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Fantasy Draft Kit: 3-Point Field Goals

2014-15 NBA Fantasy Preview

POSTED: Oct 13, 2014 1:45 AM ET

By Jon Hartzell,


The 2014-15 NBA season is right around the corner, which means it's time to start preparing for your Yahoo! NBA Fantasy draft!

Use our Fantasy Draft Kit to find out which players are the best in each statistical category and outsmart your competition. Make sure to check back to throughout the month as we reveal our Fantasy Big Board, positional rankings and feature articles.


A familiar face finds himself atop the 3-point rankings after he knocked down 3.3 treys per game last season.

1. Stephen Curry

13-14: 3.3 3PM on 42.4 3P FG% -- 12-13: 3.5 3PM on 45.3%
Does this really need to be explained? The King of the 3-point over the last two seasons, Curry only appears to be getting better at the shot. Add in the guidance of coach Steve Kerr and this could be a career-year for the All-Star from Davidson.

2. Ryan Anderson

13-14: 3.0 3PM on 40.9% -- 12-13: 2.6 3PM on 38.2%
To the dismay of many fantasy players, Ryan Anderson played only 22 games last season after suffering a back injury. Expect his elite shooting to return this year as he provides a perfect stretch-four complement to center Anthony Davis in New Orleans.

3. Kevin Love

13-14: 2.5 3PM on 37.6% -- 12-13: 1.1 3PM on 21.7%
Kevin Love returned to form last season after playing only 18 games and struggling with his shot during 2012-13. Now in Cleveland with LeBron and Kyrie, Love should assume a role similar to the one that was played by Chris Bosh in the Miami Big-Three era. He'll see a lot more open shots and will be used to stretch the floor and both scenarios will help his already impressive 3-point game.

4. Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson

13-14: 2.8 3PM on 41.7% -- 12-13: 2.6 3PM on 40.1%
The second Splash Brother in San Francisco, Thompson set career-highs in 3-point attempts and percentage last season. Like Curry, he should benefit from coach Kerr and those monstrous 3-point numbers may still be on the rise for the 24-year-old guard.

5. Damian Lillard

13-14: 2.7 3PM on 39.4% -- 12-13: 2.3 3PM on 36.8%
Lillard was third in 3-point attempts per game last season and hit a career-high 39.4 percent from deep in the run-and-gun Blazers offense. Coach Terry Stotts has made it clear that the team is free to fire away from beyond the arc and as Lillard continues to get more confident with his shot, expect him to embrace Stotts' green light even more.

6. Kevin Durant

13-14: 2.4 3PM on 39.1% -- 12-13: 1.7 3PM on 41.6%
The MVP shot 157 more 3-point shots last season than he did in 2012-13 and that seemed to work out pretty well for him. If his percentage returns to his 2012-13 level, then he will easily be one of the top two or three from deep in the league. However, his stock takes a big hit now that he will miss at least the first six weeks of the season with a fractured foot.

7. Kyle Korver

13-14: 2.6 3PM on 47.2% -- 12-13: 2.6 3PM on 45.7%
Kyle Korver continues to earn a significant role within the Hawks' offense and last season he knocked down a league-best 47.2 percent of his deep bombs. Korver is one of the few 3-point specialists who will actually help your field goal percentage category as well.

8. Wesley Matthews

13-14: 2.5 3PM on 39.3% -- 12-13: 2.4 3PM on 39.8%
Like teammate Damian Lillard, Wes Matthews has the green light from coach Terry Stotts to pull from deep if he's open. And with offensive weapons like Lillard, LaMarcus Aldridge and Nicolas Batum running the floor with him, he finds himself open a lot.

9. James Harden

13-14: 2.4 3PM on 36.6% -- 12-13: 2.3 3PM on 36.8%
"The Beard" doesn't knockdown 3-pointers at a great percentage, but, by golly, that doesn't mean he won't stop shooting them. And with Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin gone from Houston, expect Harden to keep letting them fly from deep.

10. Gerald Green

gerald green

13-14: 2.5 3PM on 40.0% -- 12-13: 1.0 3PM on 31.4%
Gerald Green was eighth in the league in 3-point makes and hit a career-best 40.0 percent from deep last season for the surprising Suns. His attempts may fall this year with the addition of Isaiah Thomas in the backcourt and his percentage will likely fall back to his career 37.2 percent average, so don't expect similar production.

