1-on-1 with Hamady Ndiaye

WashingtonWizards.com: The season has been over for almost two months, what have you been focused on?

Hamady Ndiaye: The season has been over, but I’m still back in the gym every day. I’m still working on everything. All the things I did and worked on this past season and working on all the things I need for next season. I’m starting early because I know I need more work than everyone else, and I don’t mind doing it. I’m here every day.

WW.com: What were some of the things the coaches talked to you about working on this off-season?

HN: The usual things, my body, my base, and getting stronger, which was the main idea this year. They also told me to at least have a couple of offensive moves, and be a little more confident in my offense. At this point I feel that I’m getting better and I’m going to keep working on things until the season starts.

WW.com: Have you seen John (Wall) at all this off-season?

HN: Yes. We’re actually meeting today, and we’re going to work together just like the first day when we got here when we decided to shoot around on the first night.

WW.com: Are you working with any of the Wizards' trainers?

HN: I’m working with Joe Connelly right now, I worked with him when I was in the D-League, and he helped me get back here. So it’s only fair that he gets to work me out again.

WW.com: Well, you look bigger, have you gained weight?

HN: Yes (laughs). I gained a lot of weight, actually about 20 lbs., and it is all good weight. I’m just continuing with the weight room program as I was doing during the season, and just getting stronger and heavier. I’m just getting ready like the coaches told me to do this off-season. Whatever the coaches told me at that exit meeting is exactly what I am doing.