Smith's MVP performance was the final hurrah for Buffalo Braves basketball.
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1978: Randy Smith
1986: Spud Webb
1987: Rolando Blackman
1987: Tom Chambers
1988: Larry Bird
1988: Jordan vs. Dominique
1992: Magic Johnson
1994: Scottie Pippen
1994: Isaiah Rider
2000: Vince Carter
2005: Josh Smith
1980: Larry & Magic
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Are you like us: You routinely forget your wedding anniversary and your wife's birthday, but have no problem recalling how many assists Magic had in the 1984 All-Star Game or what year Cedric Ceballos broke out the blindfold in the dunk contest? Yeah, we thought so, that's why the staffers are busy compiling some of their favorite All-Star memories, complete with photos and video, so you can relive the memorable moments with us. Next up, Martin C. Sumners takes us back to 1978:
"At its best, the NBA All-Star game transforms the simple into the sublime. There is a minimum of play calling and the players can take the basic DNA of basketball like the give-and-go, the pick and roll or the bounce pass to create something spectacularly new.

"It's like a jazz artist improvising or a rapper free-styling.

"So, it may not be strange that many of my memorable All-Star moments have a soundtrack..."

The 1986 Dunk Contest: Spud Webb
By Jon Loomer

"I don't remember a lot of details about Spud Webb's slam dunk victory including two perfect scores. I just remember the impression it left on me. Spud represented the impossible. Literally, he represented the vertically challenged. Short people couldn't perform a 360 dunk if they could dunk at all. At 5' 6", Spud was lucky to be in the NBA. He may have been 10-some odd years older than I was, but he also represented the kids..." Read More >>
The 1987 All-Star Game: Rolando Blackman
By Eric Weinstein

"There was little chance of anyone else taking my favorite NBA All-Star moment. I'll admit I have many, having been a fan before I started attending All-Star games for my job. Michael Jordan's game-tying shot in 2003 is exceptionally memorable. But one memory sticks out more than any other: Seattle, Wash., 1987." Read More >>
The 1987 All-Star Game: Tom Chambers
By Jim Reilly

"The NBA All-Star Game is an awe-inspiring extravaganza featuring the prodigious talents of the greatest athletes on Earth. That being the case, I can't relate. Except once." Read More >>
The 1988 Three-Point Contest: Larry Bird
By Darren Misener

"You might have heard of my All-Star memory before… once or twice. The 1988 All-Star Weekend featured some of the best moments the NBA has ever seen. Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins went head-to-head in an amazing dunk competition. But that’s not what sticks out for me."
The 1988 Dunk Contest: MJ vs. 'Nique
By John Schuhmann

"Looking back at my memories of All-Star Weekends past, there have been a ton of great moments, but none stand out more than the best Dunk Contest ever. Whenever we talk dunk contests here at headquarters, it's the first that comes to mind. ‘Nique's off-the-glass hammer, Jordan's Kiss The Rim Reverse, Clyde copying everything Jordan did ... It's the strongest basketball memory of my youth, maybe even stronger than winning the fourth-grade championship in my original Sky Jordans ..." Read More >>
The 1992 All-Star Game: Magic Johnson
By Steve Grimes

"Very, very occasionally there is a moment in sports that transcends the game to become a defining moment for society. One that takes on more not less significance as time passes. Feb. 9th 1992 in Orlando, Florida was one such moment." Read More >>
The 1994 All-Star Game: Scottie Pippen
By Jeff Dengate

"There's only one moment in my life I've ever claimed to be a fan of Scottie Pippen. No offense, Mr. Pippen, it's just that I grew up in suburban Detroit watching the Bad Boys beat up on your Bulls in the late '80s as the Pistons were capturing their first two championships..." Read More >>
The 1994 Dunk Contest: Isaiah Rider
By Brad Friedman

"Isaiah Rider's East Bay Funk dunk, the one that helped him seal the 1994 Dunk Contest, remains my favorite All-Star memory not just because of the sheer magnificence of the moment, but also because everything that led up to it...." Read More >>
The 2000 Dunk Contest: Vince Carter
By Rob Peterson

"When we first started discussing our "Favorite All-Star Moments" series in a meeting, we asked everyone to announce their faves. But before anyone could answer, I blurted my most memorable: Vince Carter in the 2000 Dunk Contest. I don't remember if anyone accused me of stealing their favorite moment or not, and I don't remember if anyone's face registered disappointment, but even if they had, I wouldn't have cared. Sorry, guys, he's mine..." Read More >>
The 2005 Dunk Contest: Josh Smith
By Adam Bloom

"I know. It's easy. There have been some incredible dunks at the All Star dunk contests over the years and I've picked one that happened less than a year ago. 'How about the history Bloom? You have guys like Carter, Jordan, Dominique. How could you pick a dunk that happened last year?'..." Read More >>
Fan Memories
"One of my first and one of my favorite All-Star Game moments was in the 2002 All-Star Game. While probably remembered for Kobe and the West all stars dominating and Kobe getting booed, I remember it for an entirely different reason. This was T-Mac's sickening off-the-back board dunk in trafic (which made it ten times sweeter).It was that one move at the first All-Star Game I saw that I remember the most." Read More >>
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