Wizard Girls Audition FAQs

Come audition to be a part of the most beautiful, talented, and exciting squad in the NBA, the Washington Wizard Girls!

The Wizard Girls have the opportunity to perform at all Wizard home games, travel to Military tours, and participate in promotional and charity appearances throughout the DC metro area. Experience the glamour of photo shoots, the excitement of game nights, and the chance to give back to your community.

Audition Facts:

  • Closed to the public
  • Registration: July 30 at 8:00am; Final Round on August 1 at 6:00pm
  • Cuts are made throughout the day on Saturday and the Final Team will be announced on August 1
  • You do not need to make up your own routine
  • Judges are looking for dance ability, appearance, showmanship, and personality
  • Bring your tryout waiver form and a photo ID

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must be at least 18 by July 30, 2011
  • Have a full-time job, attend school full-time or have a family
  • Have a High School Diploma or G.E.D.
  • Have transportation

Appearance Requirements:

  • No minimum or maximum height/weight requirement, but must look physically fit
  • Tattoos must be covered with make up at all times
  • Hair should be worn down
  • Tryout outfit must show midriff, dance shoes/sneakers or boots with non-marking soles

Wizard Girl Expectations:

  • Rehearsal 2-3 times a week, evenings at Verizon Center
  • Performance at approx 35 home games
  • Completion of at least 10 community appearances
  • Wizard Girls are paid for rehearsals and games and some promotional appearances
  • Uniforms, boots, poms, warm-ups, practice attire are supplied to each Wizard Girl


  • You MUST wear midriff top, dance shorts and flesh tone stockings
  • Failure to wear recommended attire may result in elimination
  • NO THONGS or bikini tops will be permitted
  • Make sure your outfit is comfortable and fits securely
  • Be prepared for a long day -- bring snacks and water
  • Bring a warm up suit/cover-up


What will the judges look for at auditions?
1) Entertainment factor and crowd appeal; 2) Physical fitness and dance ability; 3) Dynamic personality and excitement over Wizards Basketball.

What should I expect from the interview process?
Be prepared to introduce yourself and answer a few key questions. Be familiar with Wizard Girls milestones and the NBA.

How should I wear my hair and fix my make-up?
Your hair and make-up should be performance quality. Go for glamour! No ponytails or bare faces please.

What is the time commitment and is this a full-time job?
This is a part-time job that can have full-time hours during the season.

What should I do to prepare for the tryouts?
We suggest taking jazz & hip-hop classes to prepare you to learn choreography at the audition. We are looking for well-rounded performers that are able to dance a variety of styles to a variety of music.

What are your height and weight requirements?
There are not specific requirements, but team members are required to be in top physical shape and excellent health.

Can my family come and watch auditions?
No, auditions are closed to the public.