Fun Matchups of the Two Cities: Washington vs. Cleveland


Hot Humid Summer
Blue skies and sun look just fine when you are relaxing in an air conditioned room.

Hot Humid Summers -
Honestly, who wants to be shoveling snow for 6 months?

Long, Cold, Snowy Winter
It's cold, it's gray, it's windy, worst of all it's depressing!

DeShawn Stevenson's Beard
It began as a contest between friends, and soon might border on calling DeShawn ZZ Top.
I love both the beard and the afro. You can't go wrong either way.
Ben Wallace's Afro
Certain people can pull off the fro and Ben Wallace is one of them.
Best Nickname- Hibachi
As Hibachi has shown in the past it doesn't take him long to heat up quickly.

One nickname resembles the player's style, The other is a statement of what the player wants to eventually become.

Best Nickname - King James Don't you have to win it all before you can be the self-proclaimed King?
DC Monuments
Whether it's the Lincoln Memorial, the Kennedy Center, or the Washington Monument, DC will keep you be busy for days.
DC Monuments
Historical yet picturesque.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Cleveland is the city where the name "Rock and Roll" started. However, how many rock stars are from or have lived in Cleveland? Marc Cohn?
Cherry Blossoms
One of the most beautiful parts of DC. Brings thousands of tourists every year to Washington.
Cherry Blossoms
By far the most lopsided win for either side.
Cuyahoga River
How can you explain a river burning? Keeps thousands of tourists away from Cleveland every year.
Few fans are willing to go to the extreme of wearing dresses and pig noses out in public.
You have to give it up to both fan bases.
Dawg Pound
One of the few areas in the world where barking is an acceptable form of speech.
The Waterfront
Another beautiful attraction that DC gives you. Wether you are in Georgetown or in SW DC it's a great place to be.
The Waterfront
Do I really need to explain my answer?
Lake Erie
One of the major reasons for the overcast sky. I didn't know freshwater was supposed to be brown.
Local Fare: Ben's Chili Bowl
Whether you're taking down a half-smoked or chili cheese fries it's all good.
Ben's Chili Bowl
Food is very comparable, history is not. The lone restaurant to survive the riots of 1968.
Local Fare: Slyman's Deli
If you do ever make it to Cleveland try out this dive. Only opened for breakfast and lunch, but the corned beef is great.
Most Resembles a Boxing Match: Court Card Girls
Anytime you can have a Wizards Dancer take the place of a Boxing Ring Card Girl this is a good thing.
Court Card Girls
Overly loud wannabe announcer vs. a member of the Wizards Dance Team? Not close.
Most Resembles a Boxing Match: Pre-Game Announcer
Just like a boxing match the Cavs drop down a mic for the announcer to introduce the teams at half court.
Historical basketball program that is a 1-time NCAA champion, and 3-time NCAA finalist.
I think the Hoyas just squeaked this one out.
Cleveland State
1-time sweet 16 participant. Yeap that's about it.
Song - Welcome to DC
The first warmup song for every Wizards game.
Welcome to DC
Everytime I hear Cleveland Rocks I just wonder who believes that statement.
Song - Cleveland Rocks
Come on. Cleveland Rocks? We can't do better than Cleveland Rocks?
Famous Local Actor- Samuel L. Jackson
Has been nominated for an Oscar and has won 16 other awards with 32 different nominations.
Halle Berry
And the shutout comes to an end. Alright Cleveland we will give you this one.
Famous Local Actress - Halle Berry
Has won an Oscar along with 28 other awards with 46 different nominations.
Famous Local Comedian - Dave Chappelle
A generation changing comedian, who's "Chappelle Show" was nominated for two Emmy's.
Dave Chappelle
Keep Dave Chappelle, bring back Bob Barker!
Famous Local Comedian- Drew Carey
Star of "The Drew Carey Show" and current host of "The Price is Right."