caught up with Phoenix's Amare Stoudemire after he won the got milk? Rookie Challenge MVP for scoring a game-record 36 points.

Here's what he had to say about the contest.

Q: Do your hands hurt (because of all the dunking)?
"No, I could dunk some more if I have to."

Phoenix's Amare Stoudemire
Andrew D. Bernstein
NBAE/Getty Images
Q: How did it turn into a dunk contest?
"We laid the smackdown on 'em! They were trying to come back, but we were out there to have fun."

Q: Did it get to a point where you had to show each other up and impress the celebrities
"Not necessarily show each other up, but go out there and show your talent.

Q: Did you have a favorite dunk?
"I like the one that Flip pulled in the first half. He did a real nice crossover. LeBron had a couple nice dunks too."

Q: Is it fun to play like this instead of a serious game?
"Once during the season is good."

Q: Did you know you were getting close to the point record?
"No, I had no idea what it was."

Q: So after winning Rookie of the Year and the rookie game MVP, what's next?
"Elevate my game and hopefully get to the All-Star game next year."

Q: Anything else you're looking forward to this weekend?
"Meeting some more celebrities."