Staff Directory

Ownership and Senior Management
Name Title
Ted Leonsis Majority Owner, Chairman & CEO, Monumental Sports and Entertainment
Dick Patrick Partner, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Monumental Sports and Entertainment
Jim Van Stone Chief Revenue Officer, Monumental Sports and Entertainment
Bill Hanni Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service
Keith Burrows Senior Vice President of Finance
Joe Dupriest Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
Rick Moreland Senior Vice President of Executive Suites

Business Operations
Name Title
Kim Frank Vice President, Marketing
Kurt Kehl SVP Communications
Scott Hall Sr. Director of Communications
Sashia Jones Sr. Director of Community Relations
Ketsia Colimon Director of Corporate and Mystics Communications
Rebecca Winn Director of Marketing
Patrick Rees Director of Basketball Communications
Jacob Raim Director of Digital Media
Jeremy Hyman Managing Web Editor
Chris Gehring Manager of Digital Media
Kim Rose Monumental Network Editor
Brad Bobrow Web/Digital Media Coordinator
Derric Whitfield Dance Team Manager
Quentin Addison Production Manager & Event Producer/Director
Zak Grim Manager, Game Entertainment
Tina DiVilio Coordinator, Game Entertainment
Kristen Miles Manager, Community Relations
Brandon Putnam Marketing Specialist
Jim Minichiello Director, CRM
Alex Kerr Director, Strategic Marketing and Analytics

Monumental Productions
Name Title
Jumoke Davis TV/Web Producer
Chelsea Pflugh Segment Producer
Chuck Kacsur Graphic Designer
Andy Mattice Graphic Designer
Michelle Holder Graphic Designer

Basketball Operations
Name Title
Ernie Grunfeld President
Tommy Sheppard Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations
Don Zierden Assistant Coach
Howard Eisley Assistant Coach
Roy Rogers Assistant Coach
Don Newman Assistant Coach
Pat Sullivan Assistant Coach
David Adkins Player Development Coach
Marc Eversley Vice President of Scouting
Ed Tapscott Vice President of Player Programs
Frank Ross Director of Player Personnel
Brett Greenberg Dir of Basketball Analytics/Salary Cap Management
Greg Ballard Advance Scout
Cathy Smith Assistant to the President, Sr. Director
Lisa Center Manager of Administration
Jennifer Thomas Director of Player Services
Eugene Park Sr. Coordinator, Basketball Ops
Greg Kershaw Coordinator, Basketball Ops
Alex Rales Coordinator, Basketball Ops
Corey Bennett Assistant Athletic Trainer
Thomas Knox Director of Player Performance and Rehabilitation
Navin Hettiarachchi Director of Athletic Performance/Strength and Conditioning
Bryan Oringher Video Coordinator
Ryan Richman Assistant Video Coordinator
Rob Suller Equipment Manager
Jerry Walter Basketball Facilities Manager
Jackie Miles Manager, Team Services

Name Title
Mike Mercer Director of Accounting
Catrina Knight Accounts Payable Manager
Hillary Oleson Staff Accountant

Senior Sales
Name Title
Kirk Madsen Senior Director, Ticket Sales
Matthew Gwartz Director, Ticket Sales
Crystal Anderson Senior Regional Sales Manager
Lorenzo Cabrera Regional Sales Manager
Shane Coughlin Regional Sales Manager
Zach Graham Regional Sales Manager
Kyle Heckelman Regional Sales Manager
Jarred Johnson Regional Sales Manager
Matt Little Regional Sales Manager
Taylor Niehoff Regional Sales Manager
Stefan Pfaehler Regional Sales Manager
Matt Ropp Regional Sales Manager
Chris Wack Senior Manager, Regional Sales
Lorenzo Cabrera Regional Sales Manager
Jeff Zamiara Regional Sales Manager

Inside Sales
Name Title
Kirk Madsen Senior Director, Ticket Sales
Ryan Shapiro Manager, Inside Sales
Kellyanne Bondulich Account Executive, Inside Sales
Colby Bryant Account Executive, Inside Sales
Travis Burson Account Executive, Inside Sales
Clare Conner Account Executive, Inside Sales
Max Cross Account Executive, Inside Sales
Brandon Filler Account Executive, Inside Sales
Brad Herson Account Executive, Inside Sales
Binuk Kodituwakku Account Executive, Inside Sales
Samantha Kurdyla Account Executive, Inside Sales
Ana Lobaton Account Executive, Inside Sales
Travis Lucente Account Executive, Inside Sales
Ben Neistat Account Executive, Inside Sales
Alexa Olney Account Executive, Inside Sales
Austin Palmer Account Executive, Inside Sales
Jacob Polin Account Executive, Inside Sales
Mary Somma Account Executive, Inside Sales
Sarah Toussaint Account Executive, Inside Sales

