Name Caitlin
Years as Wizard Girl Rookie
Hometown Stafford, VA
Occupation Office Assistant & Student

Hey Wizards fans, Iím Caitlin. Iím new to the team but Iíve gone ahead and made myself at home so letís get down to business. Itís time for the Wizards to have a great year and I hope youíre as ready as I am to cheer them on all the way! See you in the stands!
What college or university did you attend? George Mason University
When you are not at work, in class or dancing with the Wizards, what is your favorite thing to do? Read, dance and choreograph, visit family and sleep!
Favorite thing about being a Wizard Girl? The chance to be involved in something that represents our nationís capital, and the opportunity to dance and perform a LOT!
What was your most interesting job? Working at a funeral home. I learned a lot working there and it felt good to be of service to people in a tough time.
Something most people donít know about you? That I love hot sauce and that I love to sing.
Favorite thing about DC? I like being in the area where all of the countryís most important and most recognizable sites are. Itís pretty special to live right in the nationís capitalÖ or near it, at least.
3 words that describe you best: Comical, Creative, and Compassionate.
Whatís one thing you canít live without: Music
What animated character are you most like? Dori, from Finding Nemo
TV Show: So You Think You Can Dance
Movie: Forrest Gump
Book: A Time for Dancing and, of course, Twilight!
DC Restaurant: ESPN Zone!
Song: At LastÖ by Etta James or Beyonce or Celine Dion, or me in the car.
Quote/Saying: There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.
Who do you admire most and why? This list gets longer every day but I always admire my mom the most because sheís raised me, believed in me, loved me, and helped me reach my goals all while doing great things with her own life. Sheís just fantastic.