Wizards Re-Launch Abe’s Table Program

Blatche, Haywood, Jamison and Hall were participants in this season's first Abe's Table.
Will Fan/Wizards Photos
The Washington Wizards have partnered with Calvary Baptist Church in Northwest Washington once again to feed the underserved in our community. Upon the Wizards’ re-location to downtown Washington, DC ten years ago, Wizards Chairman Abe Pollin made a commitment to help feed the homeless through a program called Abe’s Table.

Over 100,000 people were fed through the bi-weekly initiative. The program was recently suspended due to the renovations at Calvary Baptist Church, but will re-launch on Thursday, April 5 at 1:00 pm.

“We are excited to be renewing our Abe’s Table program with Calvary Baptist Church and the Horizons Club,” said Wizards’ president Susan O’Malley.

“This has been an important program to Mr. and Mrs. Pollin since its inception ten years ago. We hope that by providing these students with a hot meal every day, we can have a positive impact on their lives.”

All Photos: Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images

The first meal of Abe’s Table was served by Washington Sports and Entertainment President Susan O’Malley and Wizards’ players Antawn Jamison, Brendan Haywood, Andray Blatche, Michael Ruffin and Mike Hall.

Abe’s Table will now serve the Horizons Club, an after-school program targeting at-risk youth at Calvary Baptist Church. Mr. Pollin’s initiative strives to serve the students a hot meal before bed, with a goal of serving a minimum of 100 students per day throughout the year.