CJ McCollum Debuts New 'Pull Up' Podcast

CJ McCollum, as you're surely aware, is a man of many talents. Outside of his skills on the court, McCollum has a weekly radio show, is a contributor to The Players Tribune, has served as talent on multiple TV sports talkshows and has shown himself to be one of the NBA's preeminent philanthropists. You can now add podcaster to McCollum's list of talents, as he, along with Jordan Shultz of Yahoo! Sports, debuted "Pull Up" a new podcast on the Cadence13 network.

McCollum doesn't shy away from any of the big topics currently making the rounds in the NBA, from LeBron James' future to the situation between the Spurs and Kawhi Leonard in San Antonio. McCollum also discuses the Trail Blazers, including the segment in which he discusses the need to have buy in for a team to improve without resorting to tanking...

"It's been awesome to be a part of it just because of the fact that they put an emphasis on development. We get a few weeks off in the summer and we're in the gym working out, we're continually trying to figure out ways to improve. Working on our diets, individual workouts, film study, summer league, we have these little mini camps. We took a couple voyages together as a team where we go to San Diego, do team bonding on our own and try to figure out ways to improve and collectively gain that team chemistry, because that's crucial and extremely important as the season progresses. You're spending more time with your teammates, with the coaching staff than you are with your family and loved ones, so you have to be able to really understand each other, be on the same wavelength. Late in games, if you make eye contact you should know exactly what the other person is thinking and be able to execute it.I think the fact that our team does such a great job of putting the emphasis on being a player-first organization, we've seen that. From the staff to the front office to everybody, the emphasis is on us, figuring out ways to improve our team, figuring out ways to keep us in great shape, figuring out ways to win games. Whether that be acquiring free agents, whether that be selecting the right draft picks or developing us internally, they'd done a great job, to my eyes, throughout my career."

McCollum and Shultz also delve into non-NBA topics, such as CJ's love for red wine and what books he's currently reading. Not sure how frequent the episodes are going to be, though if you subscribe now, you won't have to worry about missing out.