11. Kyle Lowry

13-14: 2.4 3PM on 38.0% -- 12-13: 1.5 3PM on 36.2%
Kyle Lowry shot a career-high in 3-point attempts last season, besting his previous high by 2.2 per game, and knocked them down at a career-high rate. Hopefully for Raptors fans, and fantasy players, this is just a sign of things to come for the 28-year-old guard.

12. Bradley Beal

13-14: 1.9 3PM on 40.2% -- 12-13: 1.6 3PM on 38.6%
Bradley Beal was only 26th in the league last season in 3-point makes, but he should have a much larger role in the Wizards offense this year as his game continues to develop. The departure of Trevor Ariza's 5.7 attempts per game should also help his standing among the 3-point elite. Unfortunately for fantasy players and the Wizards, Beal will miss at least the first month of the season after suffering a broken left wrist.

13. Jose Calderon

13-14: 2.4 3PM on 44.9% -- 12-13: 1.8 3PM on 46.1%
Jose Calderon shot a career-high 5.2 attempts per game last season in Dallas and should provide similar production as the primary ball handler in New York this year. He's also been one of the most accurate deep-ball hoisters, averaging 45.4 percent over his last four seasons.

14. Jodie Meeks

13-14: 2.1 3PM on 40.1% -- 12-13: 1.6 3PM on 35.7%
Jodie Meeks saw both his percentage and volume rise last season in Los Angeles and now, after signing a large contract with the Pistons, should be the primary two-guard option in Detroit. With Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe drawing double-teams in the post, don't be surprised if both numbers rise again for Meeks.

15. J.R. Smith

JR Smith James Harden

13-14: 2.6 3PM on 39.4% -- 12-13: 1.9 on 35.6%
J.R. Smith will get your team 3-point field goals. But he will do it while also greatly hurting your field goal percentage category. If you choose field goal percentage as a category to abandon, then Smith is a very good option from deep as he ranked fifth in the league in 3-point makes last season.

16. Randy Foye

13-14: 2.3 3PM on 38.0% -- 12-13: 2.2 3PM on 41.0%
Like J.R. Smith, Randy Foye is a good 3-point option if you're fine with him negatively affecting your field goal percentage. Foye attempted a career-high 6.1 3-pointers per game last season and this number should fall back to his career average of 4.2 per game as the Nuggets return to health.

17. Trevor Ariza

13-14: 2.3 3PM on 40.7% -- 12-13: 1.4 3PM on 36.4%
Trevor Ariza hit a new 3-point level last season in Washington, attempting a career-high 5.7 per game and connecting on 40.7 percent of those looks. However, he's in Houston now and may not see as much opportunity to launch from deep with James Harden and Dwight Howard taking a majority of the shots. His percentage should also fall back down to his career average of 34.7 percent, so don't expect similar results from the 10-year forward out of UCLA.

18. Carmelo Anthony

13-14: 2.2 3PM on 40.2 -- 12-13: 2.3 3PM on 37.9%
As Carmelo Anthony gets older and less athletic, his game is smartly moving away from the rim and towards the 3-point line. This allowed him to knockdown a career-high 167 3-point shots at a career-rate of 40.2 percent. This trend should continue for 'Melo and he could find himself in the top ten of this list by the end of the year.

19. Jamal Crawford

13-14: 2.3 3PM on 36.1% -- 12-13: 2.0 3PM on 37.6%
Jamal Crawford attempted more 3-point shots last season (6.5 per game) than he had since 2008-09 and this approach propelled him to winning the Sixth Man of the Year award. A healthy J.J. Redick could reduce this number, though, and drop Crawford back down to his career average of 5.0 per game.

20. Nick Young

Nick Young

13-14: 2.1 3PM on 38.6% -- 12-13: 1.3 3PM on 35.7%
Nick Young was higher on this list prior to his thumb injury that will sideline him for at least the first month of the season. He will still be a good 3-point option when he returns, as the departure of Jodie Meeks will allow him a greater opportunity to hoist from deep alongside Kobe Bryant.

Extra 10 (no order)
Danny Green
Nicolas Batum
Jameer Nelson
Brandon Jennings
Joe Johnson
J.J. Redick
Terrence Ross
Channing Frye
D.J. Augustin
Isaiah Thomas

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