Thanks MJ - From Your Fans

Michael, you have given so much to the game of basketball and the meaning of life. You have truly shown what it takes to say and show what heart and determination really mean. Thank You Michael, For making #23 really mean #1!
Daniel – Portsmouth, VA

Thanks for giving us 15 years of unforgettable memories!! You are no doubt the greatest player in NBA! Even though it is sad to say goodbye now, I still hope you experiencing a brand new day in the future!
Victor - Hong Kong

Michael Jordan will be missed more than words can express. He's brought so much to the game of basketball and it's hard to see him go. Jordan was and always will be a symbol of one man's will, who can overcome just about anything. His work ethic, intensity and sportsmanship make him the greatest athlete I have had the pleasure of seeing in my life. Records will fall but there will never ever be another Michael Jordan. Thanks for the memories MJ, we will never forget.
Kendra – Detroit, MI

Thank you so very much for the examples that you have set day in and day out. The practice of self discipline and growing confidence and overall love that you have shown through out your career is unparralled. You're focus and drive have taught me valuable lessons I shall never forget. You don't know how much you have meant to not only myself but to the world. Your contribution not only to the game but to our society is a blessing. Most will always remember the Michael who soared through the air with unmatched intensity, but to tell you the truth these last two seasons as a Wizard are hands down my favorite!!! With all my respect,
Mitchell - Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for everything Michael. You've done more for basketball than any other athlete will do for any other sport. I’ll never stop watching you're videos and will always remember how amazing you were. You inspire me to keep on playing basketball. Thanks for the memories MJ
Jacob – Sydney, Australia

Michael, thanks for all of the memories. The thrill of watching you play basketball will never be forgotten. You will always be a winner because you understand the meaning of hard work, discipline, and passion. We need more people with your mentality in the world. Thanks for elevating our way of thinking. You make the world a better place.
Glenda – Clinton, MD

Michael, I want to thank you for what you brought to the Washington Wizards. You made it fun, exciting, thrilling and always gave me hope that the Wizards would win while you were on the floor. You truly are the greatest player to play this game by how you carry yourself on and off the court. Thank You for the memories!
Ronda – Arlington, VA

I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful memories you have provided for myself and my family. You have been my role model for over 15 years and I feel I am truly blessed to have been alive during your sensational career. Don't listen to the naysayers about your Washington tenure tarnishing your legacy; if it made you happy, that is all that matters. I hope that you continue to find happiness in the years to come. Thanks again and God Bless!
John - Henderson, KY

For every creative move you ever made…for every jump shot, set shot, free throw, and layup. For every finger roll, three pointer, reverse slam, slam dunk. For every blocked shot, reverse layup, assist and steal. For every fade away bank shot and behind the back pass. For every off balance no looker, smart foul, timeout and most of all for every buzzer beater.I THANK YOU and will miss you!
Andrew – Venice, CA

Thanks for all the thrilling moments given to us. But, most of all for the hope and inspiration you have given by your example. Your hard work, dedication and determination in the face of your life's challenges and adversity have challenged even the most meek of us. For by making our weaknesses into our strengths we conquer ourselves. Thanks for everything Michael.
Sharon - Bridewater, VA

When I look back on your career I will remember the joy on your face each and every time you stepped on the basketball court. You are an example for every aspiring player out there. You have displayed a pure love for the game that I personally would like to thank you for on top of thanking you for showing a unrivaled dedication and work ethic to staying on top of your game.
The countless memories of greatness that I have of you will never be forgotten. Nothing more can be said that hasn't been said before. So thank you Mike for not only sharing your athletic talent with us but also for showcasing your incredible qualities as a human being. You will be missed and remembered forever.
Darius - Kaiserslautern, Germany

From the very first day you set foot onto the court in Chicago Stadium to your last shot at the MCI center, you have been nothing less than phenomenal. You have shown the world that basketball isn’t just another sport, but it is the game of life. Thank you for representing us.
Kar-Hoe - Elmhurst, NY

Not only are you a very entertaining athlete to watch, you are the absolute best role model for our children. I was lucky enough to watch you at your best and privileged enough to see your final games. Thank you for the years of memories you leave us all.
Pam – Kiowa, OK

