1-on-1 with Nick Young

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Gametime: This year you had a stretch in January where you set a career-high in points three times in four games. What was that run like and have you have experienced anything like that before?

Nick Young: Not really. It was a lot of fun. I had my teammates calling me and telling me that nobody had ever done anything like that off the bench. So it felt good.

GT: After that stretch teams started focusing on you more, but then you started picking it up again a few weeks later. What did you do to get your offense going again?

NY: I just tried to take what the defense gave me. I started coming off more screens and I got some open shots from Caron and Antawn penetrating. They started looking for me more and depending on me more.

GT: You are in your second season now, what has changed about you from your rookie to your sophomore season?

NY: I have gotten more comfortable out there on the court. That’s helped with my confidence and it is why I have had some better scoring nights.

GT: Speaking of your changing, everyone knows you are a natural scorer, but what are the specific parts of the game that the coaches are asking you to work on right now?

NY: Rebounding. I’m trying to get some more rebounds and I’m working on my defense as well.

GT: In your bio it says after your career you want to work with children. You could see how much you enjoyed being around kids during the Family-To-Family events the last two years. What is it about being around kids that you enjoy so much?

NY: To me it is just the look in their eyes. I remember when I was a kid and a player would come around, it was always joyful. I just want to give back. Coming from where I came from it means a lot to me to give back to those less fortunate.

GT: Last year your living situation with Dominic McGuire was well documented, how is it living on your own compared to living with him?

NY: It is a little cleaner now (laughing). It was fun living with Dom. You always had someone with you and now it is a little different coming home by yourself. We still live close to each other but we just had a little break-up (laughing).

GT: Your girlfriend was in the Olympics this summer, who is the better athlete, you or your girlfriend?

NY: She runs faster than me. I don’t know. I might have to say her. She has me by a little bit.

GT: You’ve been on the East Coast now for two years, what is the biggest difference between D.C. and California?

NY: It is different. The time difference, the air is different, and it is colder here. It is fun though. You have a great atmosphere in this city. I have great teammates that I get to be around so I really enjoy being in D.C.

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