The participants in Friday's McDonalds Celebrity All-Star Game presented by 2k Sports have earned some of the world's most prestigious honors in their careers. The trophy cases of the individuals on Center Court at NBA Jam Sessions feature a Heisman Trophy (Reggie Bush), Olympic Gold Medals (WNBA stars Tamika Catchings and Katie Smith), and Grammy Awards (Nelly). Even a former holder of the WCW World Wrestling Championship Belt (David Arquette) was ready to hit the hardwood. But today there was another prize that was up for grabs - the Celebrity All-Star Game MVP.

Who would take it home? Would last year's honoree Nelly top his performance in Houston and repeat as the game's Most Valuable Player? Or would a hungry young upstart go down in the history books as the 2007 MVP?

The answer to the question was Tony Potts of the Western Conference team, who scored 14 points and eight rebounds. The Access Hollywood co-anchor, who was limited by injury in last season's edition, was outstanding in all facets of the game as his team pulled out a dominating 40-21 victory in the NBA Cares Celebrity All-Star Game. Potts came into the game as a man on a mission, as last year's event in Houston left him with some unfinished business.

"I was so disappointed with the way I played in Houston, that I vowed that I was going to do better this year," said Potts as he cradled the MVP Trophy in his arms after the game. "I just got back from the Bahamas and Miami on vacation. So I got back in last night and went to the gym this morning at 4 a.m. and shot jumpers. I hadn't played in a while so I thought I would get all of the bad shots out."

Despite the presence of some world-class athletes on the court, Potts didn't let their presence keep him from having a great game. "One time I looked over, and there's LaDanian Tomlinson guarding Reggie Bush, and I'm thinking what am I supposed to do? I've been on the sidelines for the NFL in the past, but it's not like being on the field with them", said Potts. "To see two great athletes like that guarding each other is amazing."

Players on both sides were left in awe of Potts' performance here in Las Vegas. "I knew when Tony made that layup and got fouled, I said to myself he is going to be the MVP tonight, he's going for MVP," said teammate and Scrubs star Donald Faison. "And Tony came through just like I knew he would."

Taye Diggs of the Eastern Conference team was left virtually speechless by the outcome. "I have no comment. I'm disappointed," said Diggs. "We had the talent, we just couldn't deliver man. I'm disappointed."

Tony's winnings from the game won't just be a trophy, he also stands to collect from a small wager he had with friend Queen Latifah. "Here's the thing, Queen Latifah owes me some money," said Potts. "We made a bet about a month ago, I said that I thought I was going to be the MVP. I lost a dollar to her on the game last year, so she owes me a dollar now."