What can I say? It's really sad that you are leaving. I fell in love with NBA and basketball because of you. It will never be the same again without you. Nevertheless, I want to thank you for the memories. You are the best sportsman in the world.
Daniel – Shanghai, China

Michael, you have brought this game to a wonderful level that probably no one could have ever expected. For 15 years, you gave us your best, 100% of Michael Jordan, 100% of the time. Dr. Naismith would be proud and is probably smiling down from heaven for what you have done to develop the game he invented so long ago. I have been cut from my college team for two straight years, and it is by your example, your competitiveness, your drive, that makes me want to come back and keep going in this wonderful game. Thank you, Michael, you made this game what it is today for me and so many others. God bless.
Michael – Wappingers Falls, NY

All good things must come to an end even though we hate to say goodbye to the greatest player in the history of NBA. Thank you MJ for inspiring many kids like me since the early 90s. We will never forget you and what you have done and achieved on and off the court. Thank you once again.
Andy – Singapore

Michael, thanks so much for giving everything to the fans. You always conducted yourself with such class and respect for others. I'm glad you came back for two years to give us one last show. You are the greatest player ever. I'm sorry I never got to see you play in person. I hope that you are able to find a passion in life that gives you even more fulfillment than basketball.
Jeremiah – Augusta, GA

MJ, all I can say is thank you. I have been watching you since I was little and I don't hesitate to say that you're the best player ever to play the game of basketball. Thanks for all the classic memories. You will always have the heart of a Bull and the moves of a Wizard. The game won't be the same without you.
Al - Maryland

I just want to say thank you for all of the memories. There are so many favorites that I have that it is hard to talk about one or two particular ones. But the things that I will remember most about you Michael won’t be your high flying dunks or spectacular fade aways, not even your amazing buzzer beaters. No, what I will remember most about you will be the amazing way that you were able to carry yourself on and off the court: Your love for your parents, your family, your business endevors,your love for the fans, being able to answer all of the reporters questions even when you might not have wanted to and answering them as a gentleman with respect and class.
One thing that I will remember that stands out above all of those things though is something that was so obvious to me and all the fans and that was his love passion, and work ethic for basketball. I have never seen someone work so hard at something at all times it didn’t matter whether it was practice, pre-season, the regular season, or the playoffs. You always gave 100% when you were out there and for that I say thank-you Michael. Because of you I have worked hard to develop those same qualities in my life.
Thank you for being a great roll model for me. Thank-you for coming back and saving basketball, you showed these young guys in the NBA how to be professionals and the responsibility that they carry. For all these things, thank you. You are truly not only the greatest player the game will ever see but also the greatest ambassador that the game will ever see as well. For all these things I say thank you Michael.
Josh – Cassadaga, NY

Michael, Thank you for everything that you have given me, you have inspired me to be the best at everything I do and above all to believe that I can achieve anything, even when it seems doubtful. I have modeled my life in hopes to be as great in my career path as you have been in yours! Thanks for all the memories, inspirational quotes and great looking shoes!
Peju – Chapel Hill, NC

Thanks for the memories Mike. I remember being in the second grade talking about how your were dunking all over people, driving to the hole with your tongue out, and trying to copy all of your moves on the basketball court. It is now 2003 and I have finished graduate school and have been working full-time for two whole years and I am still talking about Michael Jordan's tongue out and his fadeaway jumpshot.
Mark – Lanham, MD

Michael Jordan has been the greatest player of all time. He has inspired me to do things I thought I never could do. He is the master of his destiny and his abilities. I have never seen such a great basketball player ever like MJ. I remember the first time I got a pair of his shoes I thought I was the coolest person. Then when I got his jersey I nearly had a heart attack. For me to wear the greatest players jersey was unbelievable. Michael I just want to thank you for changing my life and inspiring me to do what I want to do. You're my hero, I love you and I'll miss you. Thank you for the memories
Dee – West Vally City, UT

Thank you for changing the game of basketball and being the player who always has the desire to win. The NBA will never be same without 23 on the court.
Jeff – Johnson City, TN