Group Sales
Name Title
Darren Montgomery Vice President, MSE Group & Arena Event Sales
Jill Buxbaum Director of Arena Sales
Jonathan Merrill Manager, Group Sales & Arena Events
Ashley Miller Manager, Group Sales & Arena Events
Jim Anderson Senior Manager, Corporate Sales
Jimm Bonk Senior Manager, Corporate Sales
Pete Sekulow Senior Manager, Corporate Sales
Jessie Zahner Senior Manager, Corporate Sales
Steve Zarick Director, Group Sales
Anthony Caddell Manager, Group Sales
Jessica DiChiacchio Manager, Group Sales
Robert Minnitte Manager, Group Sales
Erin Mitchell Group Sales Marketing Coordinator
Lauren Polun Account Executive
Qiao Sun Manager, Group Sales
Karrington Symonds Manager, Youth Basketball Sales

Guest Services
Name Title
Neil Hofman Director, Guest Services
Kylie Fargo Coordinator, Sales and Service
Yvonne Lawson Manager, Programs & Administration
Nicole Sanchez Manager, Events and Programs
Tony Duffy Senior Guest Services Specialist
Zack Hernandez Guest Services Specialist
Andrew Hippert Guest Services Specialist
Richard Lintker Guest Services Specialist
Regina Burke Guest Services Specialist
Eric Roth Guest Services Specialist
Kelly Rakusin Guest Services Specialist

Customer Solutions
Name Title
Greg Monares Senior Director, Customer Solutions

Ticket Operations
Name Title
Chris Sheap VP, Ticket Operations
Laura Bryer Director, Ticket Operations
Hillary Oleson Coordinator, Ticket Operations
Brian Floyd Sr. Manager, Ticket Operations
Gene Horlbeck Assistant Manager, Ticket Operations
Josh Brickman Sr. Director, Research and Strategy
Adam Falkson Sr. Coordinator, Ticketing Analytics
Lauren Benson Coordinator, Strategy & Research

Executive Suites
Name Title
Rick Moreland Senior Vice President
Richard Garrard Sales Director
Greg Turner Sales Director
Ron Potter Sales Manager
Trent Gerhart Sales Manager
Brian Dean Sales Manager
Evan Waghelstein Sales Manager
Vlady Entin Sales Manager
Jen Millard Director of Client Services
Lorin Hranicka Senior Manager of Client Services
Tricia Aoki Manager of Client Services
Kiara Prather Sales Coordinator
Kerry Gregg Sr. Director of Operations
Phil Forman Assistant Director of Operations
Larry Dahut Box Office Coordinator

Monumental Sports and Entertainment Corporate Partnerships
Name Title
Patrick Duffy Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
Roger Moskowitz Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships
Lew Strudler Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships
Kathy Devine Director, Corporate Partnerships
Rob Hur Director, Corporate Partnerships
Bruce Zalbe Director, Corporate Partnerships
John Blume Director, Corporate Partnerships
Bob Rossi Director, Corporate Partnerships
Lee Stacey Director, Corporate Partnerships
Sarah Woodis Director, Corporate Partnerships
Greg Roberts Director, Corporate Partnerships<
Tanya Nazarian Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships
Vlady Entin Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships
Tim Goldwater Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships
Erik Leibovitz Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships
Chase Leonard Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships
Chris Quinn Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships
Letitia Petrillo Senior Manager, Partnership Marketing
Lindsey Arnold Manager, Partnership Marketing
Mindy Pipes Manager, Partnership Marketing
Jenna Romanoff Manager, Partnership Marketing
Lauren McDermott Manager, Partnership Marketing
Brooks Walter Manager, Partnership Marketing
Andrea Martynec Manager, Partnership Marketing
Garrett Scanlon Manager, Partnership Marketing
Sharon Fish Director, Partnership Strategy and Development
Britton Spark Presentation Design Coordinator
Greg Burie Senior Financial Analyst, Corporate Partnerships