A MVPs Tale
By Darren Misener
David Sherman/NBAE/Getty Images
Bryant poses for a shot with Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman.
Mr. Bryant, the Mayor wants a picture with YOU.

That's right, when you're MVP of the 2007 NBA All-Star game, the tables turn and everyone wants to bask in your glory.

Being MVP is more than just the trophy and a handshake with the Commissioner David Stern. In fact, that's just the beginning.

Kobe Bryant was the best on All-Star Sunday Night, and everyone knew about it. What's first for a MVP after he gets off the court? The two things he needs most.

First Kobe embraced and kissed his wife, who was decked out in a very flattering Bryant 24 Western All-Star jersey dress. Only slightly less important to the star was a needed refreshment, a Gatorade that was downed quickly.

Bryant was then escorted to the back of the Arena, getting congratulatory handshakes from LeBron James, Carlos Boozer, Carmelo Anthony and Yao Ming -- who he referred to as Yao-zer.

Then a second Gatorade. It was a long game.

Right before heading in to meet the waiting media, in a side hallway in the back of the Thomas & Mack Center, there was an exchange between Bryant and his coach on this night, Mike D'Antoni.

"Great game Kobe, we'll be seeing you soon I think," said D'Antoni referring to an upcoming game between the Suns and Lakers.

"Coach D! Definitely, though can't say I'm not really looking forward to that," said Bryant.

"I'm not either," replied D'Antoni.

After meeting with the media, Bryant was ushered to a tiny photo room, where it was time for pictures with his wife, and the trophy.

Then, Gatorade No. 3.

Before KB's night was done, the Mayor of Las Vegas walked into to the room and snapped off a couple shots with the MVP and some showgirls.

The whirlwind was finally over, as Kobe turned to his wife and said, "Baby I'm almost done, I just gotta go wash off my stinky booty."

Must have been a long night for the MVP.