Curry's Defensive Rating, Leonard's Effective Field Goal Percentage And Other Interesting Stats At The 20 Game Mark

by Casey Holdahl
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Now that the Trail Blazers have reached the quarter season mark with a 12-8 record, there's a large enough sample size to start gauging how the team is performing from a statistical perspective.

But rather than focusing on the per game traditional stats that are widely accessible, let's take a look at some of the more under-the-radar statistics that the NBA keeps both through play-by-play data and video-based player tracking. And we're going to keep this one player-specific, with a similar digest focusing on team stats coming in the next few days.

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• Damian Lillard is 8th in scoring at 26.5 points per game on 43 percent shooting from the field, 34 percent shooting from three and 90 percent shooting from the free throw line. He ranks 9th in field goal attempts at 19.8 per game, with 7.8 of those coming from behind the three-point line, which ranks 10th.

• Jusuf Nurkić ranks 18th in offensive rating (minimum 10 games) at 114.5 points per 100 possessions. CJ McCollum comes in at 22nd at 113.7.

• Seth Curry ranks 6th in defensive rating (minimum 10 games) at 91.7 points allowed/100 possessions. Portland had three bench players in the Top 20 in defensive rating prior to their three-game losing streak. Seth also has the 3rd-best net rating in the NBA at +17.9.

• Meyers Leonard is 6th in the NBA in effective field goal percentage at 67 percent. Leonard is shooting 53 percent from three this season, which would rank him 2nd in the NBA had he taken enough attempts to qualify, gets almost half of his attempts from three and is shooting 89 percent from the free throw line, hence his high EFG percentage.

• Jusuf Nurkić ranks 8th in second-chance points at 4.1 per game.

• Damian Lillard is 14th personal fouls drawn at 5.3 per game, though he ranks 9th in free throws attempted at 7.4 per game.

• Seth Curry scores 69 percent of his points off of three-pointers, the 14th highest mark in the NBA this season (minimum 10 games played).

• Seth Curry is shooting an effective field goal percentage of 78 percent, which ranks 4th in the NBA (minimum 10 games), on shots taken without dribbling, which is mostly due to shooting 58 percent from three, which ranks 3rd, without dribbling (which is almost always a catch and shoot).

• CJ McCollum is shooting 57 percent on mid-range shots, the which ranks 2nd in the NBA (minimum 2 mid-range attempts per game). Evan Turner ranks 11th at 51 percent.

• Jusuf Nurkić is 5th in screen assists, which the NBA defines as "screens for a teammate that directly lead to a made field goal by that teammate." at 4.8 per game. Nurkić teammates score 10.9 points per game off those screen assists, which also ranks 5th.

• Damian Lillard ranks 9th in drives this season at 14.5 per game. He averages 9.1 points on those drives, which ranks 7th, on 48 percent shooting. CJ McCollum also makes the Top 50 with 5.9 points per game on drives on 45 percent shooting.

• Seth Curry is shooting 53 percent on catch and shoot opportunities this year, which ranks 5th (minimum 10 games). Curry averages 1.9 catch and shoot attempts per game, with 1.7 of those coming from behind the three-point line.

• CJ McCollum is 5th in points off of pullup shots at 9.3 per game, with Damian Lillard close behind him in 9th at 8.1 points per game. McCollum is shooting nearly 50 percent on those attempts, which ranks 7th (minimum 2 attempts per game) while Lillard shoots 38 percent.

• Jusuf Nurkić is 8th in contested offensive rebounds at 2.7 per game. He's 15th in contested defensive rebounds at 1.9 per game.

• CJ McCollum ranks 8th in distance covered this season at 2.65 miles per game. McCollum led the league in miles covered last season and was second the season before that. McCollum covers 1.51 miles per game on offense, which ranks 4th, and 1.14 miles per game on defense, which is 23rd. Anfernee Simons has the highest average speed on the team at 4.67 miles per hour.


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