George "The Ice Man" Gervin's playing record speaks volumes. Only Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan have won more league scoring championships than Gervin's four, and he was the first guard ever to win three titles in a row. His career scoring average of 26.2 points per game is among the game's best as is his combined NBA/ABA total of 26,595 points.

Gervin joined for a live chat with fans following the Sprite Rising Stars Slam Dunk. Here's what the Ice Man had to say as he answered your questions:

David (Chicago): What's your most memorable all-star game?

George Gervin: My most memorable All-Star Game was probably the first one. Back in '76 is really I'm talking about the dunk contest, but for the game, in 1980 when I got MVP.

richard (denver): george, who's your favorite player to watch nowadays?

George Gervin: I like my own Tim Duncan, I like Tracy McGrady, Kobe Bryant and my favorite is LeBron James.

Malcolm (Nassau, Bahamas ): When did you master the finger-roll?

George Gervin: Probably when I was young. I got tired of dunking the basketball, and I thought everyone could dunk but very few could finger roll.

Lauren (Dallas): With all the legends and current stars that come out for All-Star, who do you enjoy getting to see the most?

George Gervin: I enjoy seeing the legends. I don't get a chance to see them that much. We see the young guys on t.v. all the time, but to be around all the legends, all the guys you don't get to see that much is really thrilling.

L.J. (Denver): Hey Ice Man, any predictions for tomorrow's All-Star Game? East or West, and who will take home MVP?

George Gervin: Wow. That's going to be a tough one. I like the West, and I think a guy like Ginobili whose skills will show.

andrea (colo springs): hey, george, how far will the spurs go this year?

George Gervin: I think the Spurs are going to go real deep in the playoffs. I think they're capable of winning it if some pieces stand up and stand out, but I also like Miami. I think Miami is going to be a tough team in the East.

Erin (Brooklyn, NY): What's your favorite event tonight? I love the slam dunk!!

George Gervin: My favorite event probably would be the three-point shootout. It has more value as far as real skills. The shooting is down in the league, so it's good to see guys make four, five in a row.

Chris (Los Angeles): What was it like judging tonight's slam dunk and what did you think of Josh Smith's performance and those crazy Amare-Nash slams?!?

George Gervin: Amare-Nash was good, being able to work together and Nash showing his soccer skills, it was fun. But I think Josh really won it. The kid can just flat out jump out of the gym.

Brooklyn: What advice do you have for an aspiring nba player.

George Gervin: Stay in the gym, become a gym rat, work on your fundamentals, shoot the ball 500, 600 times a day from different spots on the floor, work on your free throws and become an 80%, 90% free-throw shooter. Show your love for the game and come in fundamentally sound.

Matt (Sitka,Alaska): Hey George, Are you enjoying your time so far this weekend?

George Gervin: I enjoy coming. I just feel that it's an important aspect to showcase some of the stars of the NBA, and I love where the NBA can give us legends an opportunity to be a part of the festivities.

George Gervin: I want to thank all the fans for taking the time out to send in your questions, and I look forward to hopefully hearing from you again when it comes to the NBA Playoffs.