One of the game's all-time great guards, Clyde "The Glide" Drexler was known for his high-flying yet seemingly effortless swoops to the basket.

After almost a dozen seasons with the Trail Blazers, Drexler left Portland with his name all over the franchise's record books. A perennial All-Star and a member of the 1992 U.S. Olympic Dream Team, Drexler twice led the Blazers to the Finals.

It wasn't until he joined the Rockets midway through his 12th campaign, however, that he finally earned a championship ring.

Drexler joined for a live chat with fans at halftime of the All-Star Game.

Here's what Clyde the Glide had to say as he answered your questions:

Jeff (Detroit): What's been the highlight of your All-Star weekend?

Clyde Drexler: I just think that every event, it's sort of a homecoming of sorts for the legends, where you get to see guys that you grew up with. That's true from the owners on down to the ballboys, everyone involved with the game.

David (Chicago): Clyde, What did you think of the dunk contest last night?

Clyde Drexler: I thought it was awesome. I would have liked to have seen J.R. Smith and Josh Smith in the finals. That would have been more interesting. Stoudemire is such a strong presence, he's an awesome player.

Matjaz, Slovenia: Who do you think is the best international player, that ever played in NBA ? ( Dirk nowitzki, Drazen Petrovic, Peja Stojakovic ) ?

Clyde Drexler: Because I played with Drazen Petrovic, he was the first All-Star European player, I'm biased. But I really like Nowitzki's game as well.

Jack Reilly (Fair Oaks): What is your impression of the sophomore class we have this year in the NBA? As much potential as the Jordan, Olajuwan year?

Clyde Drexler: The sophomore class is awesome. They've really grown up quickly. I'm proud of their development. I hope they continue to develop on and off the court.

Paul (Ellensburg, WA): Clyde, which is the greatest All-Star memory for you? The dunk contests? Taking a bounce pass from Magic in Houston during the 1st half romp in the 1989 game? Or something else?

Clyde Drexler: The 1992 All-Star Game in Orlando. That was my greatest All-Star memory because I thought I should have been the MVP of that game. But Magic Johnson got it because of the sentiment with the HIV virus. But, he also played well.

Kansas City: Who do you think will win the MVP award???

Clyde Drexler: The MVP award tonight looks like it may go to Allen Iverson, Vince Carter or Kobe.

Steve, Moreno Valley, CA: Who is the toughest competitor you ever played against?

Clyde Drexler: There were many. In the NBA you can get embarassed every night, but certainly I enjoyed playing against guys like Joe Dumars, Rolando Blackman and Michael Jordan.

yigit (Ankara/Turkey): What do you think about the chance of Houston in the finals?

Clyde Drexler: I think they have an outside chance. They play decent defense and they have two legitimate superstars. [And your pick to win it all?] San Antonio or Miami.

Josh(Los Angleles: Which NBA all Star would you consider the most well-rounded? offense and defense

Clyde Drexler: I love Tim Duncan. I love Dwyane Wade. Kobe. Shaq. And Shawn Marion.

Cory, Indianapolis: Have you ever thought of being coach a someday?

Clyde Drexler: I've thought about it. Maybe in a couple of years. I'd really like to run a club, I'd like to be the GM.

Zumbrota, MN: Do you still play some basketball or work out to stay in shape? Could you still compete in the dunk contest if you wanted too?

Clyde Drexler: Absolutely. I run five or six miles three or four times a week, so my legs are still in great shape.

Clyde Smith, Canada: Who were your top 3 friends in the NBA?

Clyde Drexler: I have so many friends, but I'd have to say Hakeem Olajuwon, Kiki Vandeweghe, and Buck Williams.

Cory, Indianapolis: Out of all these dunkers who is the best?(Put in order from best to worst) Lebron James Jason Richardson Vince Carter Josh Smith Kobe Bryant

Clyde Drexler: I think they're all great. The best dunkers are the guys that can bring it to the game, do it in the heat of competition.

Clyde Drexler: Thanks for writing in. I appreciate your questions. May the West win -- I played in the Western Conference my whole career, so I'm West biased.