NBA All-Star Dance Team Blog: By Courtney
Question: What did the NBA All-Star Dancers do while they werein Las Vegas? Was it all work and no play? Did they paint the town? Thanks to Courtney of the Boston Celtics Dance Team, we were able to find out. Supported by your votes, Courtney was one of 30 Dancers who represented her NBA city during All-Star Wekeend.

First, a little introduction. Courtney is originally a California girl, but always a Celtics and Larry Bird fan at heart. She loves fresh baked cookies, shopping and, uh... shopping. If you want to get to know Courtney, it's time to hit the books. Her vocabulary covers words in four languages (including English, of course), and Courtney's favorite book is My Friend Leonard by James Fry.

Pictures, insight, stories... Bring it, Courtney. We're ready to hear it: what did the Dancers do in Vegas?

So it is finally the end of an amazing week -- I can't even believe it. When we got off the court yesterday, all of the girls looked

at each other and we were like, "That's it?" We did all this work and now it's over? None of us wanted to leave, we wanted to go back onto the court as soon as possible. It was an amazing feeling.

The All-Star Game was absolutely incredible, unlike anything I've ever done in my entire life. The celebrities that were there were unreal. The energy from the crowd, all the basketball players -- just having a chance to go out on that court and show these people why I do what I do and why the 30 of us were chosen by them to represent our 30 different teams and why we are the All-Stars... It was incredible.

There are so many people that made this possible. The Celtics -- it's amazing for me to be on the first ever Celtics team and then to be on the first ever All-Star Team. I have to thank the Celtics first off. And then the 30 girls -- I can't even believe it. We all exchanged numbers yesterday and we're all like a family.

All of us are saying that Las Vegas needs to get an NBA team so that we can be the new dancers. It's incredible, and I can't wait to go back to Boston and show my fans and the rest of the girls on my team the experience I had through pictures and things like that.

This was the opportunity of a lifetime. I remember finishing the East dance and that's the first dance that went on the court. As soon as we finished I looked eye to eye with Adam Sandler. And then I looked down the row and there's Beyonce with Jay-Z, and I was like, "Are you kidding me? I'm on the court and these people are watching." It was an incredible, incredible feeling that I got to entertain the great entertainers. I've seen every Adam Sandler movie ever made -- I mean I'm one of his biggest fans. I hit that last pose and I was literally eye-to-eye with him. It was incredible, I can't even believe it. I would do the week over, as long and hard as it was, I would do it over in a heartbeat. I loved every single second of it.

So, fans, I guess it's time to go home. I wanna thank the 30 wonderful women I got to work with this weekend. I hope we keep in touch -- I know that we will because we have a special bond. We made history with the first ever NBA All-Star Dance Team!

So, it's day six in Vegas, and a lot of work no play. We still haven't seen Vegas, actually. We've seen the Thomas & Mack Center, we've seen the arena at Mandalay Bay, and we've seen the ins and outs of the Orleans Hotel. But, nothin' else.

Today was awesome. Again, the 30 girls from all other teams are bonding so much, and you can totally tell why each girl is here. Each girl brings their own vibe, their own energy, their own special something to the team, and you can tell why they're All-Stars. It's an amazing opportunity for me to work with these girls, and I've never done anything this cool in my entire life. I don't want it to end. We think about tomorrow being the last day, and it makes all of us very sad -- we don't know where all the time went.

Days are still long. This morning was a little better. We didn't have to meet downstairs until about 10 or 11. From there, we went straight to Thomas & Mack and we sat around for quite a while rehearsing routines, trying on outfits, trying to eat here and there, taking pictures and getting ready for the big Saturday night.

The game was amazing. The energy in the crowd, all of the celebrities -- I've never seen so many celebrities in one place my whole life. It was unbelievable. Incredible. Not to mention, had to represent for the Boston Celtics because Gerald Green won the Slam Dunk Contest. Woo hoo! Shout out to Boston!

Being one of the youngest girls on the team and also a rookie, these girls are like my sisters to me. There's so many girls I look up to and aspire to be. It's like when you're a kid and you watch your favorite athelete, your favorite dancer, your favorite anything and you aspire to be that person. There's styles that I pick up from these girls, the way they act, the way they move -- everything that I just love.

