Q&A with Martell Webster

WashingtonWizards.com talked with newly signed guard/forward Martell Webster in an exclusive 1-on-1 interview...

WW.com: How does it feel to join the Washington Wizards?

Webster: I’m ecstatic! This is a wonderful opportunity and I’m glad the Wizards have taken an interest in me and my craft. I'm looking forward to contributing to this team.

WW.com: What are some of the strengths in your game that you are bringing to Washington?

Webster: Perimeter shooting, perimeter defense, and 1-on-1 defense. I didn’t come into this league as a defensive player, but I developed that role. And still being able to spread the floor and letting the point guard penetrate and kick out and being able to knock down that jump shot.

WW.com: What role are you looking to play on this Wizards team next year?

Webster: This will be a new offense for me, the East coast style of ball is more get up and down the floor and run. The style of play is different, but I’ll get adjusted to it and get acclimated. It will be a war in training camp, in a positive way, we’ll be fighting for positions but that’s what this league is all about, there is so much talent it’s all about whoever wants it more and contributing to the greater good of the team. I’m excited.

WW.com: What are your thoughts on John Wall?

Webster: I followed his one year at Kentucky, and I got a chance to see him in his senior year before he went to Kentucky. He was at the USA festival game at Key Arena, and I was amazed at his athleticism, he’s obviously a guy that’s skilled, and his athleticism is crazy. Not a lot of point guards can do that in this league. The kid has eyes, he has great vision, he sees everything and gets guys open shots. That’s why he’s excited to play with me because he knows I can knock down that open shot and I’m looking forward to getting a lot of assists from him.

WW.com: Have you spoken with Wall this off-season?

Webster: Before I fathomed actually coming to work out for Wizards, Wall played in a charity game with me in Spokane, and I got to play with him then. It was a great event, and he showed off for everyone.

WW.com: How familiar are you with Washington DC?

Webster: Not at all (laughing). I got a crash course when I came to work out. The course lasted about 20 min as we rolled around and I got to see a lot of the monuments. My kids are going to love that, I’m excited to bring them down there to get some of the culture.

WW.com: 2010-11 was your best shooting year percentage wise. How do you get back to that level next season with the Wizards?

Webster: I’m pretty close, the most important thing was getting healthy. I had a few minor setbacks the last two years, but now my body feels the best it’s felt in five years. I’m totally excited and that’s where the confidence comes on. When you are confident with how your body feels it’s a lot easier to do your job and now I’m at that position and mind state where I know I can go out and do that.