1-on-1 With Javaris Crittenton

Wizards Gametime, the official program of the Washington Wizards, caught up with Javaris Crittenton to see how the newest Wizard is enjoying his time in D.C.

Gametime: How has your adjustment to D.C. gone thus far?
Javaris Crittenton: It has been good. I'm adjusting to the city and adjusting to the team. I'm learning my way around the city. I'm getting comfortable with the plays and I'm learning what my teammates can do.

GT: What players have helped you the most since arriving?
JC: Everybody has been some help whether it is on the court or off the court. So I would say my whole team.

GT: In just a little over a year you have played for three NBA teams. How has that helped you and what has been the hardest part of the process?
JC: The hardest part has been moving around and learning different systems. But I have learned a lot from all the places I've been. In LA I was with Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson. So being around a little bit has helped me learn a lot from different players and different coaches.

GT: For the fans that don't know much about your game, can you give us the scouting report on Javaris Crittenton?
JC: I'm a point guard that likes to penetrate and find my teammates. I can finish in the lane and knock down jump shots, but mostly I just want to find my teammates.

GT: What are your goals for the rest of the season?
JC: Just to get some more wins and to get some more playing time.

GT: You list bowling as one of your favorite activities, have you had the chance to go next door and play with any of your teammates?
JC: I haven't had the chance to yet. But that's something I like to do and I plan to take advantage of how close it is.

GT: You broke Dwight Howard's scoring record at your high school, do you still keep in touch with Dwight and are you excited about the chance to play against him four times a year now that you are in the same division?
JC: We talk a little bit and he is my friend. We don't talk as often as we used to, but I'm looking forward to playing him more.

GT: In your bio you say that your grandmother is the person you most admire. What advice has she given you that has helped you the most?
JC: She has given me a lot of spiritual advice. She keeps me levelheaded and focused. Whenever she sees me going off-track she helps me. She calls me everyday. I've always looked up to my grandma since I was a kid.