Suns’ guard Steve Nash was recently named the Western Conference Players of the Week on Jan. 9, 2006. Last year's MVP, the Canada native averaged 19.3 points (.479 FG%) and 11.4 assists in 37.4 minutes per game. Nash is appearing on the All-Star starting lineup for the first time in his career.

We caught up to Nash in Houston and asked him a few of your questions. Here's what he had to say:

What are your favourite soccer teams in Europe?
The Tottenham Hotspurs are my favourite team. In Italy it would be Juventus Turin and in Germany it is Bayern Munich because there´s a Canadian playing on it. I am good friends with Owen Hargreaves and hope to come over for the World Cup this summer.

Steve Nash (Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty)

What would be your position in football?
Midfield. Creative midfielder.

What were your role models when you were younger?
My parents, my coaches, Wayne Gretzky, Glen Hoddle and Isiah Thomas.

Do you still get nervous before matches?
Not really before? Sometimes early in the day but at game-ttime I am never nervous.

Have you ever thought of playing for the Raptors since you are Canadian?
Not really. I would love to finish my career in Phoenix but obviously a chance to play in Canada would be great.

Will you edge your pal Dirk for the MVP trophy this year?
(Laughs) I don´t know. He´s having a great season. We haven´t spoken about it yet.

Do you think Mike D’Antoni has gotten enough credit for making the proper adjustments without Amare Stoudemire?
Probably not. I think he deserves all the credit in the world. He does an incredible job of putting us in the right position to succeed and I think a lot of times it looks like we’re out there just playing so people maybe don’t necessarily give him the credit. But it’s very calculated. The way we play, the way he coaches, the way he teaches us to play the game. Not only is it a lot of fun for the fans and for us to play, but it’s successful.

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