Sarah from the Knicks is an amazing inspiration to me. Lindsay from the Clippers is also an inspiration. Gina from the Phoenix Suns and Jackie from the Nets. I watch those girls, and I am wowed every single time. Also, Laurie Ann Gibson has been an amazing inspiration to me, and I will forever work harder because of these people.

Just gotta let you know that it may look glamorous on the court, but that's what we're paid to do. So, lot of work and not too much play out here in Vegas. See you tomorrow!

I wanted to start off by saying I have 30 new friends. During the past five days, we’ve become so close. These thirty women from totally different backgrounds from across the country are all just amazing people.

After a full day of rehearsal yesterday, we got back from practice at about midnight. The problem was that we knew we had to perform today and wanted to be tan for the Celebrity Game. So, we all went tanning after midnight and didn't get back until after 1 am. We were incredibly loopy from being so tired and got back knowing that we'd have to get up at 7 this morning. The team is bonding. A lot of fun.

This morning, we had to rehearse for the Charles Barkley Challenge and then went sraight form there to try on our uniforms that we had to wear two hours later and weren’t completely sewn yet. After that, we went to Mandalay Bay and started rehearsing and then performed at the Celebrity Game. It was an amazing experience since it was the first time we’ve ever danced together.

Laurie Ann Gibson showed us the video and it was amazing to see what a team we were. So that was cool to see the energy we had and how together we were. It was awesome. Laurie Ann was happy with the routine, so we’re going to keep on going.

After that me and five of the girls went to Jam Session and had an autograph session. A Celtics fans brought me a Celtics Build-a-Bear, which was nice. Coming from west coast, most fans root for west coast teams like the Lakers, so it's always nice to see a Celtics fan here.

Right now, we have 10 minutes to eat dinner and then we're waiting for the Rookie Game to end so that we can rehearse for Saturday night's events and the All-Star Game on Sunday. I'll see you again tomorrow!

Today I went to the airport to do a Southwest Airlines promotion with Dominique Wilkins and Clyde Drexler. And we actually waved in the Southwest Airlines NBA Slam Dunk plane. I was posed along with Kimmie of the Sixers right next to Dominique Wilkins on a platform as he waved in the plane. Tons of pictures. And two of the dancers rode down the conveyer belt and we all unloaded the bags from the plane. A lot of fun. A lot of photos, a lot of fun. So now we just had lunch and we're ready to get right back into practice.

Make sure to check out the pictures I took of me and the other dancers to the right!

I woke up this morning more sore than I think I've ever been in my life. We were drinking Red Bull and coffee and whatever we could do to stay awake. We had an incredibly long day today. We were at Thomas & Mack arena which was absolutely incredible. I've never seen anything like it.

The entire city is actually decked out for the All-Star festivities. It's cool because we're a part of that experience and we just can't wait. We have the actual rehearsal in the arena and a little taste of what this weekend will be like. So we have one more dance to do and we're gonna do that today.

I woke up bright and early this morning. We had rehearsal at 9, but some of the girls had a 5:00 appearance, so we're working with 18 hour days usually. We learned our first routine which is incredible.

The correographer Laurie Ann Gibson is crazy, I love her -- she's just a firecracker. She gets it done, definitely. The dances are hot, and I can't wait to perform 'em. After that, we had a short lunch break and we were back to rehearsals.

I don't think we've seen any part of Vegas besides the red carpet in the room that we've been in this whole time. Then we moved on to the Eastern and Western Conference dances. The Eastern Conference, I'm a little biased because that's mine, but it's awesome.

I can't wait. The Western Conference dance is also really hot. Very visual and very Western Conference-ish. A lot of California Love in that dance. After that, we went to dinner, and after dinner we came back and finished the dances. Then we went to bed.

Wow! So, we're here in Vegas. I landed today, but my flight was actually delayed due to some weather difficulties. I arrived at 7, had to be in business casual attire by 7:30 for a meeting with the NBA and the mayor of Las Vegas. I got there -- at 7:40 about (not too bad). I walked into a room full of gorgeous, smart, intelligent, awesome girls. We all had dinner together and the free stuff began.

We started getting bags, clothes and watches and a bunch of gifts from the LVCVA and also from the NBA. And, so, that was that. Because of the three hour time difference I was exhausted, and traveling all day didn't help either. I went back to my room and went to bed.

Oh, and a shout out to Boston!