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Transcript of CBA questions and answers on Twitter

Posted Nov 13 2011 10:05PM - Updated Nov 14 2011 6:53AM

Here are questions and answers from the chat session held Sunday night on Twitter by Commissioner David Stern and Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver:

Question from @sportsguy33: Why not contract over missing a season?
Response from @NBA: Contraction has been discussed but is not a complete solution.

Question from _andresb: Is it true that teams will not be allowed to use the stretch exception on players already signed under the previous CBA?
Response from @NBA: Stretch exception only applies to contracts signed under new CBA

Question from Spencer Hawes: since we have covered all of your alleged losses(and more)why am I not getting ready for a game tonight. Reason the lockout continues?
Response from @NBA: Don't agree; season starts if union agrees to NBA's proposal.

Question from Kenny Clark: How can the league cite competitive balance as a reason for this terrible offer when 3 of final 4 teams last year were not tax teams?
Response from @NBA: The last five NBA champions were taxpayers

Question from @momomoses7: And why are players being "unreasonable" and "greedy" when they are the only side making sacrifices from previous CBA?
Response from @NBA: Players not unreasonable or greedy; system is broken

Question from @One_Sage: Using the D-league 5 year $75k demotion clause, are you trying to get out from guarantee contracts? Isn't this clause a bit too unfair?
Response from @NBA: No such clause was even proposed

Question: Why does the NBA feel the need to protect bad owners/GMs from themselves? Knicks proved $ doesn't give u an advantage.
Response from @NBA: No matter the system, teams will have to make smart decisions to succeed

Question from Spencer Hawes: If the commish calls the agents greedy for trying to protect their clients from a trbl deal what does that make the owners?
Response from @NBA: Teams are group being criticized for trying to raise avg salaries from $5 mill to $8 mill & provide for better competition

Question from @LLCOOLREN: is the BRI funds the players share with the owners along with their salary that they already make?
Response from @NBA: 50% of BRI would fund players' salaries

Question from @gostu22: why don't you raise max salaries so teams can't fit multiple stars under the cap? Seems like it would enhance comp. balance...
Response from @NBA: Max salary will be $20 mill in year 3: higher maxes would take money from other players especially middle class

Question from Dwyane Wade: why are all your "system solutions" only impacting the PLAYERS?? What have the owners giving up of significance??
Response fom @NBA: The economics & system favored the players in prior CBA --Teams lost over 300m last year

Question: Seems that there is much misinformation being propagated by agents, union, why doesn't NBA give specifics on
Response from @NBA: That's why we're doing this Twitterview.

Question from @mavndgooner: How can you expect the players to go from 57 to 50 BRI & be satisfied with a deal unless the owners also make significant concessions?
Response from @NBA: We want a system where all 30 teams regardless of market sizecan compete for a championship

Question from .@BimaThug: How EXACTLY will the luxury tax be calculated starting in Year 3? Throwing out random #s doesn't indicate its relation to salary cap.
Response from @NBA: Tax calculation in year 3: 53.5% of BRI, subtract player benefits, divide by 30: projected at $74 mill

Question from .@pwinfield24: Why can't tax paying teams use full MLE since they are paying luxury tax at a higher rate? Doesn't tax money go to non paying tax teams
Response from @NBA: Smaller MLE for taxpayers is not about the money, it's about competitive balance

Question from .@kc1nyk : Is it true that u guys are thinking about making the age minimum for the draft 20 years old rather than 19. And can u explain amnesty?
Response from @NBA: Minimum age is subject to further discussion with union; amnesty excludes a waived players' salary from his team's cap

Question from @JohnLigon: What would be accomplished by offering a worse deal if the players reject this one? Isn't that just giving up on the season?
Response from @NBA: Teams suffering enormous losses; no choice but to recover if season does not start soon.

Question from .@AzazNYK: are you willing to lose the season over system issues?
Response from @NBA: We need a system that allows all 30 teams to compete for a championship

Question from .@Captain_Qwark: Why is it the player's responsibility to help finance owner's debt from purchasing a team?
Response from @NBA: Teams' proposal is for a fair deal

Question from .@MattCarbonaro: Will you guys consider replacement players?

Response from @NBA: Our goal is a season with our current players

Question from .@kevincote: Why kill the season for tax/cap rules when spending & competitive balance are not related? Add #financialfairplay clause & be done.
Response from @NBA: Spending & competitive balance are closely related. A fairagreement deals with both.

Question from McMenamin: Explain why you will revert to an alternative, lesser deal if the current offer isn't accepted. How is that bargaining in good faith?
Response from @NBA: Teams suffering enormous losses; no choice but to recover if season does not start soon.

Question from .@darrenrovell: You said you lost a total of $300M last season. How muchwould teams collectively lose with no season?
Response from @NBA: NBA would suffer enormous losses with no season; losses much greater without a fair agreement

Question from .@bagsack: If decertification of the Union occurs, will players' current
contracts become void?
Response from @NBA: If decertification occurs, players' contracts would become void

Question from .@MrMichaelLee: How does a system set up to restrict tax paying teams actually help bad teams get better?
Response from @NBA: Restricting taxpayers makes more talent available to other teams

Question from .@theRealHrdlicka: How is raising each team's payroll floor a concession when the OVR BRI drops? Seems to me, that helps owners w/higher payrolls.
Response from @NBA: Raising payroll floor improves competition among all

Question from .@Mrljd05: How about Mr. Stern and Mr. Silver both take equal pay cuts that the players are taking? Would show some shared sacrifice right?
Response from @NBA: All league executives are taking pay cuts in addition to over 300 job cuts across the league

Question from .@Lakeshow31: @NBA what about lowering ticket costs and making attending games more affordable for fans during a tough economy?
Response from @NBA: Every team will have least 500 tickets for $10 or less for
every game this season

Question from .@sam_amick ?: Don't teams that received public funding for arenas to be built have a responsibility to their communities to continue operations?
Response from @NBA: No mandate to operate unprofitably

From Stern and Silver: Thank you for participating. There is a fair deal on the table that will allow the season to start on December 15.

We want our players and teams to do well and we hope our proposal is accepted. Good night.

We hope this is helpful for understanding the NBA's CBA proposal.


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