Section I-Team
a. Each team shall consist of five players. No team may be reduced to less than five players. If a player in the game receives his sixth personal foul and all substitutes have already been disqualified, said player shall remain in the game and shall be charged with a personal and team foul. A technical foul also shall be assessed against his team. All subsequent personal fouls, including offensive fouls, shall be treated similarly. All players who have six or more personal fouls and remain in the game shall be treated similarly.
b. In the event that there are only five eligible players remaining and one of these players is injured and must leave the game or is ejected, he must be replaced by the last player who was disqualified by reason of receiving six personal fouls. Each subsequent requirement to replace an injured or ejected player will be treated in this inverse order. Any such re-entry into a game by a disqualified player shall be penalized by a technical foul.
c. In the event that a player becomes ill and must leave the court while the ball is in play, the official will stop play immediately when his team gains new possession. The player shall be replaced and no technical foul will be assessed. The opposing team is also permitted to substitute one player.
Section II-Starting Line-Ups At least ten minutes before the game is scheduled to begin, the scorers shall be supplied with the name and number of each player who may participate in the game. Starting line-ups will be indicated. Failure to comply with this provision shall be reported to the Basketball Operations Department.
Section III-The Captain
a. A team may have a captain and a co-captain numbering a maximum of two. The designated captain may be anyone on the squad who is in uniform, except a player-coach.
b. The designated captain is the only player who may ask an official about a rule interpretation during a regular or 20-second timeout charged to his team. He may not discuss a judgment decision.
c. If the designated captain continues to sit on the bench, he remains the captain for the entire game.
d. In the event that the captain is absent from the court and bench, his coach shall immediately designate a new captain.
Section IV-The Coach and Others
a. The coach's position may be on or off the bench from the 28' hash mark to the baseline. They are permitted between the 28' hash mark and the midcourt line to relay information to players but must return to the bench side of the 28' hash mark immediately or be called for an non-unsportsmanlike technical foul. A coach is not permitted to cross the midcourt line and violators will be assessed an unsportsmanlike technical foul immediately. All assistants and trainers must remain on the bench. Coaches and trainers are not permitted to go to the scorer's table, for any reason, except during a deadball.
b. A player-coach will have no special privileges. He is to conduct himself in the same manner as any other player.
c. Any club personnel not seated on the bench must conduct themselves in a manner that would reflect favorably on the dignity of the game or that of the officials. Violations by any of the personnel indicated shall require a written report to the Basketball Operations Department for subsequent action.
d. The bench shall be occupied only by a league-approved head coach, a maximum of three assistant coaches, players and trainer. During an altercation, the head and assistant coaches are permitted on the court as b