Blazers Thoughts: The Worst Time I Got Dunked On

by Casey Holdahl
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It wasn't too long ago that the Los Angeles Clippers were referred to as "Lob City" thanks to Chris Paul's willingness to throw accurate alley-oop passes and the ability of Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan to emphatically finish those passes. But Paul was traded in the offseason to Houston and Griffin, despite signing a five-year extension with the Clippers in 2017, was sent to Detroit with Willie Reed and Brice Johnson in exchange for Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjanovic and several draft picks, leaving Jordan as the only remnant of the high-flying triumvirate. Lob City, it seems, is now unincorporated.

Given that, and the fact the Trail Blazers are playing the Clippers Tuesday night (tipoff scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on TNT and NBC Sports NW Rip City Radio 620 AM) in their first game since the Griffin trade, it seemed like a good opportunity to ask some of Portland's players about the worst time they ever got dunked on in the most recent edition of Blazers Thoughts.


"I haven’t been dunked on much. I’m trying to think of a time in the NBA where I got dunked on. In high school I got tip dunked on bad. I remember, I think it was like 10th grade, we was playing against Cleveland Basketball Club or something like that, it was BJ Mullens. Usually my team, we didn’t have a bunch of guys that got recruited a lot and stuff like that, so we would always do the pool play at tournaments and stuff and we hardly ever made it out to the brackets where you’re playing against the top teams in the country. One time in Vegas we actually made it out. We had a good tournament, we made it out of pool play and was playing against Cleveland Basketball or whatever, Ohio Basketball or something like that.

"In high school, I was a rebounder, like I would go get rebounds. As a guard I’d be 10 rebounds all the time. I remember one time we was playing against them, the ball came off and I jumped up there to get it. The ball was like in my hands and I just remember another big dude just grabbing it with two hands out of my hands and just dunking it over me, knocked me out of bounds a little bit. I didn’t fall or nothing but it was like he just dunked it over me and ran back like it was nothing. And I was like ‘This dude, this is like an NBA player.’ You could tell it was like, this is what he does. That was my first experience of that level of a big man. And then a couple years later he was at Ohio State, then he was in the league I was like ‘Okay, if I’m going to get dunked on, it’s going to be by somebody at that level.’”


"My worst time being dunked on was by Moe. I’m sure you saw the video, we were in Atlanta. I guess that’s not too bad if that’s the worst. It could be worse, but that’s the worst. I’m smart, I know when to get out of the way… It’s a hard question because if you really get dunked on, you forget about it."


"My sophomore year of high school Ivan Rabb dunked on me pretty bad. It was the Tarkanian Classic, we were playing at the Orleans Arena. It was a fastbreak, like a two on one. I go up for everything, I try to block everything and he just jumped a little higher than me and dunked on me. That’s how it happened."


"In a game? No, I’ve never got dunked on in a game. Unless I’m playing around I’m never usually underneath the hoop to get dunked on. I’ve never got dunked on. I’ve dunked on somebody before but I never got dunked on. In high school. Funny thing is I dunked on somebody against St. Mark’s and then the next game against Groton I dunked on someone, an and-one off two feet. I was ecstatic."

(Note: Napier's teammates took issue with his claim he'd never been dunked on, with multiple players interjecting that he was dunked on "a few minutes ago.")


"My first time getting dunked on was in the 7th grade. I was 12 years old and I was playing U-15 down at the Reggie Lewis Center. This kid, he stole the ball from one of my teammates and I ran back trying to chase him down. He went down the court, got real explosive and just cocked it on me, bang and-one. All my boys was trash talking about it for years, but that’s why I have no fear going after dunk attempts. I’m not scared to get dunked on."