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Shaq proves he's still King of the Hill as he shows the young fellas like LeBron and Dwight how it's done.
Watch the 2007 NBA All-Star Game in a 15-minute cutdown of the best action.
All-Star Game Recap
Experience all the scintillating slams from the Sprite Slam Dunk contest during All-Star Weekend.
Recap | SpinCam

The long-awaited race between Charles and Dick Bavetta took place All-Star Saturday night. Watch it all over again.
Watch TNT's pregame show before the 56th Annual All-Star Game.
Watch TNT's halftime show for the 56th Annual NBA All-Star Game.
Watch TNT's pregame show before All-Star Saturday Night.
Kenny Smith threw an All-Star bash in Las Vegas. TNT Overtime was there to cover it.
Nick Cannon takes a look at the hottest fashion for All-Star weekend at the Magic Fashion Convention in Las Vegas.

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