DENVER, Feb. 20 -- You've got to be in it to win it, or so the saying goes.

And so it went for Lisa Marlo Amanna-Ohina, the lucky winner of this year's NBA All-Star Balloting sweepstakes.

Lisa and her husband, Don Ohina, Heat season ticket-holders from Coral Gables, Florida, won a trip to NBA All-Star 2005, where they not only got tickets to the events but also some exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences. The duo was treated to a private tour of the All-Star locker room, the chance to attend an All-Star media session, and a photograph session with the East All-Star team.

Lisa Marlo Amanna-Ohina and Don Ohina pause for a photo during their tour of the All-Star locker room. (NBAE Photos)
"We're season ticket holders [with the Miami Heat] and they had ballots all over the arena, and we picked some up and we filled some out," said Lisa. "And I got picked ... I got an email and it almost didn't seem real."

But it was as real as it gets, and soon Lisa and Don were on their way to Denver for their All-Star experience.

"Denver's beautiful," said Lisa. "Being able to attend the media session was just incredible -- getting that up close and personal."

But the biggest surprise of the weekend came from a simple handshake. Both Lisa and Don were amazed by the sheer size of Shaquille O'Neal's hands.

"Shaq's hands are huge," said Lisa. "I got to shake his hand, but just him sitting down and talking to the media and looking over his shoulder and seeing how big his hand was … It was just incredible."

And while O'Neal, along with fellow Heat All-Star Dwyane Wade are the couple's favorite players, they actually became Heat season ticket-holders before the Diesel signed with Miami, signing on at the end of last year's playoffs.

And so Don and Lisa will return to Miami with some great memories, along with photos and autographs to help them last a lifetime.

And their predictions for the game? With no hesitation, and no surprise, a victory for the East and MVP honors for O'Neal.