Feb. 19, 2005 - After watching the Phoenix trio hoist the trophy for the RadioShack Shooting Stars and teammate Steve Nash take top honors in the PlayStation Skill Challenge, Quentin Richardson wasn't about to let his opportunity to get in on the action slip away. Richardson drained the last nine shots in the final round and hit four-of-five money balls for a final round score of 19 points to defeat Kyle Korver and Voshon Lenard. Here's what Quentin Richardson had to say after the victory.

Quentin Richardson hit four money balls on his way to a final round score of 19.
Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images

Q. So, things are going pretty well for the Phoenix Suns?

Quentin Richardson: Yeah, definitely we're getting off to a good start for the All-Star.

Q. That last rack, you knew you had to make those to stay in it, what were you thinking?

Richardson: Man, I was just trying to calm down just trying to make them. I actually didn't know if I made 19 I was going to beat him, I thought I was going to tie. I didn't find out until I sat down.

Q. Did you feel good going into the final round?

Richardson: Yeah, I was glad, you know, to make it to the second round because I wanted to do so much better than I did in the first round.

Q. Any prediction on the Slam Dunk contest?

Richardson: (Amare Stoudemire) All day long, all day long.

Q. How does a guy throw up an air ball in his first shot in the three-point finals and win it?

Richardson: The third round I was shooting a little too hard, so I tried to shoot it soft and I shot it a little too soft it. Wasn't a big deal. I got it going.

Q. At what point did you know that you had to hit all of them? Did you know on those last two racks that you needed to hit nine in a row?

Richardson: I didn't know for sure but I knew if I wanted to have any type of a chance, I had to make all of them.

Q. Did you and Joe finally settle on a bet? Did you make a bet before the event? You hadn't yesterday.

Richardson: No, we just had a little smack talk. He knows if I won, I was never going to let him live it down, like ever, unless he beats me in a different one in a different year.

Q. Are you going to let Joe take a look at the trophy or borrow it or anything?

Richardson: No, it would be like Andy Roddick on the commercial, I have to buy me an extra seat on the plane because they're going with me.

Q. Was that just like one of those zones in the game that you get in?

Richardson: Yeah, I was just trying to focus in coming around down the stretch. I knew that I had to make them and it was a situation where I knew I had time on the clock because I shot so quickly in the first couple of racks. So I just tried to slow down and really concentrate on those and take my time.

Q. It's been a good year for the Suns obviously, and you making the transition from L.A, what does this mean to your season?

Richardson: I mean, this is just -- I think this is just perks for us.

These are just bonuses in us having a great weekend, having a good time and I think it's a tribute to us playing so well together and us being so unselfish with each other, because that's why we are where we are now.