Carmelo's Career From Oak Hill To Portland On 'Old Man And The Three'

Trail Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony joined JJ Redick and Tommy Alter on the latest edition of Redick's new podcast (he was one of the first in an ever expanding list of NBA player podcasters) "The Old Man and the Three." It's a long conversation touching on Anthony's entire career, from being an All-American out of Oak Hill Academy to joining the Trail Blazers a month into the 2019-20 season. 

"Was it a second chance? Yes, it was a second chance," said Anthony of joining the Trail Blazers. "But for me it was more like, they’re taking a chance on me and I have to be there for them. They call me, ‘we want you’ and I was like ‘you want me or you need me?’ You know what I’m saying? Which one is it? It was just like ‘we really need you.’ So because they told me that they needed me, that made me like this is where I need to be because they need me. If they need you, they want you, but if they want you, they don’t need you. It’s a difference, it’s a big difference."

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