1 feet or 2.73 miles traveled this season. McCollum is 1st in distance travelled on offense at 1.55 miles and 9th in miles covered on defense at 1.17 miles. Damian Lillard is close behind in 6th with 13,704.2 feet or 2.6 miles covered this season.