One of the NBA's true marquee players for more than a decade, Dominique "Human Highlight Reel" Wilkins was named to seven All-NBA teams, nine consecutive All-Star squads, and is a two-time winner of the NBA Slam-Dunk Championship.

In 1986 he won the NBA scoring title with an average of 30.3 points per game, and in 1992 he set an NBA record by sinking 23 free throws in a game without a miss. He's the Atlanta Hawks' all-time franchise leader in both scoring and steals.

One of only 12 players to score over 25,000 points in his NBA career, Wilkins joined for a live chat with fans during the second half of the got milk? Rookie Challenge. Here's what the Human Highlight Reel had to say:

randy (new york): hey, nique, what's your favorite dunk (not yours) of all time?

Dominique Wilkins: It's probably the dunk by Dr. J in the playoffs... I don't know what to call it. Call it the wind-up dunk that he did in the playoffs.

David (Chicago): Dominique, what player in the Rookie Challenge have you been most impressed with this season?

Dominique Wilkins: They've got quite a few guys who are pretty good. I like Ben Gordon, Dwight Howard and Josh Smith. On the Sophomore team, of course the usual guys, like Carmelo and LeBron James... those guys stand out among the rest. And a guy whom I absolutely love is Dwyane Wade.

Rylan: Who do you think is the "new human highlight reel"

Dominique Wilkins: I think LeBron James. He's exciting, he's energetic, and he's entertaining.

Kevin J.: Who do you think is the most underrated player this year?

Dominique Wilkins: That's a good question. If you look at the young guys, I still think Wade is underrated. He gets his props, but I still think people don't know how good this kid is.

Akhan(ottawa): Hey Dominique, what did you enjoy most about the All-Star weekend when you were invited?

Dominique Wilkins: I just like all the history. That's the thing that impressed the most. The history that you see -- the old and the new, it's just a wonderful feeling.

David (Chicago): Nique, Do you see Atlanta getting any better with rookies like Josh Childress and Smith, and get back in the playoff race soon?

Dominique Wilkins: Rookies like Josh Smith as well as putting different pieces together for veteran guys who are leaders.

Chris (San Jose): What do you think is your biggest career accomplishment?

Dominique Wilkins: My biggest career accomplishment, I would think probably going into the Hall of Fame.

toronto: Hey 'Nique, I just wanted to ask how would you compare the dunkers of today to the dunkers of the previous generation?

Dominique Wilkins: The dunkers of today are very creative, they have a lot of ability, but I think the passion is different than when we played. But you have very athletic and creative guys.

Kevin (Austin): With the first half the rookies leading, do you expect the Sophs to make a comeback, or the rookies to keep the lead?

Dominique Wilkins: The sophomores have got that experience, so you can never count them out... I'm not good on predicting scores, but I think the sophomores are going to win this one.

Dominique Wilkins: Thanks to the fans for asking such educated questions, and I always like to take the time out to answer to the fans. Appreciate your questions.