Through Feb. 9, Germany's Dirk Nowitzki currently ranks ninth in the NBA in scoring at 25.4 points per game and seventh in total defensive rebounds with 352. After 48 games, Nowitzki's Mavericks are 38-10, and Nowitzki has been in the starting line up for all of them averaging 37.8 minutes per game. Nowitzki has also played in four NBA All-Star Games. This is going to be fifth All-Star appearance for Nowitzki.

What is up with all that MVP talk?
Daniel from Dortmund

Nowitzki: "It is already an honour for me just to be mentioned in that category. Really the MVP is the one guy that if you take him off, the team is nothing without him any more. On our team that is not the case and we have ten or 12 guys (who perform). I don´t see myself as the MVP right now. If you look at other guys like Steve or Kobe - they are making their team so much better and they are the guys who deserve it the most."

Dirk Nowitzki (David Sherman/NBAE/Getty)

Is it true that you grow when you play basketball?
- Aurus from Bielefeld

Dirk: "No, I don´t think that has anything to do with it."

Do you prefer normal beer or wheat beer?
- Alexander from Köln

Dirk: "I prefer normal beer."

How tall were you at the age of 14 and 16?
- Riad from Sarajevo

Dirk: "Now that is a tough one. I knew I broke the two-metres mark at the age of 16, but what about 14? I think somewhere between 1,90 and 1,95 metres."

What do you look forward to the most during the All-Star Weekend?
- Ryan from Ottawa

Dirk: "I look forward to meeting Steve Nash and his family to spend some time with them. He is one of my best friends. We´ve played together for a long time. We´ve developed a very close relationship and stay in constant touch."

Are you disappointed that the Mavs missed out on the record winning streak after that loss to the Nuggets?
- Daniel from Neuenburg

Dirk: "The streak did not mean much to us. It does not matter whether we win 13 or 14 games in a row. We just want to continue our process of growing together as a good team. This record really didn´t mean too much to us."

It´s your fifth All-Star Game now. Are you still getting excited or are you used to all the hype?
- Wilson from Dresden

Dirk: "Well, I´m rather experienced now, but the All-Star Game is always very special for me. Simply because you are sharing the locker room with the world´s best players. And I really look forward to playing alongside Kobe. So being here is really an honour – this feeling does not change. It is great to represent the Mavericks organisation."

Who is the best player in the league right now?
- Unknown

Dirk: "That is tough one to answer. The most dominant player is, without a doubt, Shaq. He will make sure Miami will be ready for the playoffs. But I have to go with Kobe from the perimeter. There is simply no stopping him when he is on. Just remember when he poured in 62 points on us some time ago. We tried to double and triple team him but it wouldn´t help. He was still hitting all this jumpers."

Do you know the Yao Ming song?

- Unknown

Dirk: "No."

"What is it like to have the league’s best record going into the All-Star Break?"
- Unknown

Dirk: "It really is a good feeling but we know that having the best record in February won´t win you anything in April, May or June. We know we have to continue our hard work, but thus far, it has been a good season.

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