HOUSTON, Feb. 19 --The PA announcer clears his throat:

"Ladieees and Gentleman - representing The Department of Community Services in Rocklin, California, standing 4 feet 11 inches tall, settling in as a shooting guard, please welcome 12-year old Kelsey "KC" Garvella!"

The crowd roars as Kelsey steps into the spotlight at the NBA Jam Session festivities from the George R. Brown Convention Center as part of the 2006 All-Star weekend. Kelsey and nine other boys and girls were selected from over 750,000 members to participate on the 2005-06 Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA National Team.

As part of her all star activities, Kelsey attended a welcoming party at NASA, had breakfast with hall-of-famer Bob Lanier, participated in workouts with the Jr. NBA China team and was able to attend the NBA All-Star Saturday Night events along with the NBA All-Star Game. Kelsey took some time off from her busy schedule to talk to NBA.com and share her thoughts on the weekend.

One of Kelsey's favorite events was the slam dunk competition.
(NBAE/Getty Images)

What has been one of your favorite things about this weekend?
: "I liked the dunk competition when it went into overtime, that was cool. We were in row 31 and the court was in front of us."

How long have you been playing basketball?
: "I've been playing since I could go to the little thunder camps - since like seven, maybe younger. My dad and my mom taught me. My dad works on my shooting with me and my mom coaches part of my basketball team."

What position do you play?
: "I usually play point guard but I am playing wing because there are other point guards on this team."

What are some of your favorite things to do here at Jam Session
: My favorite stuff is shooting at all the little baskets with all the balls when it times you and walking around to see what they have."

Do you have a favorite player?
: "My favorite player is Kara Lawson from the Sacramento Monarchs."

Have you ever tried to dunk before?
: (laughing) "No! I'm the shortest player here."

Have you seen anyone famous?
: "Not except for the mascots - I like the Hawks mascot - he did the obstacle course and messed around."

Did you try the obstacle course?
: "Yeah, I did better on my practice, I didnt do so good on my real one. I got 42 seconds on my real one and like 39 on the practice. It's the same as the one they did at the Skills Competion."

Wow that is great! What do you want to do when you grow up - possibly play in the WNBA?
: "I probably want to play basketball when I grow up, but if not I'll probably be in a library because I like to read so much."

I noticed you are wearing a headband - do you wear that when you play?
: "I have a bunch of adidas ones at home, I started growing out my bangs and since then I've been using one."

What else have you done while you have been here in Houston?
: "We got to go on the court and had a practice with the professionals. They helped us with our free throws and we just finished a game at center court and we won. We played against the Houston All-Stars. It was really fun. I only got one shot but it rolled in and rolled out. But I got a couple of assists, that's my specialty."

Do you collect any trading cards?
: "I don't collect cards but I have a ball with autographs on it. We are staying at the players hotel and so we get autographs when we can. I see all these big tall people and I'm like - that guy is probably famous!"

What would you tell your friends about this weekend?
: "I would tell them it was the best weekend I ever had. It's just totally cool!"

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