Where Can I find Blaze?

Blaze is an integral part of the Trail Blazers’ community programs and serves as a team ambassador making appearances around Oregon, SW Washington and around the world! When he’s not at Trail Blazers’ games, Blaze loves jumping in his custom-made Blaze van and getting out in the community to visit with other Trail Blazers fans. Whether he’s at a school assembly, birthday party, grand opening, parade, charity run, ribbon cutting ceremony or a surprise visit, Blaze is always the life of the party!

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Who Is Blaze the Trail Cat?

Blaze the Trail Cat joined the Trail Blazer family back in 2002 and has been the team’s biggest fan ever since. Born in the towering pines of the Oregon Cascades, Blaze was always a little different from the other cubs, with unique two-toned silver fur, ears, a tail that looks like blazing flames and a heart-shaped nose. He loved his life in the mountains, but always felt there was something else out there for him. So, one day, he set off on a journey through the woods and eventually found himself on the steps of the Oregon Humane Society. The staff there had never seen anything like him, but he was so playful, energetic and friendly they knew they needed to find a good home for him.

The Trail Blazers heard about this frisky feline and knew right away that they wanted to adopt him and make him the team’s first-ever mascot. Blaze felt at home right away with the Trail Blazers and quickly became a basketball fan and the team’s biggest supporter. His love for the team and its fans has only grown over the years and he loves nothing more than to be at Moda Center with the best fans in the NBA! Blaze has become a staple at every Trail Blazers home game cheering on the team, visiting with fans, dancing in the stands, dunking with the Rip City Slammers, being on the court with his trail cat family, including Air Blaze, Lil Blaze and Gigantor Blaze, and entertaining Blazers fans! And it’s not just fans here in the USA, Blaze has made appearances at the European Basketball Championships in Lithuania, participated in Dunking Clinics in South Africa and spent time in China during the summer of 2018.


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